World of Warships Funniest clips – Best Of 2023

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment and wild gameplay has finally arrived!


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  1. As a comment in a early video accurately stated:

    “The Unsinkable ship doesn’t exist.”

    “No, but daniel_rusev does.”

  2. ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

  3. @josephhungerford8348

    Awesome editing of the video always a great laugh , keep up the great work Daniel 😅😂❤

  4. @jonathanvallee4561

    4:18 Paripi Koumei opening remix ha, i love that

  5. hey may for 2024 play more france plz

  6. @shaytheswift_4327

    Anyone know the song at 12:48?

  7. @kephryccephryc863

    13:26 cheked the spot with a sub thers some under whater rock bed ther and petro is deep in whater that it scraps it

  8. @prisonerofthehighway1059

    12:47 getting hung up on terrain has become a constant pita since they redid the maps for subs. Gotten me killed more than once. Great vid Dani.

  9. @mr.endermancook34

    It finally released 😅the best video ever Good Job Daniel❤❤

  10. I want to get this playlist. Give it me and take my money!

  11. @admiralprinceeric323

    That video compilation for 2023 is amazing, I usually found these video clips made I also watched from Free the Brain WoWs

  12. Cursed dispersion – good thing my desk is solid timber.

  13. As a German i always think about Fries when he playes the Pommern,damm such a nice year saying that i wish you and everyone else a happy new year keep up the good work Daniel (Enyone who doesnt get the joke Google Translate Fries to German) ( where can i find his playlist,i need it I NEED IT)

  14. I appreciate this damn as hell good work once again!
    Please keep it up dani-chan!
    Can someone tell me the song at 4:10 min? Maybe a link too?

  15. 6:21 what is this song and exact arrangement pls

  16. I, myself, was screaming at the screen after you were getting all of those straddles, denied kills, and RNG BS. I feel that pain. This is also happening in Legends. Has ANYONE in the CC gone to Wargaming and asked them to address the situation? I find it rather unfair to the player base as a whole, and those who literally served on many of these great vessels. Overall, though, this was a great video on my birthday (despite I was working yesterday). Sorry for not being around for it yesterday when it was uploaded. Great video as always, and keep fighting the good fight, Daniel.

  17. The island issue is beyond frustrating!

  18. @xxdarkprayerxx480

    20:10 thats what I need🇩🇪🫡❤️👌

  19. Danis worst enemies: Dispersion and the letter L

  20. WHERE DID MY GAME GO 😂😂😂😂😂

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