World of Warships – North Carolina Smashes 2 Yamatos

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A replay sent in by ackack47 who is playing a North Carolina and gets thrown into what can be best described as absolutely horrid MM. Up against two Yamatos, ackack does the best that a North Carolina can do against two super-battleships. But with some luck and some poor play by the two Yamatos, ackack’s North Carolina smashes the two Yamatos and sends them to the bottom of the sea. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the cast iChase, good video!

  2. Yes! The spawn on this map is just stupid regardless of tier. All DD’s
    spawn East and all BB’s spawn West in general. You might get one DD or BB
    swap but it is rare and not that useful.I wish I could give a fix for this
    map but I can’t. Something should be done. I have seen all BB’s and the CV
    spawn West with only one CL support for AA and no DD’s. Stupid id as stupid

  3. can a stock NC survive against 1 Yamato in close combat?

  4. Good game but didn’t like what went down in chat.

  5. LOL That Amagi was crying soooooo hard!!!!!

  6. Again, I see ppl in high tier BBs complain about their own CVs don’t cover
    them with fighters. But CV’s fighter can’t always stick with you. They
    never learn

  7. see ackack, I told you the North Cal is op

  8. “A North Carolina isn’t going to do anything against a Yamato”

  9. That was brutal. the Rng force is strong with that NC.

  10. Welcome to San Bernadino, I’m Willis Lee, and this is the Washington.
    Goodbye, Yamato!

  11. if the first yamato took the tb’s attack and started reversing, it might be
    a totally different story.

  12. Zetsubou no Nnoitra

    I love how people are mad about the other guy’s chat!
    he kinda have a point, the cv ran to the corner and left his fight covering
    a cruiser!
    he should have left them to cover the BBs. All he did was just controlling
    his bombers :/

  13. post game stats? :(((
    However impressive replay! :0

  14. Very impressive play, I’m still working at getting thru the Colorado. Can’t
    wait to get a North Carolina…

  15. Your videos are the best! I wish you would post more often, but i
    understand. :)

  16. Good Game, but even more fun was TTD, I love when they blame everyone but
    themselves why they got sunk. Reminds of a game I was in. Our CV got sunk
    and he started railing me that I should have been protecting him. I said
    but I am in a DD, I was told it was my job to protect the CV’s. He said he
    was a expert at this game and a level 1 player Whatever that meant. For the
    record he was in a Langley

  17. Very nice video Chase. Thanks for sharing!


  19. how in the name of all gods humanity has can someone who’s reached tier 10
    and has a yamato be such a noob give such a clear shot to his citadel?how
    did they manage to reach tier 10? was it overconfidence in their armor?

  20. The moment when you survive with 1/5th percentage of your health in your
    kongo. Against A colorado and a nagato withing a 16 km range….

  21. Would suggest ackack to change hes division ‘mate’.

  22. I claim 297th.

  23. This is a fun game to but flawed. Everything I can find on the Yamato show
    it reload time to be slower, more in the area of 1 1/2 rounds per min zone.
    Also, the game does not seem to take into account the US Navy’s super heavy
    16 inch shells. Going from memory, standard US 16 in is about 2300 lbs,
    super heavy over 2700 lbs. I have read some account stating 2900 lbs. the
    British 16″ is about 2100 lbs. This effects range yes, but should show
    greater hitting power. Also, some accounts about the Yamato’s armor are
    stating there was a major design flaw. When hit the rivets holding the
    armor together separated and drastically weakening the armor. The torpedo
    bulge designs were even more vulnerable.

  24. Brian Lock (神通)

    2 Yamato, 1 Skrite Taiho and lost the battle……. this is just
    ridiculous. Demi is the only thing enemy team should be worry about, 8
    inches gun 6 second, even Yamato will get burn to death. This is the time
    covering your hands with your face.
    Also, Taiho planes = paper planes or it is just Amurica AA are too good?

  25. Amazing title, how could I not click@!

  26. epic battle from a little mistake

  27. yep yamato is “OP” :/

  28. I hate to be a prick but it really wasn’t any incredible play by ackack
    that made this possible, although I suppose the ability to aim is a bit of
    a rare skill. He merely took advantage of some beautiful opportunities
    caused by the poor performance on the enemy team.

