World of Warships – Mino is the best DD

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I said it many times I’ll say it again:
Mino is best DD in the game xD
Why? Well take a look and see for yourself.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Am I first Flambass?

    Mino, is best battleship tbh

  2. Totally agree Flambass. I use my mind frequently to DD.

  3. “Don’t shoot me, shoot Flambass ! ”
    This HAS to become a thing ! ?

  4. those AA guns just started firing out of no where XD

  5. Why did they let yall cap the entire ring uncontested, and why can’t I get an enemy team like that?

    • Though Flambass is a good player he is also just blessed with some of the best luck I have ever seen in this game.

  6. Mainstream - Lachs

    I had a game in my Scharny where I got 3 solo Caps. It was on Trident…

  7. I think after looking at all these games of Flamu winning… WG will nerf the mino for “balance”

  8. i play all my british cruisers like dd, fiji is best dd imo but mino with concealment expert and the other concealment upgrade it is very good

  9. Jacob Battiscombe

    *Mino best carrier confirmed*

  10. All your base are belonging to us!

  11. MI AMOR, POR FAVOR!?!?
    and, how DID you bounce 460mm shells?

  12. Jarosław Matysiak

    Yeah, it’s just bad that we can’t progress dd missions on Minotaur 🙂

  13. Mino is the best DD,, and Harugumo is the best cruiser, Stalingrad is the best BB

  14. Wish i could Division with you Flambass, it would be so fun to watch you play live 🙂

  15. every battle in the Mino, ever… suddenly a wild Montana appears! So much fun – keep up the good work

  16. Re-Class Battleship

    I’ve sailed a Kurrywurst into the center and capped undisturbed and unassisted.

  17. Would like to see you playing the Mahan or the Benson. With CV and Radar cruiser……or with Tier ix and x ships…..

  18. They said that EU is best server to play at lmao.

  19. Nice vid, except the constant little-girl-screaming.

  20. How do you continue shooting while on free look mode

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