World of Warships- ARP Yamato This Is NOT Okay

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Hey guys, today we talk about the ARP Yamato and the slippery slope that the game is now on. Let me know what you think below!


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  1. I thought ARP Yamato was just a camo… What the F Wargaming.

  2. And of all the T10 ships they decide to sell its the Yamato… It punishes you heavily if you make a mistake and you give it to new players. Then they will stop playing cause they keep dying WTF.

  3. Not surprised at all. I was saying wg would do this for years and everyone was saying i was crazy and that wg would never sell tier 10s. Guess i was correct.

    • curse of video games with these In-game purchases. It gets them eventually

    • no body should have been surprised by this… back in Alpha/CBT WG said they would never add subs into the game….. we’re getting subs. WG said no ship will have guns bigger than the Yammy and now we have the shikashima. WG said all ships introduced into the game would be ships that wa actually built with the execption of the montana… and now most of the russian tech tree is paper ships that was never built…

      Bottom line is WG lies and does whatever they want

  4. Im pretty much their target audience for this stuff, but im not nearly weeb enough to spend that kinda money for ARP Yammy. I did want to get it, but sadly not.

    • @G Kagara I just bought the ship: it is expensive as shit but the cammo, for once is a masterpiece.
      The price is, here where I live, 115€ which is high but not indecent if you think a tier IX costs 64€: do the math and proportion is the same as between tier VIII and XI.
      I find ludicrious that the same people that most probably have all the premium tier IX that are pestering the MM everywhere are so Virginal when it comes to a tier X for sale. I also remember you when WG was telling us they would never ever release premium above tier VIII and you could only earn those to in battle… Great coherence from them (expected) and from you that keep buying these tier IX.
      I’m not defending WG and I know this ARP Yamato is just a regular Yamato: I’m no weeb but I enjoy my Yamato and this has better economy, does not chain my Yamamoto on a techtree ship and, because I really want that Paolo Emilio, I bought the ARP so that I could convince myself to reset the line but still be able to play my Yamy.
      I have the Musashi but I like both.
      Too bad that the greedy bastards made the Legendary module I got just a week ago, incompatible and you have to “buy it in the megawhale bundle or get without it.
      Am I a Whale? Not really: I spend my money only on historical ships that actually existed. BTW, I also bought an ARP Ashigara so that I can free my Myoko Captain and put it on the DD line where I need it.
      If I’ll play this Arp Yamato as much as I played my Kirishima, these money will be well invested.
      How many stupid fansasy ship I’ve got on Christmas crates that costed me more then this ARP Yamato and that I never play?

    • @Zumzifero then you just endorse WG lazy approach, it is ship taken from the anime, it supposedly have something different because it is Premium ship, player expect to have premium to be different than its potato counterparts, if it is only the same why not sell the camo as label it as it is, I am old player I have a lot of ship credits and free exp to spend but I brought ship because it is worth to buy, I buy ship because it is special, Tirpitz, Scarnorst, Georgia, etc they have uniqueness, as a weeb and a japanese this ship is insult to me, it literally copy paste with nothing to it’s name, they could add anything they could fit into the ship, like better repair, a sonar, a radar, a def AA, or better secondary, speed boost, animation anything, something, but no lets go with potato ship and sold it for 140$ that is what enrage me the most, this ship is nowhere near the anime and of they do it in the name of collaboration at least be decent enough to have its good thing in the anime appear in the game, I have HSF Yamato camo that offer commander exp more than just credits and dispersion stats of potato camo or this camo benefit, I don’t see why I should get one or should I get one, my Yamato obviously already have Legendary.

      I am angry because this is extremely lazy cash grab and people actually endorse this kind of attitude by the developer, it is common sense to have good thing rewarded and bad thing being punished, because what I see is people lacking common sense.

      Is this new low gaming community jas become? Buy everything they throw at us, as a gamer you should care about stats, as a weeb you should care about authenticity meaning it should be similar in a way of the lore not just appearance, with only appearance without the lore it is called fanfiction not collaboration.

      As an anime fan, a weeb and a gamer I am extremely dissatisfied on how this ship turn out, it is an insult and can be considered blasphemous.