  29. rng luck^^

  30. Rockaholic really isn’t a fan of enemy CV’s.

  31. My only criticism for the team’s performance in this battle was that their
    Essex positioned his ship all the way in the corner. That basically makes
    you tactically useless.

  32. North Carolina Is Still OP

  33. Remember Son….
    HE Effective Against Low Tier
    AP Effevtive Against High Tier

  34. omg this trush talkers

  35. Lol the crying off that guys division mate. Dickhead. Nice game from the NC

  36. Broadside on to a battleship? Thats a paddlen.

  37. I like how the enemy Yamatos were like, “Oh the Matchmaker.” Last time I
    checked, it wasn’t the MM that made people drive their ships like a raging

  38. I want to see how much damage he did, show us the post-battle screen you
    hack fraud

  39. Reminds me of when I got paired up with a Tirpitz by mm against a Yamato
    and Shimakaze when none of us is in a div:
    Tirpitz and Shimakaze took each other out with torps, I got glorious
    citadels against broadside showing Yamato in a knife-fight.

  40. that amagi is so salty in chat…

  41. NC is one of my goals as it’s one of the few BB that has a forward turret
    configuration. I just can’t get my head around setups that have half or a
    majority of turrets on the back of the ship, aiming backwards. It’s
    understandable for cruisers but for a BB I think it’s silly and bad. Then
    again I might be completely wrong.

  42. So I had a game where at close range (8-10km) the New York’s (me) angling
    was completely ineffective against the New Mexico, and I was completely
    ripped apart even though I had his broadside, and he could only see my bow.
    I could not tell if he got citadels on me, and I’m wondering if this is
    just pure penetration damage? Or could he citadel a New York from the

  43. this game demonstrates what pisses me off about most cv’s they think it’s a
    1v1 with the other cv. this guy spends his whole time chasing the other cv
    and basically does nothing

  44. Nice gameplay by ackack. However, shame on that division mate of his. His
    behaviour in chat is unacceptable.

  45. cool replay..

    im getting tired of having to clutch every single ranked battle. Ive
    stopped playing my AHipper for leveling my new captain because i cant have
    a big enough bearing on the battle, so now im playing NC and Tirpitz
    only(with my AHipper capt). I went hte first 11 ranked games winning the
    entire time, not a single loss in my warspite because i wrecked face, 2-4
    kills every match easily, even got called a hacker, lol. pew pew. but in
    tier 7 and 8, especially against all the other players who’ve ranked up
    faster than the average players, im getting very frustrated. Everyone can
    shoot, not everyone knows how to play together.

    i cussed out a guy in private messages after he berated all of us on his
    team throughout the game when he died first in a BB off in a corner.
    useless criticism too, like “i couldve made that shot easily, youre so bad”
    and “why are you guys heading that way, so stupid” “you guys suck” I said
    absolutely nothing, put my try hard pants on, and got 4 kills for the win.
    I wasnt going to say anything originally but some hours later, came home
    from a bad day at work and took it out on him, some chimp child. tis cool
    story bro

  46. I’m just curious as to how much experience he got for this battle. It had
    to be a HUGE amount

  47. noob yamato haha!

  48. so, when staring down the barrel of nine 18″ guns, close to point blank.
    got it.

  49. lmao saltyraven
    the cv actually played a massive part in the victory and that guy’s sore
    all over because he didn’t receive precious air support in a manoeuvrable

  50. But if you get a weaker set up and your best counter ship is on the other
    spawn would it not be a good idea to move over to that ship and meet up?

  51. Fuck this guys Div mate, hate people like that.

  52. Dang little bit of rage there in the chat agains the Essex

  53. Those Yamatos probably thought of themselves invincible against those tier
    8 BBs.
    Truth is, if a Zao or Des Moines got into less than 3km(with cruisers’
    speed it’s quite possible in that situation), a Yamato would be gone in 30
    sec, you don’t even need a North Carolina for that.
    They’re just too confident in themselves:3

  54. that’s why we should always careful.

  55. All the damage!

  56. First…since the other guy claimed Second….

  57. dude in that replay one of the guys on his team was a real ASSWHOLE dude
    your in a ship with AA a CV’s job is to attack the enemy not cover your
    butt all the time

  58. second T_T

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