World of Warships- ITS FINALLY HAPPENING! Wisconsin Is Coming Soon!

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Wisconsin is finally coming to the game!!!! Lets Take a look at her stats and features!


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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Chikuma II
5:04 Wisconsin


  1. She is definately going to be a popular ship, the question is HOW DO WE GET HER?! With all the positives and no downsides (besides being a uptiered Iowa), i would guess she isn’t going to be a “coal ship”, nice as that would be. Loot ship, definately. Dockyard ship? Yup probably. Steel Ship? Possible.

  2. @kevinthechuker1721

    We now have all 4 Iowas in game if you count the Azur Lane New Jersey camo from a few years ago

  3. The combat instruction means that it will play very similar to the Pan-American cruiser line.

  4. @kevinthechuker1721

    This combat instruction looks like just an improved reload booster, gave Wisconsin the Richelieu > Jean Bart or Alsace > Borgongne treatment. That consumable buff seems huge though probably going to get nerfed.

  5. with the half floaty american shells and good predictions and rng, it’s possible to have only one salvo without the reload boost, which is a 15 second reload Iowa
    which also procs halsey faster, so in lategame, 10s reload iowa is not a far dream

    If anyone manages that, I want to see replays xD

  6. so fast as i notice, chikuma II (prob coal ship) have exactly the same guns, range, and reload of the tone, a bit more planes would be nice. Of course the crown jewel is Wisconsin, so far i liked a lot, 2.0 sigma, BC dispersion and combat instructions who serves both on ofensive and defensive. WG will smell for thirst for this ship and they will probably do the same as kitakami, dry us out to the very core

  7. Now we just need New Jersey, including Cpt Ryan Szimanski obviously.

  8. Being from Wisconsin, this will be one I’m watching for. When Reagan was reactivating the Iowas back in the 80’s I was working my way through school in a tool & die company that was also a defense contractor. We re-machined many of the parts for the 16″ and 5″ guns for all 4 Iowas. I was part of the crew that delivered and re-assembled these parts back into the guns/turrets of all 4 ships. I would like to see these ships one more time before I die.

  9. @tecmobowlguy3120

    The Iowas are just the best man! Had the opportunity to visit both the Iowa and the Missouri and those ships are just gorgeous! Truly the best WW2 had to offer.

  10. I am looking forward to your thoughts on the Rhode Island and how she is being initially sold. As for Wisconsin, I’d bet steel or out right cash for very limited time.

  11. It would have been nice if WG had made it a brawling BB, with good secondaries. Maybe they´ll do that in the future with the New Jersey if it ever makes it into the game.

    • I don’t think the American BBs have enough secondaries to do that. You only have 10 5″-38s per side. Even at a 5-second reload, I think you are getting hammered, especially considering the way the armor is and the smallish HP pool for the fast battleships.

  12. @littletweeter1327

    as a minnesotan who’s spent half of his life in wisconsin, i’ve been wishing for wisconsin since i started playing in beta. hopefully its resonably attainable for someone who doesnt no-life the game

  13. As much as i love that they’ve added Tone and Chikuma, theres no incentive to get either one. If the planes were barely mediocre at best for Tone, why did they think we’ll just uptier it and slightly buff the planes? I’ve been really hoping they would rework the planes design and give them a diff use other than be meaninglessness torp bombers, which isnt even why they were mounted in the first place

    • Prior to release, I suggested having spotters that could be sent to a location instead of carrying attack planes (same with Halford).

      I stand by that this is a much better design, especially given that they were historically spotter planes, but WG does WG things.

    • @Joshua-fi4ji  I agree, I originally came up with a similar thought to where you use planes as a consumable. You launch planes (that can’t be targeted) in a direction much like torps and are able to spot through everything and fly a coasting speed, then at a certain distance they fly off. Obviously it’ll have to be tweaked, but I feel like it’s a decent idea that could be balanced and be historically accurate

  14. I think another trade resources type maneuver thingy is in the offering. Would be the right time of year after the last one.

  15. 4:22 that god tier iowa dispersion that sometimes graces you

  16. @notmyrealname8064

    I agree the WI will be coal, but probably not available for coal till Christmas based on the Brisbane / Halford schedule. RB I don’t think is likely, because I just don’t see the gimmick being strange or unusual enough to classify as a RB ship. This funny button doesn’t have enough kick to actually compare IMO. And I would not expect steel because they want to make money around Independence Day, and they generally don’t have a way to directly get steel ships for cash. Also – Rhode Island is almost an ideal RB ship, so that is highly probable. That one might actually release widely around the 4th.

  17. @dr.lesliegriffiths5727

    Very nice addition to the game. Will be anxious to acquire her.

  18. Great to see the Whiskey in game finally. Now we need the NJ with special skipper Ryan Szymanski. Also would love to see the rest of the Montana sisters. Johnston would rock, as well as some of the more well-known DE’s from both the E.T.O. AND P.T.O. A personal desire of mine is a bundle with U.S.S. Cowpens CVL-25 and U.S.S. Abbot DD-629 in their 1943 configurations.

  19. I cannot believe it is actually happening! Was expecting this day for a long time. Now we just need New Jersey (I know she is in Legends but I want her on PC as well).

  20. Wisconsinite here and also an alpha player. This makes me so freakin happy. I cannot express how many times over the years I’ve been asking for Whisky to make her splash, even if it was just a skin replacement like the NJ. Nice to see she’s finally here. Now the only two things that would make her even better is if they label the combat instruction as “Temper Temper” and if they make it “reasonably” available to players wishing to get her.

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