    • same here, I want all the ARP ships so badly but unfortunately, I’m neither stupid enough nor rich enough to actually spend my money and buy them

    • @David Sun yeah with 200+ bucks you can probably even buy a finished model of ARP Yamato that you can actually touch plus the accurate detail on the bottom of the ship (not the stupid plain propellers and rudders in the game)

    • Are we just gonna forget Aslain’s modpack exists? They had these Arp skins for ages. And it’s *FREE*

      (minus the internet and electricity price)

  5. Ken Elissy Orcejola

    WG: let’s sell a neat ship, how about yamato, yea that’s neat

  6. Also Premiums are never unable to be nerfed, Graf Zeppelin gets nerfed all the bloody time.

  7. WG aren’t taking advantage, they’re taking the piss.

    • @Gorillazilla couldn’t agree more, I own plenty of premium ships as I loved the game but it’s becoming a joke, they see their player base as a cash cow, well this one’s taking a walk.

    • Well, you can play battleships now and carriers soon in War Thunder, so this doesn’t bother me as much as it should.

    • started playing WoW in April this year and just got the Yammy as my 4th T10….weekend, 1 true yammy (me) and in game, 6 ARP yammy’s…..bit sad…but to the point…with exception of 1 of them….no one new how to play it. Just find, grinding all levels makes you learn how to play that nation a lot more….grinding through izumo wasn’t fun, but worth it.

    • Yep, that’s succinct and well put…. and very true.

    • @Gorillazilla You’d have to be dumb and gullible to spend a single cent on this over-priced game. Been playing three years now and haven’t spent a single cent. The prices are bullshit and WOWs would have to be the most expensive game ever created. The developers don’t even see that money because it goes to their corporate bosses who pay shit wages in return.

  8. “You could have sold this camo for $50 and it would have been fine!”
    I say nay nay, that’s WAY too much money for a few colors to sit at the water line in my peripheral vision. I firmly believe devs should be able to make their money, but I rarely pay $50 for a full game, much less a single ship within said game.

    • @Antonis Kalakonas Yeah I think they should totally sell the permanent camo instead. The Musashi camo is perfectly reasonable but too sad for players who started late and didn’t even get a chance to acquire Musashi in the first place like me

    • The game itself is probably worth about 50 dollars, it’s a game with an outdated engine and kind of basic gameplay mechanics, there is no real single player to think of, the servers are down quite a bit for a game like this, and all the weird weeb shit they sell makes it more a disgusting attempt at fortnite then an actual video game, sell the game with a base cost of 50 dollers and make everything grind-able, instead of this ridiculous sysytem where you have bundles that cost 200 dollers, think of what else you could buy for that money

    • Sorry you’re poor

    • @Drunk Squirrel buying video games for 200 dollers is the definition of poor. Being rich or poor has very little to do with how much you make, but with how you spend that money, and if you actually had any real money you would know that

    • I’ve been playing for three years now and have never, nor will I ever pay for anything WG sells. $140 bucks for one ship is just pathetic and immoral, especially when most people have lost their jobs, businesses and their livelihoods to this covid crap while corporate CEO’s and billionaires get richer from it! And the actual developers don’t see jack shit of those profits because it goes to their corporate bosses! The developers have made a great game but the executives of WG are the one’s ruining it because of their greed!

  9. Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı

    Still waiting for Dutch Ships, USS Houston, HMS Renown, Georgios Averof, Krasny Kavkaz and my Long Gone Zuihò.

    • Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı

      @David Mathews Sad but True…

    • @Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı I forgot to add this but there was a few ships we have been begging a long time for that we got, all being T8 or higher, with the most notable being Alaska and Musashi. Even the O-class was asked for by a few KMS fans and we got two of them, one you could buy and then the one everyone wanted being locked by the grind heavy and expensive RB. What I find interesting is also their policy of not telling us how these high tier ships will be distributed until right before release while they will give us a long notice when something is leaving. (this was aggravating for me because I literally just grinded out and bought Ohio literally a week before Siegfried was added).

    • @David Mathews The Dutch Project 1047 is a Tier 8 super cruiser. Add Bofors 120mm auto secondaries and thicker plating and you got yourself a T9 cruiser.

    • Waiting for the South American Line

    • Yılmaz İrden Yazıcı

      @tamenga88 it would be The first Proper large warship in European line since the Tier 4.5 Viribus Unitis.

