World of Warships – Map Tactics: Estuary

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Estuary features in the latest Map Tactics series. If you want to learn when, and what to do to be successful when battling on it, watch the video now and be in the know!

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  1. Hello

  2. As long as ppl dont lemming train…

  3. This tips give all BB campers the excuse why they camp instead of pushing
    and helping or even tanking for the cruisers. The cruiser shall go in
    unprotected? Really? Then the cruisers will stay back too, leaving the DDs
    unprotected. Good plan!

  4. Dasha always looks so nice, in a bright dress, hair done, perky. Then
    there’s this fucker in jeans and graphic tee, looking bored

  5. this is the worst campin map in the game…but well….. : ))

  6. Imho the guys doing these videos have no idea what they are talking about.

    With Random Teams stuff like that NEVER works, especially not with all the
    tier 7 – 9 retards.

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