World of Warships: Iowa Shells Bounce Off The Izumo

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World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US battleship Iowa on the map Islands of Ice. I have a rather successful time going close range with my battleboat and lay down some pain. An Izumo is surprisingly resistant to attacks from the front though


  1. Izumo’s paper armor was already fixed-now it has 305mm side armor as same
    as iowa, and his deck armor is 152mm, it’s better then iowa.

  2. No worries

  3. Why the hell are you all bitching about his anime UI. You come here to
    watch his gameplay or to watch his game interface ? Stop bashing people’s

  4. joseph labino Alberto

    Well I play 9+10 American BB’s all day, will you agree on the following
    Aerroon? 1) American BB’s have a real lack of penetration Front on Front.
    2) American dispersion at range ( Mainly on the montana ) Is far to wide
    making shooting at long ranges not worth it 3) IJN BB’s have a much easier
    time citadeling US BB’s. The montana feels like she’s nothing more than a
    glorified shotgun or medium to low range cruiser killer. At most ranges
    front on front long / medium /short I rarely do more than 4k damage in
    volly’s against both the izumo and yamato’s front this is with probebly a
    75% bounce rate.

  5. Aeeroon, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of you saying ‘oh my god’ in that
    slightly annoyed tone of yours.

  6. Hurray for catching videos “on time”! Hibiki should look more please with
    those results, oh well. Nicely done!

  7. I guess the kanmusu of Izumo is a shy and reliable girl who has long black
    straight hairs. She hid behind the ice island and never gave up fighting…
    I think I am in love.

  8. Were the shells bouncing of the turrets or something? I thought they would
    have cored her at that range from the front. Perhaps the RNG calculates
    angle for entire front including superstructure based on front ship armor
    angle? Anyway great game as always, thanks for sharing it.
    The hit calculations are weird, I killed a Kuma in my New Mex the other day
    with one hit, full salvo from me but the gunners were drunk AGAIN based on
    the spreed and only one shell hit, it was like 9km or something so can’t
    expect to much. However the one hit got 2 citadels and full health Kuma
    gone, it was my first shot that game so I could see 1 hit only, 2 citadels,
    1 kill, shit happens I guess. I’m not complaining :)

  9. Judging by the title, I can assume you didn’t pay enough to WG lately…

  10. After one of your videos i checked the Izumos armor, cause i thought it had
    156mm – distant closed beta experience, and actually it has 350mm!
    Its still the saddest high tier ship in the game, but finally it can take
    some hits.

  11. Coud you go back to normal view without Manga pictures? I like your movies,
    but in my opinion the pictures are a bit childish.

  12. Aero on I don’t like the mod you have added to the game, i mean the one
    with all the weird notices, my internet friends is too bad for me to
    understand what they say,

  13. You would think at that range AP would pen, but maybe HE would be better
    against such steep angles.

  14. to be fair allot of the shots you got on that Izumo were to the turrets,
    but he was able to do better damage to you even though your ship has better
    armor and you were angled in the same way. it’s just the fickle nature of
    this game I guess

  15. Love BB battles close in like that.

  16. That was a good game, I wonder if they buffed the Izhumo after CBT. Also
    what mod are you using?

  17. finally , Iowa . thx m8 , great vid.

  18. Nice and well played 🙂 you can uploaded Video everyday because i watched
    your Video everyday? HaHa

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