EPIC GUNS! & SCREW AIRCRAFT CARRIERS! (World Of Warships Hindenburg Gameplay)

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EPIC GUNS! & SCREW AIRCRAFT CARRIERS! (World OF Warships Hindenburg Gameplay)

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  1. ugh, from my PoV -far too aggressive for a high tier game in that first
    match. Worse you knew broadside was bad and sooner or later someone was
    going to at least fire some speculative shots if nothing else and poof, no
    HP left. It did showcase the Hindenberg’s long range goodness. Second one
    thee team let you down I think.

  2. I like their claim about Subs. But then turned around and allowed DDs to be
    invisible. They put the subs on the surface and let them travel at 40
    knots. The CV situation is annoying because the planes do not follow even
    the most simple physics. They fly around like UFOs and instant drop torps
    where needed. Introduce physics to the planes. And add an RNG in for
    accuracy on torp drops.

  3. Petri Hämäläinen

    I tried to open teamchat and yell USE THE HEAL PHLY! :D

  4. It`s weird in WWII the torpedo bombers suffered horrendously and most of
    the damage was done by the dive bombers but in this game torpedo bombers
    seems to be so OP and the dive bombers are easily scattered.

  5. It also does not help it when you waste you CA ability on dive bombers and
    only use normal AA on Torp bombers so yeah….You getting killed in that
    second game was down to you…..

  6. tier 10 battle, that is horrible

  7. Have any other German ships been buffed?

  8. Lol MurphyVonMauler knows nuthin… Jon Snow…

  9. You used your AA CD on Dive bombers even though you didnt know where the
    Torp Bombers where, so acutally you are the one to blame… if you had
    saved your cd you could have avoided his torps

  10. keep up the vids PHLY, i look forward to these man.

  11. you second death, you spread out from your fleet (2CA 1BB) and you don’t
    have AA fire skill up, that means you are a target for enemy carrier to
    pick you.

    I think the story will change if you sail with your fleet after you took
    shot (ik that’s super hard, but it’s all AA battle is about, one mistake
    and you’re dead)

    btw, nice gameplay, I am suprised a CA will do that much damage to a yamato

  12. I love how every youtuber play games and everyone was like “is that real?”
    and than (fake) fanboys be like “no, he got *something* on his gamer tag so
    he’s the fake one”. and than that dumbass is on youtube

  13. Nice to see Wargaming still only focused on milking money. Artilery broken
    in WoT ? No problem comrade, lets add the same stuff in other game too.

  14. I get game balance, but german cruisers need some armor fix. seriously.

  15. Have you guys got any tips on how to get higher tier ships as i have been
    playing this game for a while and have only reached tier 4?

  16. You use AP against Yamato? Why? I saw little dmg.

  17. they need to add in submarines…

  18. Dud you have to hit that damage repair ability.

  19. Carriers: “working as intended”

  20. do you even captain skills and equipment bro ?

  21. Do the German cruisers have bad armour because they are not finished yet?
    Or is there armour actually bad. Bad armour doesn’t sound very German to me

  22. Carriers are for cheap little cunts who got bullied a lot in high school
    and were unloved by their parents. Literally every carrier is a fucking
    douche. It’s so damn OP, don’t even play the game anymore even though I got
    my Yamato. It’s bullshit. War Thunder for me now, wasted lots of time on
    World of Warships.

  23. Josiah Burkhardsmeier

    You see Phly, you got baited. You used your AA buff against the dive
    bombers so you couldn’t use it against the torp bombers. You would not only
    have killed more of the bombers before they dropped, but you would have
    increased the spread and your odds of surviving would have went up. Rage
    all you want about carriers, I know I do sometimes, but I also play them
    and they aren’t an OP piece of cake to use; they take a lot of skill, but
    they are deadly if used right. This is also very accurate to real life,
    there is a reason carriers changed naval warfare.

