World of Warships – Mikhail Kutuzov Ranked

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Mikhail Kutuzov demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses in three different matches in ranked play. For many of the matches we are trying to counter the enemy destroyers and looking for map control. The rate of fire plus amount of guns is a huge advantage against enemy destroyers. AP is also a huge strength of the Kutuzov, we are able to destroy many enemies with laser accuracy. I hope everyone enjoys all these games and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Soviet Cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov Replay


  1. I’m convinced Noster has been using an “Island Avoidance Mod”. There is no
    way he can go this long without running into one.

  2. Do you duo queue in ranked? I’m less experienced than you but I think I
    could help with the ranked grind. I also have a fully upgraded hipper now

  3. notser , why aren’t you uploading any of the replays sent to you ? the more
    you uploade the more subscribers you get..

  4. Why didn’t you fire your torps at that Nagato at 17:10? It would have been
    a pretty clear shot with no allies in the way

  5. hey notser ,I just started world of warships,but have been watching your
    vids for some time. was wondering about warspite I saw your video on it a d
    couldn’t wait to get one ,but guess their not premiums anymore ? this ain’t

  6. If you like high rate of fire like Mogami/Kutuzov – check the Roon and
    Hindenburg. 203mm guns has real fire power.

  7. Great video again notser. the Kutosov is my fav. But, if I place your
    comments at a 70s porn video it would fit like a glove, You sure love your
    ships :). (btw, that was my girls comment ;))

  8. nice video AGAIN! you are becoming my favorite WoWs youtuber.. youre
    enthousiasm is fun to listen to! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ps: why are people
    always stealing your kills? XD

  9. Lovely ship and 3 vidéos !! Yes Notser it’s a fantastic day ;)

  10. more contend like this pls, this was great!

  11. Brian Lock (神通)

    Noster, basically all later USN CL after Clevey and Altanta have 5×3 6in
    (152mm), just Clevy with more guns, and no torpedo. Only “CL” in IJN line
    get 15.5cm (6in) gun is Mogami Class before the 20.3cm (8in) gun refit, all
    other CL have paper armor, 14cm gun, until very late of the war, the Agano
    class finally get 4×215.2cm guns. RN are pretty much same as USN except
    less gun, and some with slightly larger or smaller caliber. Not sure about
    Soviant because some get 180mm (7in) and again powered by vodka those
    extream speed.
    I would say no, simply everything will burn, no one play DD because torpedo
    cannot hit a CL and cannot win in a gun fight (not sure about vs IJN).
    Also, IJN CL are basically garbage, no strong AA, little have AA refit but
    nothing close to USN, Un compareable gun, out number, out RoF, out damage,
    uncompareable armour, 14cm gun means armoir vs 14cm shell, current game
    mechanism, 130mm can pen 14cm srmour no problem. So, the only real
    advantage is the type93, but they never make torpedo range on a cruiser
    over 10km, plus IJN tri/quard launcher reload time = other nation quin
    launher. Noster, this is a bad idea, as far as I can see.

  12. hey notser, lets make a deal, while im hangover please dont release any

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    What the hell is the fubuki doing?

  14. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    I chose the skill Demolition expert for my Nürnberg captain, so does this
    mean my Ap shells have a 3% chance of fire? or does He just increase from
    8% to 11%?

  15. Just wanted to send you a salute. You are now my go to man for WOWs
    entertainment and information. TY very much for making it so much fun to

  16. Congrat’s, Keep marching.

  17. I never get the team’s you do. Good you held your torpedo shot’s. Keep them

  18. Notser this WoW channel is definitely a cut above many others, keep posting
    this quality content and i wish you every success.

  19. if your enemy are atleast trying to angle themself….

  20. Kraken unleashed in a ranked game? Literally 5/7 lol

  21. Mikhail and the magician. So good man. As always. :)

  22. TeK “Th3xRaVeNx” RaVeN

    Killa video man wish I can find more players like you to squad up with ?

  23. I love you Notser. The fights are worth watching but the reasonings is why
    i love you. I have watched quite a few commentators who are fun to watch
    but yours is the best. Great admiral.

  24. I really like your narration! Calm and so on, just enjoyable!

  25. Very nice. As the MK has excellent AA and CVs are not that common I run it
    with sonar instead.
    Not having a plane is not an issue as the sonar would have helped in your
    early encounter with the Fubuki and it can see around islands. Range is
    short and it does not last as long as the German one, but it helps in the
    DD-hunting role.

