World of Warships: Musashi – New Meta??

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Musashi seems pretty good with the new captain skills. Back camping OP.
Skip to 10:45 for the match start.

0:00 Setting up the ship
10:45 Musashi match
29:54 End screen
32:26 Some thoughts on captain skills
36:58 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Japanese battleship Musashi.


  1. Hello, and welcome back.

  2. You finally posted again!! How are you doin?

  3. i’ve been missing yo content welcome back

  4. I bet people discovered this immediately upon the release of the new captains kills. It’s still a new meta for me though!

    • You have over 30km main battery range without your spotting plane active or anything… Are you seriously rocking range mod on a Musashi instead of the faster main battery reload module in slot 6? I just double checked both my Yamato and Musashi in game and they have 26.5km and 26.6km respectively for their max main battery range stock without range mod so….. Why would you ever opt for 30km range over having a sub 30 second reload?

    • Артём Шепелев

      @SWIFTY_WINS For memes. He literally says this in the video…

    • Артём Шепелев

      @SWIFTY_WINS He did when talking about captain skills. Though it was obvious he’s joking when he was equipping the range mod.

  5. Yay Aerroon is back!

  6. Interesting! I stopped playing any war gaming game because of this thing called my mental health dies when playing…

    Send help

  7. I missed that wierd name in my feed.

  8. You crazy Latvian SOB, where have you been?! We missed you.

  9. IVE BEEN MISSING MY DAILY “hello and welcome”. It’s my depression med and I was being deprived

  10. Mind you, I haven’t watched video yet, but, if you don’t know, WG is planning to rework deadeye, and supposedly we will get news… in 3 weeks or so…
    At least we will get free commander reset with it

  11. Welcome back Sir!
    I really missed your YouTube content. I hope you and your family are fine and healthy. The video is, as expected, great. I think you are one of the authentic streamer and YouTube content creator we all need in this really bad days of WOWS. Thank you very much for uploading this YouTube video. Hoping for more content.
    All the best!

  12. Well this is a surprise. Nice to see you , you are a healthy aspect of this game and we miss you !

  13. I’ve really missed your vids Aerroon, you had us all worried when you went quiet for so long but I’m glad to see you posting again. Welcome back! Shame that the game has got worse while you were away…

  14. Musashi’s been meta for a long time, at least in ranked.

  15. Aerroon is back!!! Hello and Welcome!

  16. Enhanced Torpedo Protection -10%… A PERFECT example of the MASSIVE ambiguity from WG. Consider these options:
    1 – Is that 10% off original dmg so it effectively adds 10 percentage points to your existing (thus, if you had 50%, now it is 60%)?
    2 – Or 10% off the dmg remaining after other torp protection?
    3 – Or is it simply adding 10% more on the protection you have (if you have 50%, now you have 55%, which is 10% higher)?

    There is a big difference in adding Percentage POINTS vs Percentage, and it is key to know how it fits into existing mechanics. Wambiguous

    • Actually, that’s a very good point! You might be right that I actually misunderstood it. It’s just that I’ve played a lot of Path of Exile recently and I just assumed the wording meant the same thing as it does there. I don’t actually know if that’s true!

  17. Aeroon even though wows bored me to tears nowadays I’ll always have a place for you.

  18. This junkie got his fix, welcome back.

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