World of Warships – Know Your Ship – Dunkerque Class Battlecruisers

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Episode 39 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the story of the Dunkerque Class Battlecruisers, Dunkerque and Strasbourg. These two beautiful ships never got to perform their roles and were both scuttled in Toulon. Anyways Captain’s sit back, relax and enjoy the story of the Dunkerque class battlecruisers.

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  1. what a waste…hmmm politics

  2. xlent episode! hope to see these BCs in WoWs soon.

  3. imperial measurements please

  4. how about H-Class battleships

  5. Your gameplay video series is great Chase. Your “Know Your Ship!” series is
    excellent. I’m a documentary whore, a Marine vet that often falls asleep
    watching random history documentaries detailing whatever I feel like I know
    the least about. This series has given me information I haven’t learned
    anywhere else. A heartfelt salute and Semper Fi.

  6. This is probably the best know your ship episode yet! I know they’re a lot
    of work, but I’d love to see more… the effort shows, meticulous and
    incredibly well researched.

  7. I’ve read extensively about this tragic incident, you did a great job
    representing it in this video iChase. It’s always sad when nations feel
    forced to kill their allies, especially when it later becomes clear that
    the entire incident was caused by a lack of communication. It does show
    the level of desperation that the British felt at the time in containing
    the Nazi menace sweeping Europe at the time.For my part, the French &
    Italian Navies are the ships I most want to see after the Royal Navy is
    added. In all honesty I could have done without seeing the Russian Navy
    until much, much later in the design schedule of the game, but I know that
    they feel that a lot of their customer base is in their homeland, thus
    influencing the illogical high priority of the Russian Navy in WoWS.I just
    hope that they can somehow give a good broad representation of the
    extensive and varied designs that the RN had in the time period. I feel
    that a single line of BBs, cruisers & DDs (especially for the WW I vintage
    ships) will be pretty limiting. They really (IMO) need to split some of
    those lines into BB/BC & Heavy (armoured) vs light (scout) cruisers,
    *especially* for the British.

  8. Would have loved to know the reason the french officer neglected to relay
    the entire message. 1200 dead sailors on his head.
    I would have sailed the fleet to Britain to fight the nazi’s.
    Maybe the french were confused at the prospect of sailing forward to
    england as they are more used to using reverse. hahahaha or maybe all those
    options of surrender got them so wet they passed out missing the deadline.

  9. Thanks for taking the time to research this info. Very entertaining!

  10. that was a beautiful ship and like always you hit this one out of the park.
    fantastically informative!

  11. Hmmm,mm,mm,mm…………

  12. I Tought Dunkerque was A Battleship

  13. I’m not going to lie, this video seriously makes me want French ships in
    WoWS now. I’ve already been chomping at the bit for Royal Navy vessels, but
    the Dunkerque-class is quite nice looking as well…

  14. Oh the French…so snotty.

  15. Great job as always!

  16. I cannot wait for French ships to be added.

  17. is there anyone else who thinks that the layout of the backtowers realy

  18. great video! never knew that this happened…always thought British and
    French were buddies..

  19. Hello Chase, for if the next episode is on the HNLMS De Ruyter you may find
    this interesting: at 17:30 and 20:30 (at 21:20 you can clearly see the 1×2
    and 1×1 guns at the front) of this video she
    comes back at some other points in that video

  20. AAAAAAHHH!! Thank you thank you thank you!

  21. Great video, as alway :D

  22. After watching this video I decide to watch the your video on the Hipper
    class heavy cruiser. I’m in the US right now and i got a message saying
    this video contains content from Eagle Rock and its not available in your
    country, Do you know what is going on?

  23. Very good video. Enjoyed it immensely. ty

  24. How did the Richelieu and Jean Bart managed to escape the same fate?

  25. one of my favorite ships!

  26. french ships…at this speed whe gonna have them in 2050 ingame

  27. Why does she use the British flag at 10:12?

  28. Again can’t wait for the French and Italian Navies to come to WoWs!

  29. i love this series, keep em coming chase! :D

  30. FINALLY a video of the French Navy (Marine Nationale)
    I waited so long for this to happen xD
    thank you IChase you’re awesome !
    And could you do a video on the Richelieu ? (And maybe Alsace) :)

  31. Force H was formed in 1940. not 1970. add annotations please.

  32. I LOVE these videos! Keep up the good work! +1 sub ;)

  33. Dunkirk OP.

  34. Great, episode loved all the detailed history and diplomacy surrounding her
    demise, I don’t see why the French admiralty didn’t just defect to the
    British, but I suppose they were old fashioned Ned Stark Officer types.

  35. Wow. So the whole ordeal was just a waste of French money, ships, and
    sailors, as well as British ammunition. What a sad story.

  36. Can’t wait to set sail in French ships! (Somewhere in 2017? XD)

  37. waking up to a brand new iChaseGaming video. Thanks man.

  38. there was another reason the british did what they did against the French
    fleet. it was to show both the germans and more importantly the americans,
    that Britain would do whatever they needed to carry on fighting, when at
    the time most americans thought the british would surrender within weeks,
    so sending aid and arms would be wasted. it wasn’t our finest hour but it
    certainly sent out the right message that we would fight to the end no
    matter what.

  39. Richelieu-class Battleships please. THey are sooooo sexy

  40. I know most people don’t care but it would be nice if you also gave in info
    in inches : (

  41. Amazing!!!!! I love this series

  42. So, are they adding this to the game?

  43. So any word when we might see this in World of Warships…? :-)

  44. everyone be aware, extra XP the next three days in rank battles

  45. Good ol’ fashioned politics gone wrong. Maybe its just my experience in the
    US military but I can’t understand surrender while still possessing the
    capacity to fight.

  46. i finde this a said story about 2 ships whitch could have had a great
    service live in the US.
    but hey, they have been on the planet:)

  47. Urgh, vertical photos were already there almost a century ago.

  48. Probably my favourite series on YouTube!! You Rock ICG!!

  49. So, the Dunkerque would be the stock hull, and the Strasbourg would be the
    hull upgrade.

  50. Battlecruiser? I tought it was a battleship

  51. Yaaay Know your Ship!Loving this series :D

  52. Same here

  53. Being early….

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