    I don’t do well wit Kutuzov yet, certainly less than with Atago & Mogami. I
    will have to change my style of play with it and try to improve my
    gunnery/survival. I do need help in the gunnery dept for sure. Watching
    your videos helps. Thanks for posting.

  26. Congrats on the last game! Not often you see Kraken Unleashed in a ranked
    game :)

  27. Deadly matchs…
    So I had a kiev game after your heart with 145k, I think 55 torp, 45 fire
    for 13 fires, but in a loss and then I tried to redeem myself in the next
    match and notser’d 3 times for an early exit,, Grrrrrrrr The last one I
    said to myself not to hit that island over and over..aaand yup

  28. how can u be so good? in 1 salvo u make more dmg than i do in a whole game

  29. I wake up to a Notser triple play in 1080..its a good day….and omg in
    game 3 you citadel a York at 18km’s?…..That’s just beyond impressive…I
    raise my morning coffee and salute you good sir.

  30. Love the videos Notser! I do like to wach you and you are very good at aim.
    You ned to tell abount torp ark of this ship.. Is that like german cruiser
    ?? With Mogamy you Can use you torps Only from behind. In a Gernan cruiser
    you sail strait ahead and torp you enemy….deadly at clouse range

  31. lot of gg!!!

  32. Great ranked battles and in the Mikail Kutuzov , I still have to get used
    to her.But she feels great , what did i tell you. nice to hear and watch
    Notser keep em comming.

  33. Thanks for extra time playing and editing 3rd game. Wish I could like more,
    but will settle with several views. Great job, hope this is beginning of
    something big for you sir.

  34. o7, I was that mahan that died at point B on the third game. Atlanta too
    scary for destroyer…

  35. thanks mate 🙂 Cheers

  36. can you answer me one question please: is it worth the gold?

  37. 3 games?!?!?! I knew you always left me smiling and satisfied, Notser.

  38. Great stuff Notser! I love the Kutuzov but it gets a lot of complaints from
    people who dont get it, nice to see it click with you :)

  39. Would you say the Mikhail is worth buying for 60€? I would doubt it, but I
    would like to know your opinion.

  40. It is so unfair that on the EU server we have 1 more star at each rank. I
    know that there are more people, so it evens up the number of players that
    go up the ranks, but for individual players it still takes more grinding
    for the same rewards. Equality on the group level trumps equality on the
    individual level.

  41. Seems like all of the YouTubers are going hard in the Kutuzov these days.
    That 3rd game was a monster, well done.

  42. really like the longer videos!!!

  43. I wonder if the Soviet cruisers will be like the Kutuzov : Lower caliber,
    fast rate of fire with good range light cruisers ! I would love they will !

  44. wow those were the worst enemy players i ever saw i mean WOW not only half
    of them were in tier 7 but they were just horrible …

  45. Viewer from Taiwan and just amazed with your accuracy, Noster. Great

  46. What does the tick signify, that appears above the ship info? I also saw it
    appear in the second battle when no torps were fired. . . I think.

  47. You are going to cost me $55, I wish I could get it gifted. Great game,
    keep up the good work.

  48. Very good video on the Mikhail. Many people are taking a piss on this ship
    but I thoroughly enjoy mine

  49. Noster! Another killer video man. Thank you for all them. Keep doing what
    your doing and your channel will grow fast. I’ll do my part and tell my
    friends about your channel. You from the states? I leave close to Vancouver
    B.C. Thinking about buy either an Atago or Mr. Kutz. Was sold on the Atago
    before watching this video. I know there very different. Anyways don’t want
    to write a book here. Ttyl and thanks again or all the helpful entertaining
    running aground videos!

  50. lol 33:12 800k points of damage… Go to sleep noter, you drunk. Great
    games games, keep up the great work!

  51. Day 5: Still waiting for Notser to run aground ( °3°)

  52. How do u film world of warships? What do u use?

  53. greetings from germany notser. im watching many of your videos and i like
    them all. nice guides, entertaining gameplays and i am enyoing your
    commantary too. thumbs up for this. keep goin 🙂 (sry english is not my
    native language)

  54. I’m gay for you notser

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