World of Warships- New Axis Vs Allies Mode

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the newly announced Axis Vs Allies Game Mode, enjoy!


Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Im surprised something like hasnt been a thing yet

  2. I feel tier 7 would have been better

  3. Can’t wait to fight enemy Enterprise + Massa + Baltimore + Cleveland + Kutuzov + Kidd + Cossack team with my Bismarck, very fun and engaging for the Axis

    • @Waffle Snek DD advantage? Allies just need to smoke and spam, they even got all the radars

    • @Yu An Chen Akizuki outguns everything at that tier, Asashio kill any Bb with ease with her 20km torps and both her and kaguero have the best tier 8 DD concealment. Z-23 (dunno Z-35) has a 5km hydro so when radar dies Zs got the advantage. Axis have cruisers that can heal and better armor than the Allies, only mogami and Hipper cannot heal. Not to mention IJN has the advantage in concealment for a heavy cruiser and none of the Axis cruisers need to anchor. The only thing ally wins is radar and maybe, judt maybe in CVs, but even in CVs both Lex and Shokaku are toptier

    • @Waffle Snek but random teams…

    • @DOGE yeah, I think we can all agree that random teams is gonna be the downfall of either Allies or Axis xD

    • He did bot sau Bismarck in the vid noooo it better be there XD or im going to have some words with WG coz Busmarck was built mate

  4. How bout making it balanced.

    Motherland vs all others comrade

  5. “because its graf zeppelin” – it hurts me a lot

  6. Andres Gallardo Garcia

    Japan, Germany and Italy has terrible AA, play Lexington or Enterprise gives huge advantage with this mode

  7. Would like to see a WW1 version of this ie tiers 3/4/5. Historically more ships in play. Could be some real fun

  8. You know what i’d like? Tier 8 weekly operations

  9. Can we all laugh at the fantasy russian navy in this game

  10. Allies win for sure, stalin is on their side
    Edit: wait no, almost all of the soviet ships are fake

  11. I think they should extend it to tier 7 & 8 mixed to give more ships for some nations. Like some battleships for Japan.

  12. Wargaming will just buy the blueprints and make the Russian ships irl so they can be added into this gamemode

  13. In theory, a mode that could be fun. In practise, the two fleets are so unbalanced it is not even funny.

  14. They can make this mode more historical accurate too, such as letting Enterprise respawn like 5 times

  15. “I love German battleships” casually skips bismarck lol

  16. So what I am hearing is that I can play my tier 8s against tier 8s without 9s or 10s.

  17. WG needs to buff German and Japanese ships for this be a viable game mode.

  18. needs Tier 7s, Scharnhorst was the most successful German battleship of WW2

  19. @Jay Werner that made me laugh more than i expected

  20. Bismark vs hood???

  21. Does the Americans get the atom bomb? Lol

  22. @Tawelwch Gaming that still leaves with some ships that has radar. Allies will still win, more or less. But who knows, maybe Axis will win more once the game mode is implemented xD

  23. @Rollet Dingel nah i dont think radar will make that much of a difference

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