World of Warships- Is The Game Dying?

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Hey guys! So an interesting video was released on the WoWs main channel that of course had many declaring the game is on its last leg. Today we take a look at the player numbers and this new program being launched by WG. Enjoy!

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  1. Fire spamming is killing the game for me.

  2. You grind to tier x to just regrind the line because there is no benefit to playing tier x games.

    • You can do 345k damage with tier X and still lose credits where is the fun in that

    • @HughMorris69 , get a premium membership. That will never happen.

      As for me, I always have a premium membership, and I play mostly premium ships. I have a bunch: T-61, Leningrad, Cossack, Z-39, Warspite, Alabama, Georgia, Haida, Kidd, Neustrashymi, West Virginia 1941. The only non-premium ships I play are Akizuki, Z-46, Lightning, Kitakaze. I have 150 million credits, and I don’t know how I could have credits problems now… but true, I shed a lot of money into that game… kinda shamefull…. o.O

    • This is definitely true, I just grind for a long time to A.Nevsky then I play her just 1 time lol . And then start a new tech-tree line.

    • @HughMorris69 WOW that is bullshit. thats like 3 Kurfersts and one cruiser.

    • @HughMorris69 The repair costs without the signiture camo pattern equiped are beyond insane.

  3. Is the game dying? Depends on how you look at it.
    I personaly quit the game in january, the captain reeeeeee-work drove me away, and i was playing from open-beta till then. Player-numbers are relatively stable, i dont see a problem there. But what is certainly dying is the skill of average player, and gameplay overall. Before i have left, i was already fed up with all the games, where no one moved from behind a cover, battleship sluging HE at broadsiding cruisers, etc. I have enjoyed the secondaries very much, as the offered different play style other then “Shoot from the distance, keep you HP intact”
    Then the dead eye happened, and everything around captain reeeee-work, and meta has shifted ever since, making all but one build and playstyle irrelevelant in most cases.
    Thats what i miss the most, the variety in gameplay, and i mean that in effective/meta gameplay, that used to be here.

    • Nico der Feuerlöscher

      When fed up with high tier, just derp around at low tier. No He spam there
      And the players are not too dumb. Nice alternative to he spam sniper meta tier X

    • @Nico der Feuerlöscher Agree. i play tiers 3 and 4. I plan to add tier 5 to this mix and never play higher then tier 5. Works for me.

    • I spent almost a year just purposefully stuck at T8, working on those captains and avoiding the tier X game. I do now have TIX and X ships, but pretty much just play the X in Coop because of the game style, I”m not that good and I hate the toxic chat in Tier X games.

    • been enjoying the three on three brawl mode thats popped up

  4. The game is already dead in one important aspect – it’s dead to ME.
    WG doesn’t give a crap about player population, as long as they have enough whales to bring in a sufficient profit. And whales buying premium ships isn’t their only sources of income – all the collaborations over movies, anime series, etc, just to name one aspect. When all’s said and done, players buying in-game items is probably peanuts compared to the money coming in from other sources. It doesn’t matter if there’s only 100 players (looking at you WoWP) or 100,000 playing, as long as they’re making money – but the instant the money dries up, so will the game.

    • @airpaprika you do. you’re saying he doesn’t have a right to complain because as a commercial company wargaming is well within their rights to do whatever they want. Fun fact they are under investigation for money laundering. It seems the only one that needs to grow up is you.

    • @Ihab Hachami Again, you are putting words in my mouth that I haven’t said, failing to understand what have I actually written. You are either a kid or not particularly intelligent. Regarding “fun facts”, Steve Jobs avoided paying taxes. So what if Wargaming is laundering money? It is their problem. What are you, a social justice warrior? You either play the game or don’t. Stop whining and trying to present yourself as someone who is holding a moral high ground. That is so immature.

    • @airpaprika bruh what do you mean??.the dude actually got his noti on and is recieving the channels other contents of this channel which makes pretty sense why he is here…you should grow some common sense ffs b4 commenting something dumb

    • @airpaprika pluss its his right on opnion of what hes willing to say…Wg is trash at making playerbase happy..even they make broken tanks/ships thats why players are leaving their games and wot blitz is the only one thats seems to be running very well

    • @omaiwa hentai!!! Go get some education.

  5. Uninstalled it a few days ago… It’s been ruined since the commander rework.

  6. Havent touched the game in months now, just watch the hilarious ship releases and patch notes.

  7. i just play enough matches to get 2 chests, then i quit. not worth any extra time for me.

