World of Warships – Mahan by flx_

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Mahan on New Dawn by flx_ is the first user submitted replay to be uploaded to the channel. flx_ heads off toward C and initially engaged a enemy destroyer for control over C. He then moves to assault some incoming enemy ships with torpedoes and the main battery. After successfully defeating some enemies around C, flx_ moves to B and then finally takes out some enemy destroyers. Hope you enjoyed this replay submitted by flx_ and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Destroyer Mahan Replay


  1. “Its a us battleship, its basically stationary” ha ha ha ha, well (jokes
    apart) almost true…

  2. wth his team is actually actively trying to kill him with all those
    friendly torps.

  3. Great game, I loved my Maham with the ten torp tubes.

  4. How do you only have 2500 subs?? First time I watched ur videos I thought
    you had like 100k or something around there. GJ man.

  5. Good idea to show replays. Too bad i don´t have them activated, had a nice
    round with the Murmansk (earning silver for the Mogami) with 207800 damage

  6. The Polish DD is a gunship like the Russian DDs.

  7. Why does everyone say “may-han “!?! That’s not how it is pronounced, it’s
    either “muh- han” or “man” but certainly not “may-Han”

  8. +Notser Yes, That is German :P

  9. I love my Mahan, it is my favorite ship in port atm…It is even better now
    that the torps got a 9.2km range now..but there is nothing better than
    smoking up, and invis firing BB s for 200x hits.. It was night and Day from
    Farrgut, although im not sure why, the firing arch is still quit high, but
    doesn’t seem as bad as Farrgut.

  10. I have run into a few fail platoons that all seem to have the sampson and a
    t7 ship in them. Must be a fad or something.

  11. hey notser…a couple vids ago you did some ranked play and briefly
    discussed which ships to use for ranked games ( ) …im primarily a dd player and was
    curious as to the thoughts on why you chose the dd’s you did…also would
    be a good video ;)

  12. Someone on the enemy team must have had a ship pimped out with camo and
    flags and attracted a fail division. I am at the point where I am just
    going to stop using my flags since they seem to be a magnet for tier 2s in
    tier 10 matches. I truly hated the Mahan but the Benson is worth the
    struggle I had to endure with that POS.

  13. @8,13 What’s that sound in the background? :)

  14. Why don’t I get an opposing team like that? I have been on teams where a
    division brought in much lower tier ships.Kind of sucks to be you in that

    I like this idea of showing other player’s replays. There is something I
    can learn watching them.

  15. PERFECT pronunciation, Notser!! LOL – fun replay!!

  16. Mario “Principio” Rudolfo

    Need some polish lessons ;)

  17. good dd play….

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