  10. “Taking advantage of the Fanbase” Exactly.
    Same thing with the Azur Lane. Instead of adding like a grinding mission to get the commanders, they chose to priced it highly…. On the other hand; Azur Lane created an absolute hell of a grind to unlock the paper ship from World of Warships. Their greediness is just tempting me not to play at all.

    • To be honest, I personally find the grinding in AL much more rewarding

    • Grinding in AL isn’t that bad, but I can’t stand the actual gameplay to be honest. But getting PRs is relatively easy.

    • In AL the initial grind to get the ship is very okay to do if you know how to properly handle your resources, the grind to upgrade them, however, is kind of time consuming. It just take forever but yea, not really hellgrind it you compare that to the like of GBF/FGO
      Thou I will pick hell grind instead of paying for… Cosmetic

    • @Raizors since you can play AL fully f2p and get nearly everything guaranteed I don’t have any issues with the skins being that monetized… but on the other hand, I play Europa Universalis IV, a strategy game that costs 40€ (base game) or ~200-300€ (with all gameplay DLCs).

    • The thing is, you can grind the wows ships in AL without much need of attencion for the game, as you can let the game auto pilot the battles. I have all PR ships of a Pr ship series after around max. 6 month and so far spend money only on skins and dock expansion. And in AL as f2p player if you spend your resources intelligent, you can unlock everything in an event.

  11. i am just waiting for 200$ T10 soviet aircraft carrier at this point

  12. “Taking advantage of an external collaboration”
    There were red flags there too guys. Remember what happened to the poor AL Littorio? WG hasn’t yet removed the “Roma” writing from under the AL camo…

    • @carles meseguer don’t forget actual SAP shells and smoke for free lol

    • @4meSaints Yas, its like why the hell I will spent like 44 euros when I can get it more like free 🙂

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      WG is so lazy about their game, like the blackscreen at the end of the battle at 11:42. They won’t even fix the fundamental issues but want players to buy bundles of hundreds of bucks from them. This is the reason why i haven’t spend a single penny on WoWS for the last year!

    • @Arktos der böse Schneemann You’d be a sucker to pay for anything they sell. I’ve been playing three years now and haven’t spent a single cent, I’m just not that gullible.

    • Arktos der böse Schneemann

      @Hooha888 I’m playing since the CB and befor the CV rework WoWS was a really neat game and i wanted to support WG. I can understand if people don’t want to spend money but don’t call people sucker for it. However i agree with you that how WGs company politics are right now they don’t deserve support anymore!

  13. SLM: “it’s an atrocity that they open the door for inexperience players to just jump into tier 10 games”
    also SLM: “I have a guide how to get a tier 10 ship within 22 battles”

    • @Federicox6 I’m torn. on the one hand I appreciate context and clarifications and educating others. on the other hand this knowledge makes the dichotomy way less funny.

    • @Federicox6 The whole “you can grind to …… in x games,” is a crock to start with. It takes me more than 20 games to get out of a t7 and i know how to play.

      To address the “even someone who hasn’t played t2 can have this ship.” Just look at how well many people that supposedly ground to t10 play. I bet you don’t see much difference between the two.

    • @striker8paints slm did it, you do need some skill though and according to him an $80 ish set of crates to get the special flags and camos needed to do it, plus using every trick to grinding fast (prioritise higher tier enemies, DDs over BBs as targets ect).

      Me, I just went through the full pan EU line in about 80 games, took about 30 of each special flag, every standard economic flag every game and a bunch of the recent event camos – pretty sure if not for me absolutely going full potato on some of the special flag games I would have done it much faster and I’m no great player, I’m average at best.

      The current arp yammy is very similar in cost to a current player just converting free xp, but it should have had some kind of skill block (like missions) or forced block like coal/ steel cost to unlock a t10 instead of straight up cash to jump.

      At least t10 is punishing to low skill players and nukes credits if you suck, so maybe the ones who shouldn’t have it will give up soon.

    • @Jock1092 Jock so because one player can grind in 20 games means everyone can? Yeah, that whole “git gud noob” attitude does a lot more to drive people away than any ship could!

