World of Warships – Map Tactics: Two Brothers

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The most recent episode lies its focus on the popular Two Brothers map. The key to success and the best way to dominate on it is to… Well, find that out for yourself!

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  1. Dank Memes ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  2. Will u reply to the first commenter?

  3. Once the predetermined tactic is boring. No diversity, no improvisation,
    Porat round recurrent strokes.

  4. So sad that videos like this have to be made. anyone with an IQ higher than
    50 knows this already. Still glad WarGaming makes them though. I hope many
    match braking noobs learn from it.

  5. rush B
    rush mid
    all mid

  6. one word middle only for “Yolo”

    if you have yolo guts the chance of win are hight thought

  7. Edis “Azir” Süleyman

    That’s it im stoppig WoT why TF are those scumbags so focused on this
    boring one? WE WANT THEM IN WOT TOO . We don’t have crates, new tanks
    lately. All we have are those minor reworks

  8. Rash mid?

  9. Teamwork? Focusing targets? Nice one! 😀 😀 :D

  10. Giannis Triantafillidis

    teamwork in random nice joke !!

  11. “Remember You are a team”
    please note that on the start of every game since some peeps keep
    forgetting it!

  12. Everytime no one goes or guard mid, surely team will lose

  13. les sous titre français sont buggé ta les méme sous titre repeter sur le
    centre de la video

  14. gagaboom 123 (gagaboom123)

    can they add sumbarines??

  15. Teamwork, Tactical playing; would be great :D

  16. still eu players eait for some good events in europe and ofc nothing
    happened yet only north america server gets all the good stuff

  17. About every tactics “stuff”:

    Mike Tyson quotes:
    “Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth”

    You’re welcome sailors!

  18. “No cap kill all” is the common (and “best”) tactics in games.

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