World of Warships – Know Your Enemy

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Carriers. Dirty, filthy sneaks, all of them! Might be a good idea get an understanding of their tricks!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz , 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Captain Jingles: We sunk a carrier
    XO: Captain that’s a destroyer
    Captain: Really? well so it is.

  2. Welcome back again Jingles, and happy to see you are still you (the enemy Fiji … and who got the Akatsuki kill)

  3. Oh Jingles… Please never change!

    I am posting this without having watched the video, but I am sure he messed something up again!
    12:09 I wonder where that Fiji went… Apparently it activated Submarine mode while inside the smoke screen, becuase it appears to be sinking quite quickly…
    13:19 “actually Jingles” that wasn’t the Mahan that got the kill.

  4. 12:20 Erm actually Jingles I think you’ll find the Fiji is already dead

  5. Jingles: “The Fiji must have fled the scene.”
    On the corner you can see that someone killed the Fiji…don’t change Jingles.

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      you could even see the Fiji beeing obliterated as it happens, and the killfeed tells us it was the King George who surprisingly has actually read the memo about AP Shells.

    • as well as flys over the sinking wreck XD

    • He also gave the credit to the Mahan for the kill of the Akatsuki haha …. it was Jester XD

    • As one American Admiral, once stated after being asked by someone “Why can’t we share the Seas?” His reply: Sure we can. We get the top. They get the bottom.

      More or less paraphrasing here but close enough for government work.

    • +Qardo Just one problem… If you give them the bottom… There is nasty nasty torpedoes coming up pinging fiercly at the those at the top 😀

  6. “That fiji is no longer in sight” yeah he’s underwater by now haha jingles i love u

    • Jingles obviously hasnt played the game in awhile also because you should ALWAYS have your AA on in smoke now. With the AA changes you cannot tell where the ship is in smoke now the rounds come out everywhere in the smoke cloud now. Also this CV was honestly very mediocre and he never dodged AA one bit… wonder he drops 2 planes right after takeoff.

    • +Thred how do you dodge AA? it’s all just random isn’t it?

    • oldfrend it’s random. You could attempt to dodge AA and some random cloud will just ruin your efforts. Better just to drop a run than to lose a whole squadron.

    • +oldfrend You can see the flak clouds that will damage you ahead of time, so you can negate some damage by avoiding them as much as possible. Jester however flew straight through.

    • Pretty sure he’s doing a lot of this on purpose now just to continue the reputation.

  7. It’s the mahan who gets the kill!.

    Looks at the ship destroyed ribbon on the right side of the screen. Look at the mahan with 0 kills.
    Oh jingles.

  8. The Fiji got a paddling from the KGV, Jingles. The Fiji was deleted on-screen in your video, even.

  9. 12:08 god dammit Jingles you missed the Fiji getting nuked from the KGV.

    12:23 and again Jingles it was the Implacable who got the kill too….you sure you had enough sleep coming back from Russia?

  10. 12:15

    Actually Jingles: The Fiji was sunk by the Geroge V and did not reverse behind that island


    “Not quite sure why the Ranger does not use his Attack planes agressivley”
    Maybe it is because he is dead…

    Ahaha… Jingles… never change

    • dichse Jingles actually has a point with the Ranger. Dead carriers still maintain control over their airborne planes for 4 minutes after being sunk

    • +Alias No.1425 yea… i know… thats why he wasnt keen on throwing them away immideatly…

    • +Alias No.1425 Probably thought he would be better using them to spot, then use them to attack something else. Why waste your last aircraft on killing something that is doomed anyway when you could instead use them to spot for friendly surviving ships?

    • +Nutty31313 Yes, it so happens that was my plan. Unfortunately the only reds left were the Furious and Belfast who would shoot them out of the sky before you can say “AA defenses” ._.

  11. Props to the Furious player, Amazing last stand attempt.

    • As per usual the near zero risk CV is the last to die after all the real ships have to take risks to play a SHIP (not plane) game.
      WG even ensured CV sniping is not possible so that CV can farm xp all game long.

    • Kneecapper actually a CV’s real health is in the planes. CVs get punished pretty hard for making bad choices and can no longer dominate an entire match.

    • Kneecapper yeah he was the last, but as the last he fought. like. hell. Tbh if he was in a T8 carrier instead of a T6 he might have genuinely had a chance and we’d be watching his replay.

    • +Kneecapper Oh look everyone. I found one of the DD whiners!

    • +R3dEye Gaming Oh look everyone, we found a fanboy who assumes anyone who points out how low risk CV play is must play DDs.

  12. Great vlog as per usual Jingles! Being an ol’ Navy vet, can we not make a concerted effort to change the misnomer, map? Their are no maps at sea; only charts mates…

  13. *ahem* “Ack-tchually Jinngleezz”, the Fiji got dev-striked by the KGV before our protagonist here could finish him off

  14. “Actually it’s the mahan that gets the kill.” just as the ship sunk icon appears and the text says the implacable did the sinking with fire 😛

  15. Call Jingles the necromancer

    He can revive dead boats

  16. enjoyed the video very much jingles.Pls keep uploading carrier videos

  17. “That fiji is no longer in sight” as the burning wreck sinks slowly in the middle of the screen, the gnome overlord needs new spectacles…
    “but its the Mahan that actually gets the kill…” Actually jingles… if you read the kill feed…

  18. Lol…that Fiji didn’t limp anywhere. He got nuked with a 20k Dev Strike from the King George. Need a new prescription, old man?

  19. *Fiji gets nuked*
    Jingles: “So he’s thinking of going after the Fiji…”

    Never change, jingles. Love yer commentary

  20. Banana Warfare Productions

    Knowing your enemy, an impossible feat for Jingles as that would require what ship he’s looking at ?

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