World of Warships: Midway – Average Game (except for the ramming)

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World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US carrier Midway on the map Hot Spot having an average-ish game. At least according to stats it’s more or less average for me. In it happens something odd though: I think my allied Lexington grew a little too fond of me.


  1. Langly->Bogue->Midway?!?!? But since you are a top CV player, you are still
    great with US CVs 🙂
    btw I am Korean and my Japanese friend says its awsome to hear jap voices

  2. After watching a bunch of CV players on YT (because of the Halloween event
    with the Phantom Fortresses) I cringe now at almost all of them when they
    perform drops & not keep planes active in combat.

    Despite CVs being slapped with nerfstick, you still play them gloriously

  3. Hahaha! I had a fit when I saw you had pixellated the collision between
    yourself and lexington like a japanese adult video :D

  4. see. was that so hard, aerron? ;D

  5. maybe im a lucky sonuvabitch but i always get a 2:1 hit fire ratio with my
    dive bombers on my Lexington. Is it just a Midway thing?

  6. Hmmm your accent sounds Dutch but there is something else methinks. May I
    ask where you are from? Oh yes. I enjoy your commentary and game play. Keep
    it up. Cheers from Oz

  7. That was rather naughty

  8. J2D | Jim2Dimensional

    Those japanese voice overs… I want. How to get?

  9. What rude chat at the beginning. Your us torps are getting better. Keep it

  10. Now imagine Lexingtons torp bombers go only 113 knots and have about 1700
    HP…worst carrier in the game, be glad you skipped it

  11. well us carrier divebombers do a ton of direc dmg – up to 20k if you get a
    good drop

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