World of Warships – Just a tiny bit OP

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I was divisioning with my and decided to get my Kitakaze out for a ride.
Yeah I think this thing is a tiny bit OP…just a bit…. xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. kita is t10.5

  2. seems balanced to me.

  3. 3:45 witness slight potato ?

  4. DDs gun down full hp BBs….legit!

  5. Yep, this is legit shit right here. A DD taking down BB’s with gunfire like ain’t nothing at all. All the worlds powers must of been complete barmy to invest so much money in BB’s when all they ever needed was DD’s. If a DD is this powerful I think there is no reason to take it a step further and go arm a fleet of punts and kick some arse. Ain’t no one going to beat a armed punt if this is what a DD can do to a BB.

    • Well when you’ve got a game that assumes forces will fight with relatively even numbers of BB’s and DD’s you get DD’s that are unrealistically strong. It’s totally ridiculous to have 4-5 BB’s out of 12 ships…

    • The Tank Commander

      Archon Sawma you just missed the point. Maybe I didn’t specify. You’re not supposed to be stealthy in a battleship! To put an example, the Russians have their battlecruisers to make a statement! That exactly why we reactivated the Iowa’s! To make a statement that says, “HI!!! WE GOT BIGGER GUNS THAN YOU!!!” The point is you have to have a certain fear factor! And nowadays, I think you get where I am getting at. Destroyers, cruisers, and frigates don’t make any statement more than their $1 Billion Tomahawks. But a Battleship, fully loaded weighing 57,000 tons, carrying 32x Tomahawks AND hundreds of 16-inch (406mm) rounds of ammunition, can really produce a fear factor! Remember this combination: 9x 16-inch guns (shells weighing 1900lbs and 2700lbs), 32x Tomahawks, and 57,000 tons of solid battlewagon coming at you at 35 knots! That’s a powerful ship! HOOYAH!!!

    • Whaa Whaa Whaa Whaa DD kills big bad BB with guns Whaaa Whaa Whaaa Whaaa

      And that is why they are called babies, constant crying for more and more diapers

    • The Tank Commander

      Marvin Westmaas no one asked you for a cock-eyed, yellow-bellied response. Learn your history before jumping to slapdash conclusions.

    • Amusingly playing light cruisers tonight I noticed how it was much easier to defeat a battleship with it than another light cruiser. Reality is not something that applies to this game at all anymore.

  6. drives a destroyer. couses damage like a flying BB with crocodile guns. wtf

  7. Actual Teamwork eh. Thats rare.

  8. DD are difficult ships to grind if you are new to the game, because their support role is essential to win a game. But beeing good support and good brawler is one more step to achieve to become a rly good player.

  9. Glass cannon is only OP in the hands of God-tier players like Flambass. It’s just another DD in everyone else’s hands. Being, they die in the cap.

  10. Why did they put 460mm on Yamato when they could have just put 30×2 turrets from harugumo and do serious daka…

    • Well it does have 12×2 127mm and 2×3 155mm…

    • +Zbriu Why dont they Daka Daka like these 100mm than?

    • I know you are being facetious but it’s an artifact of the games space compression and forced close up combat. Not to mention that the Secondaries on BBs would have the same range and be more accurate due to being on a better seakeeping platform in real life. It’s a game and does not really come close to actual Naval combat.

    • +Andrej Well they do. Have you tried a secondary build with Kurfust or Republique? Reload is not as fast but it’s around 3 to 5 secs but guns do more damage.

  11. Thank god Japan wasted money and resources on heavy cruisers and the Yamato class.  Imagine if they had built hundreds of these instead.

  12. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Make IJN 100mm 1/5th HE pen at 20mm, then all the problems are solved.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer totally agree, even with IFHE it cannot pen 32mm which is good

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      And at the same time, the 1/5th pen allows it to still pen 19mm destroyer armour (without needing ifhe), so it won’t be as bad it was originally, but neither as op as it is now. Perfectly balanced.

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer as all things should be

    • This is exactly what needs to happen. The 100mm should be 1/5 pen that way it does superstructure and DD damage, and with IFHE you get 25mm, which is good for a lot of stuff. 32mm is just stupidly OP and brain dead – you can damage like 90% of everything – basically you can’t hurt belt armor and some decks. Easy mode stupid. I love my Akizuki, and would be happy to take this balance nerf.

  13. The stats say Kitakaze isn’t OP in normal hands.

    • by ‘normal’ you mean 35-45 percenters?

    • It’s OP. Worse, it’s OP in brain dead hands. The only reason it’s stats aren’t better is the the brain dead people just dakka too much and die easy.

      I’m a 58% WR in this thing, and it’s stupidly OP.

  14. One of the buffs that made me lose much interest in WOW.

  15. Do a T-61 vid please. That one is _actually_ just a tiny, tiny bit OP but not very much.
    OT never seen a Freddy like this, ther other day I way in a fight against a FDG and the guy had 232 battles in that ship. I mean he had les than 45% win rate but still, you have to wonder… so now doing the math and it turns out if you insist on fully upgrading it, and not using any Free XP, the complete grind is 390000 XP _(Kurfürst_ plus all modules on the FGD)… F2P must be hell in that ship, you’d have to average 1680 XP per game to unlock the _Kurfürst_ in 232 battles. So conceivably, he wasn’t even finished then. I( mean the poor sod was using Type 2, the Lidlest of Lidl camos.

  16. 100mm HE shells should never citadel anything. At all. Ever.

    Also, am I the only person alive who finds it curious that IJN GUNBOATS have a torpedo reload booster?

    • since having 1 launcher at high tier is kinda sad for an ijn dd so

    • +Jordan J. Lewa But it’s a GUNBOAT. The torps are already the best in the game. Russian gunboats do just fine with their terrible torpedoes. Giving it a reload booster is basically a middle finger to it’s intended role and to its design.

    • I know, right? It’s disgusting. It’s like they decided to remove all weaknesses from the high-tier IJN line after Shima players whined about getting beaten in gunfights.

    • Nah, the TRB is a good idea. It differentiates it from the USSR DDs. What’s dumb is the excessive pen buff they gave it. 1/4 is too much. 1/5 would have been just right. And you’d not see the stupid stuff like here.

  17. I have a feeling that three Kitakazes is going to be the new cancer division.

  18. ‘Well, I did not expect a Baltimore and a Freddie to push like this….’ Says the man who drove a CV down the middle of Two Brothers 😀

  19. Who needs torps with those guns.

  20. Flambass 13:50 The enemy team did in fact have a destroyer on B. The enemy Kitakaze. Thankfully Bezaliel torped him. He was divisioned with the FdG. In fact when you saw the FdG going towards B, you should have realised the Kitakaze was likely coming too (because they were in a division). The Baltimore probably moved up because with both a BB and DD close he felt he could take that island, and he did.

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