World of Warships – Kings of the Sea

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This weekend the best teams on the EU server will fight it out for the title of Kings of the Sea. In case you missed the first rounds, today we’ve got a match between last season’s finalists, OMNI and Against All Odds.

Semifinals and Finals to be held on Sunday 29 January at 14:00 CET


  1. A Benson with the C-hull? What kind of bullshit is this?

  2. BestViewedWithCable


    Wargaming cant set up game spectators?
    They have to have players sink themselves?


  3. 37th. Yay

  4. Wow…incredible how fast those games can turn around

  5. Great, now I feel like I’ve been playing Checkers while the high-tier
    gameplay is Chess. I am so doomed.

  6. OMNI doing better in WoWs than in WoT confirmed?

  7. What I learned from this video: High level WoWs play is far more
    interesting than high level WoT play.

  8. Dang, I do enjoy good competitive gameplay. The current smoke meta is
    painfully passive, but it’s interesting to watch regardless. :)

  9. jingles quote of the day “he needs to beat those guys off”. so that’s what
    competetitive play is about

  10. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    Please tell me German battleships or British cruisers which should I grind

  11. It doesn’t even look fun at this level. They’re all so good and they all
    use the same tactics. Not as fun to watch either.

  12. So they intentionally sink themselves so they can use free cam to tell
    everyone where the enemy are and coordinate actions …. yeah, I call that
    cheating. CV’s already get a top down view to coordinate … in fact you
    should be dropped from the game if you die so you can’t spot for your team
    in competitive tournament.

  13. remember when you laughed at the idea of WoWS becoming an E-Sport?

  14. That was a good game. I drive a Benson also, but dont have the AA cool
    down. Do I need the C hull for that?

  15. This is a nice change of pace! Looking forward to more. GJ Lord Jingles o7

  16. Best Jingles wows video so far.

  17. Competitive World of warships somehow more boring than watching paint

  18. Aww. I wanted Against All Odds to win.

  19. I’d love to see more of this.

  20. Sooo … who is going to count “Jingles mistakes” during the livestream?

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