World of Warships- Kutuzov First Impressions

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Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you are enjoying your holidays! Today I bring you one of the gifts that WG gave me, the Tier VIII Premium Soviet Cruiser, Mikhail Kutuzov!

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  1. last five captain points imho……
    Demolition Expert for more fire on ifhe + Jack of all Trades for quicker consumables
    ….. + if you have the 2 fire flags always use them also…..max`s out the fire chance….

  2. Kutuzov the cruiser with firepower

  3. get AFT, Kutuzov has great AA and with the CV rework you will need it. I run my Kutuzov with the captain skills you selected and AFT and she chews up planes like mad!

  4. So you got the Belfast AND Kutuzov? I’m jellin’ so hard now. So jelly.
    On the other hand, I have Missouri and Belfast, so… yeah.
    It’s super pedantic to correct you, but the ship name is pronounced blitz-ka-VEET-za. It’s Polish for ‘Lightning’.
    But congrats on Kutuzov. 🙂

  5. I liked Jack of All Trades on my Kutu.

  6. Bottom tiered in a Tier VIII! I’m Shocked. It so rarely happens.
    /world class sarcasm

    Wishing you all a Very Very Merry Christmas….and and adequate New Year.

  7. Merry Christmas to you enjoy the holidays! Finally you received a credit printer (IMHO one of the best Tier VIII for credits).
    I like your 14pt captain build. Final five points: Demolition Expert (3) and Jack of all Trades (2)

    Your AA is already good with def. fire a no fly zone, BFT not needed (due to the CV population). But if you meet a CV you will need DFAA, while you can live without hydro. Last Stand… hmm I neither loose rudder nor propulsion.
    But DE = more fires -> more dmg, Jack = faster consumable reload (combine it with flag)

    All the best from Germany,

    PS high smoke fire penalty she has, young Padawan

  8. Lol with less sinking

  9. Usually when you run IFHE, demo expert is a good combo to compensate for the loss of fire chance. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    • Oh, and congrats on the Kutuzov!! Most of my freebies from containers have been dds.. Go figure lol.

    • I was going to tell him but you beat me to it. Think my best match with mine and the IFHE demo combo I still hit around 20 fires. I love getting up tired in this thing. Just really need to watch all the radar up there.

  10. I finally got the Missouri the kamikaze and the nikolai yesterday in a container after the 5th try

  11. If you want i can send you a 214k kutozov replay

  12. The Kut is the only ship I don’t give a crap about getting up tired. T10 BBs just means they have more HP to farm. I’m trying to remember I think my best match was around 20 fires and 400 shots on target.

  13. barthélémy Menard

    nice video i got the luck toget the nikolai this thing is op i think weegee added some 0 behing the number of this armor just for fun

  14. thanks…i had the opportunity to get the mighty Mo when was first release and before wows decide to remove it, but i never made up my mind to buy it. Btw it a great ship!!!!

  15. Yeah missed out on this one. Nice video and merry Christmas

  16. Delicious hot schmoes!

  17. I play my Micky like a light cruiser, using island armour and at range. I utilise smoke mainly to break contact after kiting and farming damage when too many people start shooting back. She is a heck of a ship but very delicate. Good AA if you spec for it as well.

  18. Christopher Jonasson

    Looks like u finally are beating the “randomizer” next batch of crates will be good too

  19. I find Kutuzov to be weaker than the Belfast. Kutuzov does about 2.5k dmg per salvo but Belfast usually does avg. 4k+ dmg per salvo (both with IFHE). I am not sure why, but It seems like the shells have better alpha or dispersion that makes the dmg per salvo higher in the Belfast.

  20. Congrats! I got the Imp Nik last week, that ship is a blast as well

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