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New episode of Naval Legends will tell you the story of Battleship North Carolina.

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    • WoWs Documentary is 100x better than anything on the market. Do you plan to also go in-depth with the ships? There was talk about design considerations, building, life, all the battles, afterlife – most got covered here but I feel like there is at least 3-4x as much to talk about for most of the ships featured here.

    • I always love these. not only do I learn about these ships more, but I love seeing the CGI reenactments. Please never stop, or make a tv show.

    • Astounding Work!

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      That moment you shoot so much that people think you are lit.

  2. Have been waiting for this for a long timee!! Thank you wargaming for making this!!~

  3. one of my fav ship. sadly she always get uptierd against yamato class and other tier X.

    • +Just a random Horse. Different players do better or worse in the same ships. If US battleships don’t seem to click for you, try German, British, and japanese battleships.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +LegoGenius16 Well I have been playing for 4 years and tried most of the ships… And sure you can say some ships click better… But some ships just don’t make sense, and it includes the NC. When compared to the other tier 8s, it just doesn’t fit. If you look at yamato for example, it has a similar playstyle. Bow tanking, weak to HE, “accurate” guns (I wouldn’t say so, feels the same as other bbs for the most part.) , incredibly bad citadel. But NC has a major flaw. Shell velocity and the fact it’s tier 8. Honestly, if it never faced tier 10s it could be okay… but otherwise it makes no sense why it would be better or the best or whatever for it’s tier. *PS, I was comparing playstyle, not the ship itself to the yamato. I think I know the difference between t8 and t10 😀

    • +Just a random Horse. you can cit yamato with a t6 cruiser whats your point

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Joel DH My point is, Yamato can over match most ships, has range, has superior armor which is also trollish and at some angles will bounce or over pen even BB guns plus it has shell velocity making it easy to aim… All of which the NC is lacking.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Joel DH Like seriously , no one has explained the advantages of the NC over other ships , I’ve only been told I’m wrong and that you can aim the guns after hard practice.

  4. good combination with games and historic facts

  5. By far the most powerful ship built under the Washington Naval Treaty.

    • Alabama: *Hold my fuel oil!*

    • SoDaks were better in my opinion, they had the same firepower in a smaller size

    • SoDak was better in that regard, but she paid for it being so incredibly “beam-y” which negatively affected her speed. I believe NC steamed faster than SD can but SD had better armor design.

    • Trades46 true but most BBs were also used mainly as screen for carrier groups, so all they needed to do was keep up, which the sodak could, the speed is not really an advantage that can be taken advantage of, while the increase in the armor helps during shore bombardment and ship to ship battles

    • +General Jimmies Iowa was not treaty bb

  6. Spent so much time on this beauty growing up I think I can walk her decks blindfolded.

    • There’s only a Soviet Submarine museum near me, and by near I mean in the neighboring city, but I’ve been there a few times

    • General Jimmies We took my dad to see the USS Wisconsin shortly after she was put on display in Norfolk. He served on that that ship in Korea. My dad’s health was quickly declining and it was the last trip we were able to take him on. It clearly meant a lot to him and I cherish the memory of that trip. Please take your grandpa while he can still travel. I suspect it will be a very special trip for you both. I wish him the best and hope he has many happy and healthy years still in front of him.

    • I hope you know how lucky you are ;_;

    • LegoGenius16 I live like two hours away yet Ive only been there five times. I have also seen the old confederate ironclad CSS Neuse too. It’s on the way to Wilmington so we stopped and saw it

    • +Ian Ward The NC is definetely on my bucket list, but it’ll be a long time before that can happen.

  7. Glorious. Now you need to make a Episode on Washington so you can show off the night battle it and South Dakota took part In.

  8. USSEnterpriseA1701

    I’m kind of surprised the torpedo hit wasn’t mentioned. You’d think a 32 ft. by 18 ft. hole would be an incident worth mentioning, but this was still pretty good.

    • Yes im from nc and the story i always heard was she was struck by a torp on her second time out and by the time repairs were done the war was over.

    • Gabe Dudley yea that story is very false she served pretty much for the whole war her torpedo attack happened if im am remembering correct 1942 she saw no other significant time out of action after that though

    • They kept going with the mission, and only a bit later fixed the damage. It only slowed the ship down by a couple knots, and had no effect on the combat ability of the ship. Amazingly designed

  9. Get in the documentary business. You’re by far the best at it these days.

  10. Naval Legends: USS Enterprise when?
    And don’t say it cannot be done because she is gone. They made Yamato.

    • Yamato was a one off with a large scale model in Japan. They aren’t going to do enterprise, at least not until they run out of museum ships

    • Akarawat Uraisin who gives a fuck about carriers

    • Back before the History Channel went full derp, they did a series called Battle 360. It covered the Enterprise all through WWII. Even if WG doesn’t do a video for her, she has a whole series from History Channel.

    • Enterprise deserves a Naval Legends video more than any other ship in human history. She is one of the most legendary ships to have ever existed, it’s too bad that WG dropped the ball with her as a crappy, unpopular premium.

    • search for Battle 360 Enterprise they have a 10 part series covering her that lasts roughly an hour each episode. My all time favorite series.

  11. Need another clip regarding USS Washington and her engagement against IJN surface warships.

    • God, yes. She crept up behing Kirishima and unleashed Hell.

    • Their is Battle 360’s version it’s in ep 4 I think

    • +THE EXECUTOR It’s in Battle 360 yeah. Kirishima got fucked up so bad the japanese abandoned ship and scuttled her, and the USS Washington(BB-56) got credited with the kill. There were reports that 14in japanese BB shells were just bouncing off Washington’s hull, lol.

    • NorfolkSoutherns#1Fan

      +ProjectBrony Washington wasn’t hit during the battle, South Dakota on the other hand was as her radar went out and she became illuminated by searchlights and pretty much every Japanese ship opened up on her, she took quite a few hits, including 14 inch shells, but they only did minor structural damage.

  12. 12:44 this animation makes me ???

  13. So why wasn’t the I-19 attack talked about? In that attack the USS Wasp and USS O’Brien were sunk while North Carolina lost 5 sailors and was significantly damaged in the attack. The rescue actions of the North Carolina and other ships in the task force to save their comrades on the two sinking ships was extraordinary and I think is worthy of mention for the ship.

    • Yellow-13 as well as the strafing attack that killed a sailor.. as well as the Japanese saying they had sunk her on multiple occasions. All her Captains I think there were around 11 or 12 all became admirals. One of her King Fisher pilots earning the Medal of Honor for rescuing downed pilots while under fire.

    • Carolina Dog To be fair, that doesn’t have much to do with the North Carolina, like the Japanese misunderstanding and thought they had sunk her is their fault, nothing to do with this ship and loosing a sailor is nothing worthy to mention. On the other hand, this ship getting severe damage is significant to its service career

  14. They should do a vid of USS Yorktown CV-5 mainly because she is forgotten not many people know about her or mentioned her

    P.S i’m talking about the ship

  15. *_What a wonderful video! I love this series!_*

  16. Nice video, but USS Enterprise when?

  17. Farmmaster Führer

    Adm. Kinkaid: Are you on fire?

    NC gun crews: oh yeah,we’re firing all right

  18. my flagship ?, 12.3 km concealment, best ship for deleting cruisers yeahh

  19. Why cant North Carolina look this good in game its all rusty

  20. to bad the state of washington didnt do the same to her ship.

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