  24. Love the german guns and the AP/HE damage differential is what would make
    this game so much better for all the ships. People would actually have to
    think about shots and not just get in range and pull trigger.
    Just to survive the battle in a bosch bucket I have to think a lot more
    about the benefits and drawbacks of all my choices. I have to think the
    same as far as shots I’m taking as well. Most boats do so well with the HE
    switching to AP is just an afterthought or a risky choice. Makes for boring
    game play and worse team play.

  25. Phly i love waking up in the morning and seeing that you’ve uploaded a
    video and it just makes my morning wood done because Phly’s videos are
    better than masturbating

  26. Phly, I think the opening you have with the sunken ship coming back to life
    is really great.Who did the clip and what is the music you use? Thanks.

  27. Izumo: Hidenburg, we have something in common ;^)

  28. Jayce Castial Lauper

    HAHAHAHAHA FAKE PHLYDAILY thats the funniest thing if hes watching this

  29. ArticulatedHypernova

    I think submarines could be balanced, they have few guns, like a destroyer,
    can only dive for small amounts of time, depth charges are hell on subs,
    and can only fire torpedoes from the front.Some ships already have models
    for depth charges, so… ;)

  30. Diego Vinicio Majia Quesada

    @PhlyDaily You think Subs should be included on the game? That’s
    Btw what about night battles?

  31. Great video. Just wanted to say that I feel your pain and frustration my
    friend. Screw Carriers!!!

  32. That guy in game chat “fake phlydaly do something” hope he see’s this video
    and feels like a idiot

  33. phlydaily could you use the hurricane mark VI in war thunder

  34. Carriers are too overpowered !!!!!

  35. how do you grind through the trees so fast?

  36. Intro Song?

  37. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    Carriers carry lol

  38. Russian game-> german ship-> german shit

  39. how do you open world of warships

  40. I stopped playing the game because of the carriers and their torps. The
    game is not fun when you are max HP and some derp flies through like a wall
    of lead from AA then one shots you.

  41. Phly i totally agree bud I think they should not be aloud to manual
    release, I think that would balance things a bit more. But I am happy they
    have buffed the ap but they need to buff the he and the armour to make it
    at least competitive. in fact they need to do this from tier 5 onward.

  42. i cant get over how awesome the intro is

  43. Emily Smite (with Akeno)

    Any tips phly? Gonna start playing tomarrow

  44. high teir cv = your fudged right in the arse!

  45. Die Hindenburg. So, her. Not him. Noone in Germany would use “Der

  46. So a sub that can fire maybe 5 torpedoes is op but a carrier that can put
    like 20 torps in the water with almost no resistance from AA isn’t op…

  47. public test I’m comming !

    epic guns even better than Zao’s <3 love that ship

  48. why always him it’s her even in german

  49. what music of the videos of world of warship ?

  50. 19:45 I often wait a little bit at the start of the game but it’s not to
    hide behind people, its just to get a feel of where my teams going so i
    make the best call on what side of the map i move to 😛 I’ve learnt from
    just bollocking on and getting raped because I’m all by myself haha
    Oh and also, there is something broken about carriers imo. I think a lot of
    people who complain about carriers don’t do everything they can to protect
    themselves but the amount of times I’ve been sticking with allied cruisers
    with good AA and STILL get wrecked by torp bombers (and most of the bombers
    fly home) is just stupid.

  51. Lol fake PhlyDaily(in chat) xD

  52. lol teams does nothing for pretty much entire match…. Complain about Phly
    dot doing much

  53. david garcia-pablos

    Man that intro is epic ;)

  54. Do anti air crews only fire when you tell them?

  55. ItsMikedUp - FPS's+MORE

    “Fake PhlyDaily do something”… I’ve been in 3 games with Phly before and
    I’ve never once assumed that Phly was not doing something that was going to
    work out for the team. #PhlysMyGuy #Phly4Prez

  56. Have you tried War Thunder? It might be right up your alley.

  57. I wish Germany made a battle ship armed with a Gustav gun

  58. I agree with you about carriers. I’ve completely stopped playing the game
    because of the manual torpedo drop.

  59. Heres a tip: Don´t completely kill off retreating enemy bomber squadrons.
    If you leave one of them alive he will have to fly all the way back to the
    carrier and rearm. If you kill the entire squad he can just launch a new
    one much quicker.

