World of Warships – Nagato-Smash! – 1st Salvoes, 2X First Blood Devastating Strikes

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All Hail Nagato! She smashes ships with glorious guided shells. During a ranked battle, me and Higgs_Broson both fire our first salvoes at two different cruisers and net first blood, devastating strike at exactly the same time. Now to relive this amazing moment in a video. Enjoy!

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  1. Well Done Ichase!

  2. Holy fuck of a shitfuck son bitch… :D

  3. nagamon is one true waifu

  4. Happened to me once where I illed 2 ships myself with the most amazing
    dispersion ever #WeLoveRNGesus

  5. lmfao, Wrecked!

  6. Serves them right for bringing the worst possible ships to ranked games.


    All hail nagato (gets one shot by a nc) lol

  8. yeah my Nagato was totally out of line the other day… wouldn’t even pen
    the flat-on side of an Amagi at 10 km

  9. Very nice!

  10. This is why BB players put up with so much crap this is what we live for.

  11. BOOYAH!!! or what ever the navy yells when happy. =/ ……oh..I know…. P
    O I !!!!

  12. Satyanarayana Gavarasana


  13. one more day of ranks in asia. it’s been the most horrifyingly annoying
    gaming experience of my life. when it finishes i’ll be taking a break. and
    i won’t be doing ranks again. i’ve spent the last two weeks in my nagato
    bouncing around the same ranks endlessly with people so imbecilic i’m very
    surprised they can even use a computer. omg FOR FUCKS SAKE PEOPLE do not
    take pensas, new mexicos into ranks and if you can’t cap DON’T FUCKING TAKE
    A DD INTO RANKS. you’re just making an annoying dick of yourself and
    wasting our time. it’s hard enough as it is with a completely broken system
    without carrying your sorry brainless ass across the line.

  14. That was certainly interesting…

  15. Dam use this for the jingles 500k submission

  16. Warner Moczulski

    I always get the shitty RNG with less than 300 HP left

  17. The Nick Holland

    Something different w/ your audio? Good clip

  18. That’s a paddlin.x2

  19. Juan Alfonso Arellano

    that was a very beautiful timing for the shots #PraiseRNGesus

  20. I do believe that is what the gun-bunnies call a “time on target” ;)

  21. “Higgs Broson” LOL

  22. ichase we should have proper german and japaneze flag not those fake
    designs since russians cna have their proper flag

  23. Those where a Pensacola and an Aoba. No armor there, easy kills for a BB.

  24. simple,everybody is always sailing sideways on in this game.

  25. Meanwhile in my last Nagato game I found myself facing 2 Nort Carolinas 1
    Amagi and 1 Colorado at 19-20 km range and no matter the angle and range
    everything hit me like a freaking firetruck! I got off four salvos with one
    hit the rest splashing just around the enemy ships. Yeah you cant hide your
    citadel when you get outflanked but from the time I got spotted until I
    died was 2:20 never rage quit Wows before but that day I did and have not
    played since. When RNG hates you no need to torture yourself. They might
    have had good aim but I have never seen that amount of damage from that far
    away before you can usually disengage. Sad day for me!

  26. epic double kill

  27. hey, I’m sorry. I was playing WOWS and I saw a guy with the Scharnhorst.
    How can I get the ship?

  28. YEEEHAAA ;-)

  29. very honorable, the emperor will be pleased :D

  30. Great shooting, I cant hit shit in my Nagato lol :)

  31. Cheeky, glad you’re back Chase :D

  32. I had another crazy RNG event. with a Nagato and a Colorado. I one-shotted
    the Nagato completely, but I don’t have the replay?

  33. rngsus giveth

  34. I wish RNGesus was this kind to me in my battles :/

  35. I read Nagato = insta like


  37. LEGEN

    wait for it


  38. Yes very amusing. But I think this sort of thing is leading to fewer
    cruiser players and more BB’s and DD’s? Perhaps Wargaming needs to look at
    CC’s with regard to armour, citadels and detection or there is a danger we
    might lose some diversity in the game?

  39. That’s awesome!!

  40. Recently all sorts of weird stuffs happening. Btw, I sent a tweet to you
    with a video link, where I got a devastating strike which, in my opinion,
    should not get. Because enemy did not have half of HP remaining.

  41. I’ve only ever seen that happen once before. Two different people get First
    Blood at the same time.

  42. Hey iChase, do one of those ship challenges you gave some time ago. We
    haven’t had those for quite a while

  43. That’s a paddling that is mate’s.

  44. Marty H (Vellarain)

    Get dunked on!

  45. Peter John Flores

    What did you offer to RNGesus, our Lord and Saviour, that he blessed you in
    this match?

  46. plot twist : you lost the game at the end

  47. Will there be German carriers

  48. holy crap

  49. Damn, those shots were amazing! Also had fun playing a ranked
    battle against you earlier o7 :D

  50. <3 Nagato~

  51. I had one rank game in my nagato i wish I record it I got 3 1 shot kills 2
    detention and a lot of cits

  52. Guess they didnt watch your what ship to bring to ranked video chase lmao

  53. Cruisers are so pointless in ranked. All about battleships and primarily


  55. ahhh cruiser life

  56. gonna have to find my nag…double strike from 1 salvo.

  57. Common reaction: This hack team need to be reported.

  58. Awesome!

  59. I’m glad your Kill on me didnt make it into a video from Ranked earlier
    haha Great little clip amazing when RNgesus shines upon thee. :)

  60. wow lol like what’s the possibility of that ever happening again good shot

  61. All hail our Lord and savior: RNGesus. Praise be unto him.

  62. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    dahm luck iChase

  63. Second!

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