World of Warships Legends ,Back into the fray

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From gaming playthroughs too reviews on both console and on PC hardware, this channel is designed not to take itself to seriously.


  1. Can you use your wows account on this game as well

  2. Nice video, nice explanation 🙂 see you soon online !!!

  3. Have you purchased any founders pack? If yes is it worth it?

    • For me the prime pack was worth it, two prim ships and 7 days of premium plus some doubloons. The other packs have more ships and more silver and doubloons. April 16th the game is free to play and the packs will still be available for a limited time after. So if you are on the wall, play the game first and then decide if you would like the add-ons. The ships will be available at some point in game for individual purchase.

    • Thank you for reply. How are prems? Good performance? Like captain training, doubloons and XP farming? Anything outstanding in prems tech?

    • +Vi Za Prim ships are exactly like the ships you unlock. So they each have their own pros and cons just like normal none prim ships. The benefit is you have Prim camo and prim challenges; prim camo you always have it. The Prim ships though unlock Prim challenges which you can complete with them. Which grant you rewards for doing so like extra silver, flags and free exp. This is also on top of the normal daily, weekly challenges. So as you can imagine they add up when you complete them. As for commanders since they can be attached to more than one ship they gain exp pretty fast. As for doubloons those are the premium currency and have been known to be rewarded by special events.

    • Reason I ask about prem, was playing world of tanks for couple of years on console. So I familiar with structure of game. Just on the fence about founders pack because when wot came it was same story(exclusive,never to be sold again, only for people who was at the beginning of the wot for over inflated prices.) didn’t happened exactly that way. WG sold “on e in the life time,exclusive “many times after.

  4. Worst game ever created

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