World of Warships Fighter Consumable Guide

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Today we are going take a look at the fighter consumable that aircraft carriers have. This guide will give advice on how and when to use them. Many CV players know they have them, but they don;t quite know how they function. This should help that.


  1. You forgot the most important part of the consumable. Its primary use isn’t shooting down planes, its for spotting, place fighters somewhere to keep all boats detected in that area for the duration of the consumable with the added bonus of also shooting down planes occasionally.

  2. Awfully weak guide. Some of these suggestions are straight wrong and other good suggestions arent ever mentioned. No mention on times, despawning, defending dds, laying multiple fighters spots, spotting off to the side. Dont drop ur fighters in front of enemy planes unless ur a noob and dont spawn and drop fighters on ur cv that’s just a waist. Ugh

    • Worthless guide. Dropping planes in front of enemy planes in the open is utterly useless. He can fly right through and at least 9 out of 10 times not lose anything. The fighters only seem to shoot down planes when allied ships are also covering the same area.

      Covering DDs in a cap is useful IF the red CV is paying attention to that cap. The key is putting the fighters where they are needed. Do you have a low HP ship who is being harassed? Is there a Musashi on your team? You know he’s a priority target for the red CV because Musashi’s AA is so weak.

      You only have 3 fighters per plane type (usually) so conserving them is very important. Kaga’s rockets aren’t very good, but the planes are fast so you can use the rockets just to deliver a fighter to a key area. Is the red CV trying to snipe you? Take off rockets, drop the fighter as soon as you can, then F-key out and launch something useful.

      Zoup if you’re going to publish a guide, at least talk to someone who has a clue.

    • Cmon, he at least tries. Despawning will be gone next week in an update, and there are plenty of scrubs that will fly into the fighters head on. I think the point of the video is to primarily use fighters, rather than dont use them at all (cause causals dont know what they are for)

    • You can also deploy fighters to evade the enemy’s own fighters. Fighters get attacked so your strike planes can evade. Also useful for removing the enemy fighters so they can’t spot some important area.

  3. I use my fighter consumables for spotting damage, and also putting the over friendly dd’s trying to cap.

  4. Did they fix the bug, when the fighters just disappear right after they are spawned? Some players know how to “use” this bug against enemy CV, so it basically can’t deploy any fighters.

    • Hiple No this “bug” is still in the game. I say it as a “bug” because it maybe be an actual feature. Basically the way it works as of now is that when the fighter engage an enemy squadron and then the attack flight drops what ever armaments it carries the fighters will follow the spent attack flight as they make a run for home. The reason I think this maybe a feature is to prevent the fighter squad kill count from resetting. IE midway dive bombers engaged by 7 fighters, losing 2 before dropping ordinance, after dropping ordinance 3 damaged aircraft go to return with 7 left in the squad however, all 7 remaining aircraft are shot down by the fighters due to the kill count resetting thus breaking the 1:1 fighter rule.

    • +Killer Games I see, I never thought about it this way, it makes sense. I guess we just have to wait what will Wargaming do next.
      Thanks for the answer 🙂

  5. +1 from me. And I think you should also make a video how to disable “island avoidance” system and teach CV players to use as few waypoints as possible (one or two max). Makes wonders when moving around (also that you can adjust the waipoint by click/hold and drag it somewhere else to make small adjustments).

  6. Big thing you didn’t mention: unless you’re dealing with an isolated DD that lacks good AA (ex. Kagero) then dropping fighters on top of something to spot them is a great way to give out free plane kills. They get shredded by AA since they don’t really dodge flak because of the predictable circle pattern.

  7. you forgot the mention that fighters can only shoot down the same amount of planes as they have themself

  8. buffalojoeinchico

    What about using them to keep enemy ships spotted while u use your controlled planes to go attack/spot elsewhere

  9. Thanks Zoup it helps alot 😀

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