      The fact you admit converting xp costs almost as much says you almost get how just selling something doesn’t equal bad since using the grind in 20 means you have to pay to convert. The only time I’ve converted xp was to get the last 10k i needed for the Alaska, I don’t use free xp to up grade ships. Does that make me more “elite” of a player? Does that make me better than anyone else? No, but I’m just a filthy casual, Am i right?

    • @striker8paints you missed my point about the super grind.

      Anyone willing to dump money on a pack of containers can pull off that stupid fast grind.

      I’m a potato of a player, 46%wr BB main and ad I said I just grinded out Halland in 80 games using a total of 30 special flags – if I had dumped cash on more flags I would have done it much faster, again I’m not a good player or even a DD main.

      So no, I’m not saying anyone can I’m saying anyone willing to drop money can super grind, even on a total loss with full special flags your hitting 5k + free xp.

      Sure 20 games is going to take skill but fast grinds (sub 100 games) only really need money put on loot crates.

  14. “It’s the principle of it…”
    WG: “Yamato guns will always be the biggest guns in the game” Also WG: Releases Shikishima with bigger guns
    WG: “We will not have submarines in the game” Also WG : Prepares to release submarines into the game
    WG: “We will not staight up sell a tier X” Also WG : Releases ARP Yamato for an insane amount of money instead of releasing just a skin as they should…

    I think it is safe to say that WG and its principles have gonne their separate ways A LONG TIME AGO…

    • @Antonis Kalakonas Dont trust game journalists. I noticed the trend WG was going for years. Its sad but inevitable. They werenever focussed on fair or historical accurate treatment. Its all just about money. If you know that, you can either start enjoying it in a different way or lose interest in it entirely. Everyone has to deal with it on their own.

    • @zzirSnipzz1 better pen but absolute dogshit alpha.

    • You stop it by not playing.

      Mech Warrior Online sold gold mechs, these are the WG equivalent

    • Why is every one surprise and angry at WGs duplicity , just look at the worlds leaders Trump, Putin , Johnson to mention a few also ask your shelves are we all pure and honest REALLY get a grip ladies

    • @Kenny Tritch with torp reload booster that would be great fun rofl

  15. So, now please remember that WG teased a T10 premium along with each one of the announced submarine lines, one for each of the three initial nations, one of them being a Soviet Cold War boat from the 1950s.

    Feeling scared yet?

  16. 12:50 ‘You would assume that people at tier 10 know what they are doing” LMAO.

  17. I have seen many players already buy this. really shows the average intelligence of the playerbase.
    “its not CVs which needed the rework but the playerbase”

  18. One of the first ARP Yamatos I ran into was a player so new that they didn’t know what a Detonation was. So yeah, I’d say there’s the old Dirpitz syndrome again.

  19. yamato “graviton engine turning on, klein field activated”

    *armour +∞*

  20. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Edit: So apparently WoWs never said they would never sell TXs. It seems to be one of the myths that gets passed down, very much like the “never submarines” situation. That being said, I still do not like the idea of TXs being straight up sold. Previous TXs had to at least be earned via coal, steel, or FXP. Thereby ensuring that the player had a good amount of experience in the game. This avenue is now allowing players to buy straight into TX with little to no experience, adding further frustration to high tier matches. Also to clarify I have no issues with people that actually buy the thing, it’s not their fault that it’s in the game.

    • I see your point.. I dont see an issue though because someone can farm for a month on a new acc casually and unlock it. The issue i see is obviously they might go full WOT and offer absolutely amazing ships on premium. In this future case tX.. Idk i see that being an issue but the yamato? Amazing ship i love mine.. But i gotta say if i play stupid i die easy since a yamato is made of gasoline and citadels.. Maybe it can help people learn BB? or am i being too naive

    • @Remington Reese maybe a bit naive but I see your point….

    • 100% with you on all points. Also regarding what WG has “said” or “not said”…they have no contract with us, we have a contract with them (through terms of use for the game) and at this point I do not put ANY value to what they say, they have changed a lot as a company from their early WoT days…
      Does that mean we cannot call them out when they make bad decisions like charging 140 USD for a tech tree ship + a skin ? You bet we are calling them out on their BS!!!

    • i know right this is overpriced


      @Remington Reese the problem for me is the fact that theses are taking up team slots

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