World of Warships – Iowa Moves To Defend

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Iowa on The Atlantic starts out heading to the Northeast side of the map. We send out a long shot in hopes of some chip damage, get a little bit more then chip damage. The enemy team moves to the Southwest side of the map. Both teams converge in the middle, we do our best to eliminate targets and hold our ground with a 2 to 1 capture advantage. The team gets pushed to the brink of defeat, but our carriers really help to protect us just enough. Hope you can enjoy the stand off and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Battleship Iowa Replay


  1. that mogami is going to take dmg in the next game he plays

  2. there is faster rate of fire module???

  3. well , sent you way better replays , with amagi vs 2 yamatos and gearing
    ,and won , but clearly , you’re not interested . so …i don’t think i’ll
    bother watching anymore .

  4. Noster, the Iowa and Montana cannot have both accuracy and reload mod
    because….they’re US and not IJN or Russian.

  5. B Hull?

  6. when in close fights with other bbs keep guns pointed at enemy but slightly
    angled so they have better chance to not break. Also at close range fight
    don’t show bow only, as these are easy penetrations trough front. You can
    try concealment module with 5th lvl concealment skill, that will get you to
    low spotting range that you can ambush many unaware cruisers, and decide
    when to be visible to enemy (as long as there are no dds close by)

  7. What kind of Iowa build do you recommend?

  8. Hey Notser, been away for a while and was wondering why you took accuracy
    and range of secondary batteries?

  9. HMS_Calgary is one of the top ranked Baltimore’s if I recall. ?

  10. YES!!! IOWA!!!

  11. TeK “Th3xRaVeNx” RaVeN

    World of Warship is going to nerf you soon for those Citadel hits ???

  12. 69 aa guns lol 69

  13. The most success I ever had with the Iowa was when I was fighting, not bow
    on, but stern on. All you need to make sure is that the enemy wants to come
    to you – you have the speed to completely determine engagement distance, so
    keep it as close as you dare and fire with everything (“over the shoulder”
    with your forward guns). You have a little over 30 degrees like that, so if
    you fire on the enemy furthest to one side of their push, you angle about
    perfectly to the majority. Destroyers also have a harder time attacking you
    from behind.

    The only difficulty is setting up. You need to go to your team’s weakest
    flank – as far forward as you dare – and execute the dangerous turn at some

    This isn’t necessarily the most economical way of playing (you invariably
    end up taking a lot of damage), nor is it very fun (it’s static and you
    rarely get good shots and unangled enemies), but it can be very useful for
    the team because you can delay a push many times your strength for quite
    some time* while your friends overwhelm the other enemy flank.

    *warranty void if used against Yamato.

  14. I started firing on the Kiev and at that moment the Baltimore came out from
    behind the Island. And I got greedy and didn’t smoke till too late….

  15. Hey I was in this game! 🙂 I didn’t do too well though… haha

  16. 2:55, bad notser, bad

  17. Wow, 4 hours ago and YT still hasn’t processed the HQ versions. I guess
    spreading to Europe servers takes a while based on viewer location and such.
    Good video, I find the Iowa extremely good myself, like a breath of fresh
    air after the NC (which has gotten worse after the last patch, I think they
    fiddled with the spread at long range).

  18. Finally a battleship game :D

  19. I heard every island you run into during a match makes the Iowa stronger
    and stronger. :)

  20. Nice vid Notser!

  21. Good fight, perhaps you have more success when you do not move straight
    into the middle. If I would have been at your position, I would have left C
    passing the island northeast and then moving in from north. That would have
    given me the opportunity to have my enemies only on on two sides. Front and
    backbord, where you drove more or less straight into them, finding yourself
    stuck as the enemy started to attack you from three sides bow, starbord and
    backbord. At that point you lost much of your flexibility and where more or
    less forced to move as the enemy dictates you. With all your firepower
    coming from northeast I’m sure you would have forced the enemy to retreat
    into the southwest corner. There and with the additional help of the
    islands, the enemy ships would have had problems not to ram each other and
    still keep invulnerable to you.
    Don’t understand me wrong, even though I would have moved north I still
    would have moved in as aggressive as you. Mainly a mistake as it often puts
    you in very difficult situations. Fast you can get into a situation where
    you bite off a bigger chunk then you can swallow. 😉
    Nevertheless you handled the situation pressed onto you very good. Combined
    with a little bit of luck you could hold the line and cut the enemy off the
    other bases to gain the needed points to win. Your team was a very good
    team and it started to flank the enemy from north and your help would have
    been a great one there.
    You are a great player! Hope you will even get better.

  22. Your WoWs skill might be up high notser, but you gotta work on those sexual

  23. phewwww

  24. STILL LOVE THE CONTENT..keep up the great work

  25. nice well done

  26. o_0 Notser,you are always quick huh. mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh XD

  27. Thnx for a nice video, again!!!! lol keep it up Notser.

  28. Sigh. Battleships going full astern in open water while in combat with
    enemy surface forces, as featured in no navy’s doctrine, ever.

  29. So that’s what it looks like from the other side! I remember this battle. I
    was the enemy Iowa, tried getting to B, wasn’t fast enough and yes, I was
    pre-occupied with dodging torps. LOL

  30. wow tier 8 and higher cruiser just got hit hard by BB all the time, i think
    tier 8 CA need the healing module since tier 8 BB can kill CA with 1 full
    broadside. i play mogami and in my average game the one that died first
    almost always CA player

  31. I start to love your video, thumb UP

  32. That first kill was like…. Surprise motherf*cker

  33. another great vid notser don’t have the Iowa yet but from what I have seen
    it is the best US bb.

  34. hey notser where is the omaha class?

  35. Love your videos, entertaining and educational

  36. Yay you did this! Thanks !

  37. keep it up notser, you are the go to person for my daily fix of World of
    warships! Stay frosty.

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