World of Warships- MASSIVE Pan-American Cruiser Changes

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Hello guys, today we go over the most recent DevBlog where there are quite a few major changes to the upcoming Pan-American Cruiser line, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. When Minotaur and Worcester have some kids

  2. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    They could give Zao combat instructions…
    Example combat instruction: Torpedo launchers pop out from the side of the ship to give better firing angles.

  3. Interesting change. Now I’m waiting for the Antarctic ships with SAP-only ammo.

  4. WG has proven to be experts in their CL implementation these days. I expect these to be as devastatingly popular as the Pan-Asian CLs.

    • Not that it makes them any less fun to play, but, starting at tier VII, Pan-Asian CLs are large DDs with citadels. There are few DDs that cannot farm citadel hits off of Pan-Asian CLs.

  5. So based on the feedback they changed it for the worse, very cool.

  6. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    At least it won’t be another line of he machine guns, though I still don’t like the gimmick of having the crew cast magic spells to increase combat performance. I’m sure these ships will have a great time with plane spotting at the start of that match.

  7. I think this update sounds a bit droggy. The pan American cruisers can be flonking from time to time anyway. I don’t think the 3 minute cooldown is a hustle if it gives 80% but you’ve gotta execute it right on the beans. The AP only could be OK if they get the quiffs right. I’d have rather seen some changes to the commanders though, some of them are pretty indolent. Sounds like the best play now is gonna be push hard for the JOAN, flounce as hard as you can with AP and hope for some support. If the turrets turn quick enough to stay on target you’ll be OK unless they’ve got several MPS tipping the cap xx

  8. So what we’re getting (at least from T8 and up) is a US CL hull with US 152mm guns, British AP, a heal closely resembling that of british CLs.
    Now compare the PanAm CL line to the US and British CL lines:

    US CL+: gets HE, better reload, longer duration radar, longer range hydro, faster reload on all consumables (base)
    US CL-: smaller HP pool, worse heal, worse shell ballistics (though there is an argument to be made here that this isn’t actually a negative since you can sit behind almost every island and just sling shells over it), fewer guns, shorter Main Battery Range

    GB CL+: faster reload, higher range and longer duration (stealth!!) radar (interchangeable with a smoke), higher range hydro, better heal (this one I’m not sure since I don’t know how the heal compares to the heal of the PanAm CLs), Torps
    GB CL-: smaller HP pool, fewer guns, shorter Main Battery Range

    I don’t see how these ship bring something new or interesting to the game and I don’t understand why Wargaming are “rushing” to release them.
    In my opinion there is an underlying issue at WG. They feel like they need to pump out a new ship-line every few months even if there is nothing unique about it. I’d rather have them not release new ships for a while and instead focus on fixing the many bugs and balancing issues that this game has. If they’re scared of running out of money just rerelease some old Premiums that have been taken out of the game or increase the amount of ressources or other interesting things in the battle pass and then increase the price for said pass.

    Just stop pumping out new lines! If you take a look at the last introductions only a few were half decent. The Pan-Asian line? Barely see any in my games. Nor do I see italian DDs and the IJN CLs have been declared as dead upon arrival by a large part of the CCs/community. I hope this mentality within WG changes, though I don’t see it happening any time soon.

  9. Ican see the increase in consumables times. WG is going on the premise, I believe, that training aboard PanAm ships isn”t up to the standards of the major navies of the world.

  10. After about 4 months of grinding i finally have myself unlocking the Montana battleship and the annapolis but I constantly find myself dying in matches without even getting myself a single kill. Is the montana and the annapolis bad ships or do i need to work more on my skill? I never see the Montana on “top 5 battleship videos” and it makes me wonder if the ship is all that great so if you could please tell mee whether the Montana and the Annapolis are good ships or if I should focus on getting a better ship!

    • They are good ships. Don’t be the first person. Montana: Use AP and smash broadsides. Annapolis: Spam HE from behind islands, use gimmick on broadside ships with AP

    • I play whatever mood im in – if i had french fries for lunch i play a french cruiser, if i ate a family pizza i play an italian BB. If the news says Russia did something bad again i play a soviet ship, if i watched Robocop recently i play an american BB (cuz they go slow just like him). If its raining outside and feel like having a cup o tea i play british, and if i have a loosing streak and feel like i really suck i switch to pan-asian and get my social credit +100000 for the day.

    • Montana is super solid. Stay angled, she fights best in a band from 13 to 10 km, though her ap will cross map a cruiser out of the game. Against Battleships, aim for the upper belt unless they are flat broadside. Also learn a few armor schemes. Tricks like always aim for under the second turret of a Yammy.

    • Don’t play higher tiers, learn the game on lower tiers and whatch videos on yt how to play ships that you are researching. Montana is a good ship and Annapolis is even better then good, its great, close to OP.

  11. Happy New Year SLM.

    I’m a bit wary of whatever future changes they’re going to do on this line but I will wait for actual stats before judging if it was a mistake or not.

  12. The Atlanta Fisherman

    Oh boy, an entire line of Minotaur x Worcester. Just what EVERYONE wanted…

  13. More radar…..DD players rejoice!

    If subs, CVs, Russian battleship accuracy, and/or air strikes don’t get people to play more aggressive, this combat instruction gimmick isn’t going to change anything.

  14. I love your content. Have a great New Year keep up the good work.

  15. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but Southwest Airlines has vowed to NEVER hire another exec from WG.

  16. Pan-Am cruisers will fare badly in co-op, as those matches seldom go much beyond 300 seconds. By itself, lacking HE is not going to affect their success. I once forgot to switch my Smolensk back to HE after catching a light cruiser broadside on. It was 60k of damage into the next match with the Smolensk that I wondered why there were no fires.

    Weymouth, the tier II UK CL does, indeed, have the ship repair consumable, so the Pan-Am tier II will not be the first tier II CL to have one.

  17. So basically you’ll never be able to predict when they can use a consumable again. Sounds like a good time in comp.

  18. God forbid they make these ships even a little unique. Let’s just change them to be worse British light cruisers. What a let down

  19. This game attracted me because it’s “less” arcade like. further I think that it quickly became very popular on that premise. WoW is failing their players with all the gimmicks as well as “stupid things” like monsters on ships which appalls me to no end when I see them. This game is continually losing my interest with all the gimmick “CRAP” that they keep adding on.

  20. I’ve always liked AP only ships, and the combat instruction idea is interesting, I can see potential in this line

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