  60. +PhlyDaily
    Y Are U So Good At Wow? o.O haxx?

  61. I think they should take the carriers out of the normal servers and then
    just come up with a game mode that includes carriers, something like convoy
    assault or something like that. I can’t fucking stand carriers, they are
    way too OP

  62. One word RNG, it gets to the best of us

  63. YA – MA – TOE

  64. The Hindenburg is cool but the Des Moines is the best Cruiser by far. Maybe
    it’s the best ship of them all

  65. There is nothing more annoying than a carrier sitting in the farthest
    corner of the map dropping torps that are detected only 0.2km out.

  66. i feel like ap got a General buff maybe? On my yamato i did 16k dmg in 3
    hits On a khabarovsk thats insane before it were 3 overpens For 4.5k. also
    pen felt even stronger than before

  67. im fairly new to world of warships, but on the topic of ships waiting for
    other ships to go first, i think the players that are waiting are either
    still loading in (for some reason i don’t load in as the game starts, and i
    can see my friendly ships moving in the loading in screen) or basically
    people who was others to go first. i hope most are still loading in

  68. @PhlyDaily you can thank iChaseGaming for showing every carrier player how
    to do perfect manual drop…

  69. 27:20 My life as a BB captain in a nutshell

  70. Totally agree with you on the higher tier game play. I am only at 6 right
    now but the games get more boring as the tier goes up. No one wants to make
    a move and wants you to take lead and damage as they hide behind you to get
    the kill. It’s just a game guy’s, go out and get sunk and have some fun..
    Stop bitching the whole game as it’s supposed to be fun remember?? Maybe
    it’s just me I don’t know.

  71. Phly, I think when using Hindenberg against destroyers, you’re actually
    better off using AP lol

    Just look at the dam difference

  72. CheeseCoatedChopper

    There should be subs. I think what they mean by unbalancable is not that
    they’re too powerful, it’s that if they take even one shot, realistically
    they lose their one advantage and can’t dive. Besides, destroyers and
    carriers have waaaay more torps than a sub per launch.

  73. Just wondering, how do people even afford to play tier 10 ships?

    I ask because I just got the tier 8 New Orleans and I’m having a hard time
    enjoying playing her because any damage I take is *so expensive* to repair.
    It makes me constantly tense and unable to play aggressively because it’s
    too risky. It’s 100,000 credits if I sink (or almost sink) plus the
    auto-resupply costs, even though I’m not making any more credits than when
    I use tier ships. I’m actually taking a net *loss* in credits in half the
    battles I play in the New Orleans, and barely breaking even in the rest.
    And I’ve heard that the tier 10 Des Moines cost up to 250k to repair.

    So how do people even afford to play these ships tier 8 and up? In these
    games Phly didn’t make enough to even break even if this ship costs 250k to
    repair – and he has Premium.

  74. Bring back the old intro!

  75. The german cruisers are shits

  76. Haha the way Phly feels about carriers is exactly how I feel every time I
    get torped by them. I’ve gotten better at avoiding torps, but sometimes
    there’s just nothing you can do because so many are dropped so close and
    your ship is just sluggish.

    Unfortunately carriers contradict one of the issues with fun gameplay that
    I’ve heard various developers and youtubers mention before: People do not
    find it fun when they get killed by things suddenly that 1) they barely saw
    coming and/or 2) which they can’t do anything to avoid/fight back against.

