World of Warships: Midway, Goodbye RTS Carriers

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A random battle played by Hassan_T in the Midway. This replay features the old rts carrier system.


  1. Wow, good riddance I say 🙂 But well played Hassan gg mate

  2. Totally broken, good riddance indeed. A thumb down, not for Aetam or Hassan, but just to make clear that this is just awful.

  3. With the CV rework coming tomorrow I’m really contemplating whether I should either dust off my Independence or my Worcester and Des Moines.

  4. To all those who say that these old carriers are broken, they may need some tweaks but they are infinitely better from a gameplay point of view. In this iteration the CVs have to fight over damage instead of just attack attack attack with no repercussions like the reworked ones. The game I pulled off against this fishing div was possible only because I was better at microing then opponent, the teams split up like they did, I got fairly lucky and because I had the legendary module. Had any of these ships taken any anti air skills I would have lost all my planes in minutes. If you isolate yourself you can expect an airstrike coming for you which is what I wanted to highlight. TLDR old CVs need balancing but are still a better system than the rework from a CV mains perspective

    I’m still really pissed that this was a defeat after all the work I did to even out the scores 🙁

  5. Goodbye, RTS CVs will not be missed.

  6. Mine Des Moines loved AP bombers,I was hoping they come from me so that they don’t go for other teams ship and kill all of them in few seconds,what did this DM at start of game i can’t understand,probably running hydro but this was a deadly mistake

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