World of Warships- My First Good Azuma Game

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Hey guys so I actually had a good game in the Azuma! Enjoy!

Have a replay?

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  1. From what I’ve seen and without acting all superunicum, The main issues that you seem to have with this ship come down to these.
    1. You are a BB main so you tend to play crusiers too aggressively
    2. It’s a kiting crusier like the Zao which you have said isn’t a playstyle that you like
    3. Your build and modules are sub optimal – Treat it like a less maneuverable Zao without torps. You dont need propulsion module however you do need the concealment module, Try demo expert and survivability expert as well instead. Otherwise check Notsers video.
    Otherwise keep it up, love the vids.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +OddityNZ Ibuki now basically gets Zao dispersion and with reload mod gets a bit over 12 s reload, which makes it pretty ok. Even without the buffs though, it beats Azuma in accuracy and dpm. Ibuki even back pre-buff had better armour, better concealment and torpedo tubes, all which Azuma does not have and even if Ibuki wasn’t to your liking, is Azuma so likeable that it has to be compared to Zao instead of its same-tier companion?

    • +Evangeline Anovilis Yes I would compare it to the Zao not ibuki based on it being a supercruiser. I dont compare any of those tier 9’s with their counterparts same tier as they aren’t comparable in that sense to me, Alaska, Kronstadt. That might not be right according to your reasoning and you might see that as flawed or wrong which is fine but I’m going to stick to it.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +OddityNZ The issue here is that Zao is no more comparable to Azuma as Ibuki. Both of these are small kiting cruisers, with pretty much the same playstyle. Zao is neither closer to Azuma in playstyle, nor is Azuma in any way a T9.5 ship like many attest the Alaska or Kronshtadt to be. Not that Kronshtadt or Alaska are more comparable to the T10 cruisers than to T9 either, given Alaska is closer to Buffalo with its per salvo damage than DM with sustained dpm. Kronshtadt also only was comparable to Moskva before the latter got the plating buffs to become a mini-Stalingrad. Supercruiser at T9 by no means makes the ship OP, it usually just means a trade off of dpm vs survivability.And Azuma isn’t even on the same level as other supercruisers.

    • +Evangeline Anovilis Definitely agree Azuma isn’t on the same playing field as its supercrusier counterparts…

  2. Since you play her at longer ranges “Incoming Fire Alert” would give you more time to utilize that increased rudder shift and dodge incoming fire!

  3. Evangeline Anovilis

    Congrats on a decent game. I see that Azuma Final Impressions sure will find much praise for this ship…

  4. the zao without that steering mod is 6.1!!

  5. That thing is a chicken wire kayak… Not worth a million FXP.

  6. Stay alive long enough for the team to get a numbers advantage, find a compromised target(s), and pray to rngesus… yeap, ship still sucks.

  7. i really am not disrespectful, how is this a good game? would you mind explaining?
    I have one game in mino on my channel with us one tier above and has less damage then this one but I actually save the game and win it by myself for the whole team with 250 points down so I just don’t get how this game was a good game?

  8. I thought the propulsion mod only worked in the -6 to 6 knot range. Basically for the island huggers or destroyers…
    Hm… Still not interested in Azuma. And this coming from an Axis main… and admitted WoWs addict… Although I did buy the PEF….. Hm…. But I did get lots of Steel because of that.

  9. you just beat a fellow streamer… dirt813….lol

  10. My best game is damage wise was 226 681k and won

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