World of Warships- Napoli First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the new Tier X Premium Italian Cruiser Napoli to review today, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:15 Ship Intro
3:20 Armor & Stats
9:08 Commander & Module Build
12:10 Gameplay & Review


  1. I love the design on this new ship

  2. seems fun but other cruiser like agir, seigfried, etc should be more like this secondary wise or atleast a buff

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Plz give Siegfried back WG

    • ikr..
      Tried to make Siegfried and Agir as secondary built again.
      Damn it is mediocore at best.

      They built Agir/Siegfried with old commander skill in mind.
      After they remove the secondary skill for cruiser, their secondary don’t even hit anymore

  3. when the new captien rework comes, Napoli will lose power against battleships

  4. Saw your stream last night on this ship. It’s not worth the price I agree so ill pass. It’s a meh ship so ill save my coal.

  5. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    i like to brawl and my next ship is going to be napoli

  6. Yoshino has an Akisuki on each side and better mains and better torps. Don’t feel I’m missing out as the use of Yoshino secondaries are just as situational.

  7. I bought it for coal and I must say that this is a ship for which coal is there: A fun ship with a very different playstyle from the mainline.

    I have loads of fun in it.

    • Totally agree. Bought for Coal with Coupon and it’s “only” 189,000 which still left me with a large pool of coal towards next ship. Great fun, maiden voyage was terrible due to spawn point but next was 165K dmg.

  8. correction: Napoli doesn’t have the most accurate secondaries, that title still goes to Graf Zepplin (while having a larger secondary range)

    • Actually that Title goes to Arkansas Beta and Pensacola as far as base unupgraded secondaries go, but well Graf Zepplin has only very slightly worse accuracy while secondaries themselves being vastly more damaging.

    • @arczer25 1 uhh no, Ark and Graf have identical accuracy and Pensa is behind them

    • @Danhvn right it was Ark and Graf
      Pensa has low base values (4x Range and +30m base) and then scales with range normally (Range/333.333)

      Ark and Graf has higher base values (8.4x Range and +48m base) but its scaling with range is lower (Range/1000)
      both at km give 90m

      that makes Pensa secondaries most accurate below 5km (90m), but above 5km Ark/Graf takes that place due to having lower scaling.

  9. It was a luck actually

  10. Not just T10 for money, from Missouri onwards, there’s a chance, the following T9s will be only for real money like the Missouri will be.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten-can you make a “first impressions” for Flint?

  12. Talking hypothetical bollox, the paid for ARP Yamato made zero difference to my gaming experience, and this won’t either.

  13. They are selling a tier 10 Premium again wooo gonna be fun seeing the tier 4 players in this showing broadside. Just hope they are not on my team.

  14. 10 inch guns (the italians tended to run smaller guns than everyone else) heavier armor than most other supercruisers so I would call her a super cruiser got mine with coal is my 31st tier 10

  15. Prease prease give siggie her secondaries back xD

  16. Yesterday I had an enemy Napoli push the middle in Two Brothers at the perfect time an he caused panic in the center with his secondaries.

  17. Krzysiek Kwiatkowski

    Near future: super battleships tier XI for money (because they were tested, of course for “special mechanics”) – wg wouldn’t do something like that, wouldn’t they? *Wink, wink

  18. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Since PR fiasco , with Pay to Progress introduced on Dockyard, the pay to get Tier X is just a for real reality , so unless WG shy away from allowing Dockyard package or any resource by paying cash , otherwise selling outright on Premium shop a Tier X is only superficially different than selling you Doubloons, they are just all the same

  19. Kinda hard to turn those catapult launchers with secondary turrets in the way…

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