    Torp planes are a bit like that. You can see them approach but you’re often
    in the middle of fighting so they catch you off guard or force you to have
    to break off the engagement just to swerve away from the possible torps.
    And while this is happening, you have to rely on your AI-controlled AA
    gunners instead of doing any active defense. And it doesn’t always really
    matter because a manual drop from a practiced CV player means that you’re
    going to take quite a few – which especially sucks in a cruiser bc you die

  77. My highest tier ship is the New Orleans. I’ve got every upgrade to the AA I
    can do, along with every captain skill to increase AA. My AA score is
    something like 75/100 so it’s very deadly. But it’s useless against the
    Midway for so many reasons.

    I hardly ever play that ship. I get more AA kills in my Cleveland because
    the Tier V and VI carriers aren’t as experienced and the planes aren’t as

    And don’t get me started on how worthless the Pensacola is due to the
    15.7km detection range.

  78. That guy Murphy was so salty and calling Phly fake, gg bro

  79. I hate the fact that the they pulled the Hindenburg out of their asses

  80. a: guns look sexy as hell
    b: gameplay still doen´t look like fun tho. one mistake and you are
    dead…and there were situations where you would have been dead even
    earlier if the enemy would have hit more (more skill/more luck)
    c: a lot of the shiplines are dead ends for me. sometimes you unlock a new
    ship and it is utter garbage….so i´d rather stop playing that
    line…adding the look of tier 10 gameplay i think i´d rather stick to
    lower tiers because WG is just bad at higher tiers…like in wot
    d: carriers man…hello artillery 2.0
    e: great vids man, keep it up pls!

  81. “Fake phly daily do something” xD

  82. *calls phly fake*
    *phly is using tier 10 german cruiser*
    Definitely not a press account!

  83. lol phly is salty xD

  84. I love the hindenburg. It may be is the best cruiser ingame.

  85. I feel like if they made planes behave like planes, lose energy when they
    turn, having to actually make an approach to the target etc…And as a
    result being easy slow moving targets when they’re in a low energy state..
    Rather than just ripping around like UFO’s on speed, then, maybe then
    carrier play could be balanced. But as it is right now, the spread of air
    torps released 20 ft from your hull is an immediate death sentence and as
    often as not unavoidable… I can’t tolerate playing games when your skill
    is nullified by unavoidable death… And its a shame, its a fun game but
    all that doesn’t matter when all that fun comes to screeching rage stop
    when you get dropped by a spread of unavoidable UFO torps…

  86. Murphy is a cunt

  87. nice vid . can u tell us whats the intro song

  88. Skillway ruin everything even US ca have a problem to kill plane from

  89. german ships are also feminin.
    only austrian ships werent all feminin

  90. 100th like :)

  91. @ the phantom wobble this is a PC game, hence the mouse clicks and
    keyboard, it is not on mobile, it is a free game though.

  92. dude on war thunder can I do a Japan plane any Japan plane

  93. war thunder 1.53 will be either thursday or friday OMG HYPE!!!!

  94. I fuckin’ love this intro everytime!

  95. The Anti Aircraft Defense? ;)

  96. Phly great vid man!! German cruisers in general have great guns but the
    armor is horrendous.

  97. first 500 views!!!!

  98. What’s the song from the intro?

  99. Phly!!! Do you know when Dev server on warthunder is done

  100. Dat 1 hater do XD

  101. i think that was one of the best intros that i have seen on youtube.

  102. I like your intro, a bit long only :)

  103. Yeah! All right! Carriers to ruin the game!

  104. under 301 views.. lel

  105. This intro gets to me every time! never change it.

  106. Ripperinos

  107. suck my huge nuts

  108. Hey Phly I was wondering what kind of phone you play World of Warships on?
    And how do you have it? I can’t find it in the Play Store.

  109. love THE games you play

  110. first

  111. Phly, going to stream today?

  112. Hey Phly :)

  113. hey phly I was waiting on a video thanks

  114. 2nd comment yaaay

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