World of Warships: Midway Torps Are Amazing

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has some amazing TBs. The torps hit incredibly hard and it’s truly impressive. This ship is clearly overpowered.

World of Warships footage of the 10 American aircraft carrier Midway.


  1. First?

    Edit: nice thumbnail haha top tier drawing skills

  2. The torps deal almost as much damage as a single HE shell from a battleship! Clearly OP.
    My links:

  3. In which we depict fun and engaging game mechanics.

  4. Disclaimer: This video contains absolutely 0% sarcasm.

  5. The funny part is, the dive bombers are actually far better and should the real video here not this sarcastic thing here ??

  6. Wow! The Midway Torpbombers are indeed amazing! This video convinced me to grind the USN CV line! Thanks Aerroon!

  7. Do a video with a Smith vs yamato…….see if it kills it faster!?

  8. Torpedoes do damage?? WG, nerf, please!!!! They could seriously annoy a BB, DD OR cruiser if they are AFK or disconected! AA must be doubled, no, quadrupled, and a instant dot when they leave the CV!!

  9. I am laughing to not cry

  10. I didn’t notice that you were being sarcastic until you mentioned that 14k damage was “like, what, half a destroyer!”

  11. A Marblehead, that op t5 ship that beats all opponents has 3k torps just like………Midway

  12. Now repeat with Yamato using the heal 😀

  13. I am giving exactly 0 F’s about midway torps recently.. they are slow, they don’t deal any damage.. flooding? Nope.. Best CV ever. I wish the rest was just as great..

  14. WooooW ! WE got a flooding ALREADY ! this made my day

  15. Well, I guess I won’t dodge anymore…. no need. 🙂

    • yeah, what i find funny is when people tried to dodge the now nerfed air torps and in turn gives broadside to your team’s BBs.

      and then cried salt when the BBs salvos all miss.

  16. Wow! Just…WOW! I am clearly a potato for not being able to get so many torpedo hits and those massive amounts of damage! I need to GIT GUT.

  17. WG tries troubleshooting cv rework. Shoots themselves in both feet.

  18. I landed 6 torps on an Alaska yesterday for 8k dmg. Was way over powered.

  19. Haha and that’s why I stay with my Lexington. There you have per drop only 3x 64xxDMG but at least no ridiculous 6x44XX DMG. Of course those in Tier 10 would theoretically do more DMG but that’s not worth it for me. In Tier 10 matchup I can still perform well, so I do not need the Midway xD. First I had to settle in but now easy peasy 90-100k avg dmg xD. Today new record with 174k in Tier 10 Combat, considering “very early” I had red stats, with the rework I do not have to dodge directly the opposing CV, strifing is no longer available xD.

  20. Jourdan Fernandez

    This is what happens to anything WG “balances” , they get rendered to be inefficient to the point of irrelevance where newer players with 10pt captains won’t explore them any longer.
    We’ve seen this recently with Hindenburg, Alsace, Yue Yang, Rocket Planes, IJN TB’s, RN DBs, Midway TB’s and pretty soon ALL US CV HE DB’s like the Haku aftermath where all IJN TB’s got nerfed.
    So is the dmg standard for all DB’s that of the RN, KM and IJN DB’s? What will be the National flavors if TB’s are the only efficient dmg dealers?
    Midway HE DB nerfs? Yes Wargaming level nerfs? – To quote an infamous CC – “Questionable… “

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