World of Warships – Mogami Up To The Challenge

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Mogami on Land of Fire ranked battle moves to assault A with a couple destroyers. We successfully capture A and proceed to attack enemies near the B point. After sustaining some mild damage from enemy battleships, we retreat to intercept a enemy destroyer. He was not prepared for our might 155 mm guns and falls by the wayside. One by one the enemy crumbs, but my team isn’t playing the objectives correctly and requires even more impact from our Mogami to succeed. Discuss ranked tactics and focusing on basic ideas to have success. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Mogami Replay


  1. very nice play

  2. Battleship gameplay coming this day? :)

  3. Nicely done. Carrying a game is always satisfying, and getting to Rank 5!
    I am fighting for 9 ATM

    Doing well with Myoko but still far from unlocking Mogami. Will get there
    one day.

  4. Fantastic game, you will make it to rank 1 if you have enough time to play.

  5. congrats on reaching such high rank. I couldn’t rank up due to some really
    bad team I encounteres these days

  6. Congrats on rank 5, now it gets good! I’d love it if you also posted
    battles where you do less that stellar? (or do you always do this well??)
    Often one learns more from defeats than victories…

  7. I’m one tier below the Mogami…and it seems like its so far away! (ok, I
    have 3 other ships I’m grinding) I’m writing this impulsively (can’t
    remember the ship below the Mo’s name right now) but watching your videos
    and being aggressive like you are, I can’t wait to try the Mogami!! (and
    will stay with the 155’s thank you very much) In the meantime I’ll continue
    to watch your most excellent video-tutorials! Thanks for posting, I
    thoroughly enjoy your narration! (funny, informative and fun, what more can
    one ask for?)

  8. Why is it that my Mogami only has two barrels pre turret and yours has

  9. funny how Noster never fired AP the whole match–

  10. Under-rated channel. Nice video!

  11. I unlocked mogami yesterday but I recently bought Fubuki >.> No money left

  12. great play and every time I see ranked game like this from you I go out and
    do the same with a win. I soon after get complacent and drop 5 games in a
    row though. So stupid.
    How about some double vids considering how short these are? Where’s the fan
    love brah?

  13. Well played Notser , Well played keep going I hope you reach rank 1 befor
    Christmas .

  14. Congrats on rank 5 Notser

  15. you could use sonar in ranked CVs are rare

  16. Nice work on getting rank 5. Now the march to rank 1 with the guns a

  17. hurry up notser im 2 wins away from rank 1, and yeah welcome to rank 5 its
    alot harder.

  18. Wondering why you don’t use sonar instead of defensive fire for ranked.
    Seem like there are a lot more dds than cvs

  19. If I use my Atago to level up my ships (specifically the cruisers and
    battleships), can I use my cruiser captain to get xp for the next ship
    without converting it to free xp (because free xp is really expensive)?
    (like is the xp for Atago stuck on the Atago or is it stuck on the captain,
    like if I get 30k xp in the Atago and I move the captain over to my
    Furutaka, does the Furutaka now have 30k xp?)

    Also, which is a better ship: the Atago or the Mogami?

    Awesome video again, as usual :)

  20. Grats on Rank 5 Matey!!

  21. Christmas camo is ugly and cost way to much. You got to love the play of
    your team to drive you nuts. Good like on rank 5 matches. Great video.

  22. dude I dont understand why you dont have concealment module , Its the first
    I have bought , anyway love yur vids <3

  23. Mogami does really big damage against US BB before north carolina, i once
    do over 6k damage each salvo to Colorado with all guns. Sooo OP

  24. the Mogami is expensive. If you get sunk playing a bad game you’ll actually
    lose money.
    I mean like $50k. it’s a bit ridiculous considering I have a premium

  25. gg…. Notser do you play Steel Oceans

  26. nice video!!!!
    the next time play roon please!!!?!!!

  27. Mogami OP pls nerf.

  28. gratki ! also wants such opponents! Please :)

  29. OK, Notser. I now have Mogami-envy, and all my fleet are dead to me, and
    I’m levels away from a Mogami. Way to spoil a game, bruh. XD

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