  8. They make a lot more money today. Just compare on what they monetize today compared to two years ago. There’s always at least two events going on plus dockyard and you can spend doubloons everywhere. They’re fine.

  9. I’m glad they have a lot of money… it means the servers will stay open and I can keep playing the game

    • That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. WOWS problem is the use of its money which is being directed into executives coffers and not game development or ‘keeping the servers open’. Saying something is free to play is a non existent defender for malicious money making schemes.

  10. This game might not be dying but it’s definitely killing me

    • Can confirm. Last week got diagnosed with brain damage and hypernatremia.

      Might be a poor joke but its kinda true 😀

    • @Demonblade Raven yesterday I had an average of 1300 xp during a 7 game losing streak

    • Francois Levasseur

      @HTLxProphet _ After my last 10 loss streak, my golden rule is “if I lose 4 times in a row, I stop playing for the day and go do something else”. I stopped playing last month (again) and just focused on better things.

  11. All I can say is that everyone I know has stopped playing this last year (me included)

  12. I love how a YouTube app started exactly at the moment the suitcase was unlocked. Someone earned something there haha

  13. pt_itty the first

    For me personally, I can’t find enjoyment in the game. Most games are just camping and the HE spam. When you see a Yamato slinging HE at a broadside BB, you know something is wrong. CVs can make the game so fun and engaging when they single you out and send wave after wave of aircraft at you. I did love playing the game. But just you end up playing the same camp and fire across the map. BBs get melted, DDs have to hide from aircraft and the heaps of radar and poor old cruisers… over match…. really sucks.

  14. What the game needs isn’t new players, content or the like, it needs a new publisher, a company that genuinely cares to not screw up a unique game.

    • War Thunder also has Naval Combat (since 2019), and they start with smaller vessels (PT boats). I haven’t played them, but I felt their aerial combat was at least as good as World of Warplanes.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @neorenamon naval warthunder is trash. Dont touch it.

    • @neorenamon That game has a publisher that is even better at screwing up their even more unique game.

    • @twoknife I feel like the F2P model just doesn’t work under either company lol. Russians just can’t figure the whole capitalism thing out.

    • @Little Girl Both IL-2 and DCS are pretty sane and owned by Russian companies. So I don’t really think that is the issue.

      There is a fair bit of evidence that they don’t quite get how to sustain a F2P game long-term – like DOTA or Leage of Legends.

  15. As a closed beta tester, I say bring back the old secondaries, and the 21 point commander is stupid. Wargaming’s moto: things are going too good, let’s break it the game!

    • As a player since Open beta…I completely agree with you.

    • Yeah… I was in since closed beta, too. I’ve played two matches, I think, a few weeks ago, the only ones in about three months. The CVs and upcoming subs and a bunch of other things… I just stopped playing.

    • Ahh yes CBT was good, first two years was good. However, I went from wot for wows, I knew that WG would f&$k things up in 5 years here to.

    • The old secondaries system was stupid. It never made sense to me as to why when you selected a target for manual fire the other side of the ships secondaries stopped working. I think the slight reduction in the accuracy for the manual fire is a good thing when it lets both sides to still function.

    • @Ted Cameron – I always thought they should have allowed for a designation of one target on each side of the ship, personally. The one side or the other thing WAS stupid!

  16. ROTHGAR The Viking

    yup i quit the game too. Captain rework, CVs, removing flags for good play, endless new gimmicks.

  17. “That’s more than I make at my job”
    Sorry SeaLord but that is not an accurate yardstick, teachers aren’t known to have the highest of salaries :))))

  18. The introduction of submarines is the final straw. I can’t deal with that travesty of a tin can that spins 360 in the water, bobbing up and down that my BB can’t hit.

  19. I’d say the skilled/veteran players are leaving and the ones that remain are people that are relatively new.

  20. Given the insane prices they charge for things they wont run out of money since people apparently still buy it but I guess im not the only one that really disliked it. Was one of the main reasons for me to quit. I like the gameplay for the most part but the f2p model is not really useable for higher tiers as xp and especially credit gain are too low to pay for anything. The premium time model is a fair deal, have paid more for subscription in other games before, but the prices they put on premium ships and the “rng” boxes from events that are maybe not as rng as they want you to think are just disgusting and I wasn’t willing to support that. Chargeing money for QoL features like dismounting modules and captain reskill etc also is just a cash grab.

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