World of Warships – Mikhail Kutuzov 0.5.9

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on Neighbors moves out to take on enemies that venture into the north. We encounter a couple destroyers and attack them, but they retreat and I do the same. Enemies flood into the North sector, we move to the south to get enemy destroyers. The team finds itself trying to survive against the last remnants of the enemy. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov Replay


  1. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    I am a big fan of you and sub of your channel

  2. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    hey notser, let’s be friends!!!

  3. Do you know when next ranked season starts?

  4. *rage rage* at the video quality!
    j/k – you are doing good videos and a few have small hitches, but nothing
    huge and you deliver great content at a great quality. Thanks.

  5. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    you changed crosshair, isn’t it good?

  6. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    i am watching mikail vid for 19 time lol

  7. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    so notser, which nation dd you most like or enjoy

  8. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    maybe i can do some division with you at 2 days later or 3 days later

  9. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    i am tier 6 us destroyer player who is grinding nassau

  10. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    i am so boring

  11. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    so can i spam some chat with you?

  12. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    i am so curious xd

  13. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    so notser, will you play at 14hours later?

  14. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    thanks xd

  15. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    what city r u in?

  16. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    I am asian and playing wows NA cause you are so cool

  17. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    so when you play wows in your city’s time?

  18. 스솔망고맛죽창TV


  19. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    so you play wows in this time?

  20. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    o great

  21. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    o great

  22. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    hey notser, are u awake now?

  23. Nice play, but you should use SMOKE vs the Colorado and waited a bit with
    the torps or turn the other side to use the second torps. I hope you accept
    some critism from Germany :)

  24. Very intense game!

  25. LordFrederick plays

    HI you did this video yes and I was in the amagia goldzeoranger

  26. I am proud to announce that I just unlocked the mighty Tashkent yesterday

  27. Speaking of the Trashcan’t. I would really love to see a game if you still
    have it. I’m really struggling with that ship. I’ve only had one good game
    out of about twenty. She just plays so differently from everything else
    it’s hard to know exactly how I should play her. I’ve tried second lining
    but I still get smashed. Even respeced to get extra smoke but I’m just
    getting hammered in the smoke! The one good game I was island shooting on
    Estuary and had lots of back up.

  28. Kerspaprog Balceram

    Lets be honest, that dd wasn’t getting away.

  29. Shoulda popped smoke at end.

  30. I’m not screaming Russian bias. I do however think the accuracy, damage and
    range of the guns coupled with the ability to use smoke and defensive fire
    on a cruiser is a little unfair

  31. why did they make AP and HE so noticeable, was it 3rd party mods ? lets be
    honest you would never know irl its up to the captain to be aware of the
    other captains th
    ought process

  32. quick question notser did they remove the clock (aim feature ) plus how do
    i get a replay of my games ,i died went to make a coffee when i came back
    had a kracken so must of killed 2 people with death torps need to see that

  33. why is the dynamic crosshair called dynamic? it doesn’t change

  34. The old Ognevoi – lose 2 turrets and try landing hits with 4km torps – yeah
    not fun.

  35. Marios Karampalis

    You forgot your smoke in the last fight, you had 2x and you didn’t use it!

  36. Good battle – always great play.

  37. Indunil Sameera Danthanarayana

    Hey Notser i’ve noticed recently you have started colliding with friendly
    ships almost every single game. Tired of pulling notsers and trying to come
    up with something new? Great display of the Kutuzov. Cheers!

  38. PLZ USE “st.louis” pls

  39. Great game as always Notser!

    I DO hope the new patch makes the game run more smoothly than it currently
    does, then it will look absolutely gorgeous at all times with that AWESOME
    Anti-aliasing setup of 4x MSAA and 4x SGSSAA!

    SGSSAA is one of the best Anti-aliasing techniques in terms of results and
    hardware usage to obtain said results.

  40. Big welcome to colourblind mode!

  41. So does that mean you stream german Currywurst FRITZ BBs?

  42. the Kutuzov is the perfect escort ship, amazing AA and long range guns so
    she can cover battleships without having to sacrifice doing damage, good he
    and fair AP at closer range, smoke to cover allied warships and super fast

  43. notser, you might want to consider to firing AP rounds on broadside USN and
    KM Battleships when using the Kutuzov. The 155m shells penatrate the
    superstructure doing 3k-12k per salvo, where as the HE rarely penetrates
    doing 353-1000 damage per salvo,

  44. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    you said that you will do at untitled ep 3.

  45. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    Hey notser, when you will do smith premium us tier2 dd?

  46. ugh, please don’t dance the camera around when you’re in free look (@18:04).
    I practically never get motion sick, and it was nauseating me. Had to stop

  47. 스솔망고맛죽창TV

    Hey, notser, can you upload farragut or high tier us dds?

  48. 3:37 Yeah! I was HOPING it was not my PC, I mean it was pretty damned sure
    it wasn’t- but I get hitches even in battle, and I was looking at videos
    for it recently because when I upgraded to my G1 Gaming GTX 980 Ti from my
    770 I was thinking that would remove ALL hitching combined with my SSD 16
    GB of RAM and 4.7 GHZ i7-2600k but it didn’t of course.

    So I have been looking for it in videos lately, and I have noticed everyone
    seems to get it, even in battle.

    Of course the hitching is worse in port than in battle, but I care more
    about the battle hitching as it screws me up on occaision!

  49. I love this ship

  50. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Review german BBs of low tier pls!!!

  51. Notser, the Mikhail Kutuzov is ALWAYS available for sale in the premium
    shop, at least on NA anyway! It’s the Soviet Atago at this point in time.
    Which is to say, it is THE tier 8 Soviet premium ship, and every time I
    check the premium shop it is always there.

    She is about $46 IIRC, 45.99 or thereabouts, making her $2 or $3 cheaper
    than the Atago.

  52. British cruisers revealed, but I’m not happy with it. I made a video about
    the tier 6-10. But it looks like all these tiers are light cruisers. So are
    there heavy cruisers with the same name or are there in tier 10 light

  53. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Notser do you have in mind any emote to add for your stream? The patch is
    today, wednesday, and is world of nassaus right now. Are you going to test
    the tier 1s to show the changes to that tier?

  54. Notser, I sent you a good Tirpitz replay, Let me know what you think =P

  55. first game in nassau, wiggle back and forth, as much as you can to utilize
    both side turrets – 4 kills, onto the kaiser. thanks nubs

    ninjaedit – dont forget to arm your premium consumables

  56. The Kutuzov is available on the Tech Tree for SEA. Hopefully WG will make
    more ships available that way

  57. Hey notser, has german bb´s been released on NA server?

  58. omg 3 world of warship video in 1 hour notser ,icg and jingle

  59. Will you be doing a 0.5.9/10 Montana update? Thx for the helpful video.

  60. British cruisers incoming boys.

  61. Wow, I am early today!!! ? HI Notser!!

  62. 89 BBs waiting for battle right now, 6am PST. fack

    95 tops

  63. hey notser

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