World of Warships – My ASS holds this flank

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Well this was a bit of an unusual battle, where I pretty much ended up holding a flank and attacking with my ass. Not something you see every day but hey, if it works it works.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 4:01 am let’s go boys live this weekend to the fullest ✊

    • @Theo Sampaleanu I live just south of denver colorado, the mountains are nice but everything else is either freezing or roasting

    • @KDStudios Dude that’s sick though, we have zero variance in landscape here :/

    • @Theo Sampaleanu True, but you guys do have the lakes out there, and colorado is reeeally dry

    • @KDStudios That’s true, and lakes can be pretty nice, but you get used to the massive ones and the wonder starts to wear off. Just went to the rockies this summer and I swear I could spend my whole life there they’re so incredible.

    • @Theo Sampaleanu Yeah, that is the great thing about the rockies is that they are amazing all year round.

  2. I’m using Nvidia broadcast now as ‘virtual’ green screen, it’s quite good.

  3. Yep, the screen did go black.

  4. When you go backwards more then forward

  5. This last patch has screwed up my game total. Same as Flambass said; black screen, old frames from the last game, but the worst is torp tracks freezing on the game, minimap freezing, ships disappearing…so I am on the map, but no idea where I am and where anyone else is. GG WG… ‘if it ain’t broke, fix it ‘til it is’ 🙄

    • Same. The game will freeze for a few milliseconds.

    • @Dualities It doesnt work for laptops. The gpu is a built-in. It is not like a desktop. I searched information about it. =(

    • @Thomas Turner It is really frustrating. What i recommend u to do. Is play most of the time with the right click pressed (free view) apparently it consumes less gpu’s work. In my case the game was stuck and even freezed for 10mins…. I started to used the tactical map and it kinda restores the information about consumables, minimap, etc.

    • @Jonathan GM yup. I have noticed that too. I would have thought my 2080TI is enough to run the game without issues (and it is). WA needs to put out a patch ASAP.

    • Been having the same issue with dd’s and cruisers, luckily at least I can play bb’s without any issues

  6. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I have been seeing the end black screen a lot lately, myself. As well as the last ship thing.

  7. The game is never loss, as long as your still breathing!

  8. “A Hammer next to a proper drill”


    Good going Jingles 🙂

  9. The weirdest interior design channel on YT

  10. Yeah, screen went black. And for a second I was like “Oh god no, no, did WoWs crash right before the win?”

  11. It must be nice being able to bait enemies into guaranteed kills like that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve outmaneuvered the enemy into full broadside situations in Bismarck and then just have an entire salvo miss and over pen.

  12. Word of Advice Flambass, let Ms. Citadel choose her own living room colors and just use your new green background. Its a win-win. She’s happy on her interior designing and you get to use your “investment”, who knows what troubles might arise from that green wall on the living room 😉

  13. I’ll miss the charm of Mrs Citadel’s shenanigans in videos. I hope it doesn’t stop!

    Also, obligatory “I haven’t seen an ass take a pounding like that since” joke here.

  14. Definitely looking forward for his ship! Mainly now that is going away

  15. Go Flambass! Yo yo!!!

  16. Gabe Aradi War Correspondant

    Since the last update, screen is flicking at the battle ends, and it loads the previous battle ending screen on the next battle end.
    Should have been fixed, but we all know WG’s customer service…

  17. I’ve would of keep using green screen instead of painting a wall.

  18. Honestly.. would you really let your mrs do the painting? What kind of a man you are?
    And why painting? I’d just stitch that green blanket that you already have on the wall behind you.
    EZ! Bang-bang – job done!

  19. on top of the issues others seem to be having, I’m having ships vanish from sight – have got some amusing screenshots of it. Last patch really screwed it up

  20. painting one wall as a chromo-key doesnt work so well , it needs to be lit properly and because a wall is further away it can make it harder to key the colour
    it CAN be done, but its not as easy as paint the wall and key the colour BOOM done

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