World of Warships- Nakhimov God Strike Alpha Damage

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Hey guys, today we talk about a clip quite a few of you guys have sent into me and break it down, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. tamas lapsanszki

    People: Soviet CVs don’t seem that OP
    Whoregaming: Ha ha they took the bait. *COMMENCE OVERBUFFING TO KINGDOM COME*

    • I mean with FDR released the way it is this CV might as well just launch a Nuke and kill everything lol

  2. So they coded a glorious floating death star into the game. Im surprised the planes arent shooting lasers….

  3. Miguel Colás Martínez

    Great vid as always.
    Its Soviet Balans.

  4. Dominate K-Poper

    Aww i didnt know to record and upload clips. I did send in replay files. It didnt feel dangerous to me in a cruiser. had Nakhimov on both sides of the team. also once you have more than 8 flak attacking the squadrons, they seem to melt quite easily. You do need >6km AA range though

    • Dominate K-Poper

      Also to add on, the torpedoes hurt like a truck but the dispersion is so tight it can be a disadvantage. Anything fast enough can easily turn in to those torps and drift out in time to dodge most if not all the torps

    • So are these gonna absolutely nuke Germans BBs that have secondaries build rather than AA build?

    • Dominate K-Poper

      @Andy Lam in general they eat BBs for breakfast… But maneuverable ones have a significantly easier time. Any ship that cant dodge will eat tons of damage. And yes german bbs due to the low torp belt reduction

    • @Andy Lam the secondary skills and aa skills can synergize quite well actually

    • @Twinky Octopus that’s nice, I’m still kinda bad at commander skill so I’m still learning heh

  5. Nakhimov didn’t even skipped bomb that DD from the looks of it.
    Well they are going to be “fun”.
    If you can’t beat them, join them? 🤔

  6. IT CAN’T BE THE STS…super testers HAVE to sign an NDA; case closed

  7. ” Because it’s Russian it *GETS SPECIAL TREATMENT* ”
    – YURO

  8. *Queue up Soviet National Anthem* right… lets watch this.

    Okay, I think he got lucky, mostly… However, it is quite disgusting to see that it is even possible. I don’t think its a super heal though, just regular heals are good enough.

  9. yeah remember the implacable? on the test servers it could hurt things to. look at the live version , of course you will have to buy it to do that as no one plays that worthless pile

  10. Funny how it’s a new line people go “Trash”, “Dead on arrival” but if it’s Russian then it’s gonna be “OP”, “Broken”

    • Drossel Von Flugel

      @VuHien2011 You are right on that part, thing is he is negative about almost anything even before it is even released.

    • @Drossel Von Flugel he was the only one that was not excited about the Constellation. I still bought the ship and he was right about one thing that nobody else warned me about. The penetration value of that ship is shit. This is a very important point and all the other youtubers failed to warn you about it. Maybe he seems negative because he is no longer a CC so he says whatever he wants without being afraid of reprisal from WG. It is not only about ship review. He will also show all the shady business from WG.

    • Flamu’s opinion is fine until he talks about the Russians

    • What a pathetic attempt at removing context. Before the commander skill rework rework was announced on the devblog hours ago, the German battlecruiser line would have been DOA because they were designed for a meta that no longer exists. Russian ships have had a history of being a little too good, hence why people cry OP every time a new Russian ship or ship line comes in.

    • @Josh R
      Funny how people said Venezia is DOA cause the lack of utility, Colombo DOA cause low caliber gun and 25mm turtleback, Elbing DOA cause she’s supposed to counter CL and here we are

  11. Just wait to see the new meta, subs will bring! Especially the Soviet ones… Da – da!! 😱

  12. they gonna seem to nerf it at first then near release date they gonna start buffing them.

  13. Interceptors with enhanced reactions are gonna be mandatory to counter these squadrons.

  14. Okay but that Grozovoi got hit so hard his game got uninstalled.

  15. I bet it’s gonna be a short duration, short reload heal with many charges.

    In words, perfect to ignore AA every time your squadron is striking.

  16. Marcus Jones Stinks

    This is so soviet I could hear Hell March playing in my head

  17. The Soviets, and now Russians, have always overstated the abilities of their hardware. Wargaming has the best of it, because most Soviet ships in the game never actually existed, they can do whatever Wargaming needs/wants them to.

    • The soviets were superior! The american propaganda press overrated the soviet hardware in order to spread fear.

  18. Michele Dall'Alba

    plot twist: WG released FDR to excuse the release of their CVs

  19. Nakhimov skip bombers got readjusted, the dispersion got increased on all bounces. Other Soviets got increased dispersion on the first two bounces, and reduced dispersion on further ones. This was announced in a devblog about an hour after you uploaded your video, so of course you couldn’t have known back then. Of course we don’t know by how much the dispersion changed, but as interesting as this analysis is, it’s already outdated 🙁
    We can only speculate how it is at this point.

  20. Leonardo Baldassarre

    Grozovoi: I’m a strong aa destr…
    Nakhimov: go to gulag lol

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