World of Warships – Nautical Tales #15 – Oh Shi…Ahahaha

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Welcome to episode 15 of Nautical Tales where I showcase some of the best/worst moments from World of Warships this last little while. Many players sent me their replays and I’ve picked those which I thought were amongst the most entertaining :D. So sit back and enjoy!

0:13 – _Roller_ – Glorious Nippon BB – YAMATO!
1:33 – modes_ – Nah, Des Moines more Glorious!
2:33 – ofi123 – Torpedotime!
4:52 – iChase – I got this…dodging!…ah f…
7:48 – big_cabb – I found Captain Bad Advice in game!
9:32 – iChase – 1st battle in Diana…oh dear…

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  1. I find it amusing that wargaming wants you to give them money (by buying
    detonation flags) for them to not make your ship randomly explode when it
    gets hit. In most games not randomly exploding is the default…

  2. 7:28—-enemy team uses sinking hull against iChase, its super effective.

  3. Great as always, Keep them coming.

  4. iChase i so love you lol

  5. The new 055 sinking animation is way too long, the sunk allied ship
    sometimes becomes a huge ‘invisible’ island and blocking our way.

  6. I have a challenge for you! Take out the shimakaze, sidle up reeeealllly
    close to a Yamato, let all the torps loose! (within arming range, of

  7. I love the fact the Pinkie in the last kill actually got credited for his
    own demise aswell: -2 kills.


  8. Did you report the person who is so bad at the game he cant even kill you?

  9. Pink happens. I put a torp into a friendly ship yesterday for this first
    time since CBT. :-/

  10. People are intentionally teamkilling in this game?

  11. I was trawling the WoWs Reddit yesterday and found a bunch more Easter
    eggs. I can link them when I get home if you like

  12. Duc Viet Truong

    OMG that 5 citadels 74,000 hp hit!!!!

  13. RollerCoaster47

    Wow, thanks for putting my replay clip in your video iChase. I’m still
    pretty new to the Yamato and learning the required play style but that
    salvo was definitely my highlight in it so far.

  14. in your fubuki…..
    I don’t want to be in your shoes man…

    anyway, do you know how much damage need to be dealt to fellow teammate to
    turn pink?

  15. This was hilarious to watch.

  16. wait, you die if you teamkill someone? after the first time?

  17. airplanemaster1

    Why in the heck has TK’ing become all the rage recently? I’m getting 1-2
    pink players every-to-every-other game.

  18. This week has definitely not been your week, lol

  19. yeah, and the unfortunate Montana driver reports himself here TAT, this is
    THE most accurate salvo I’v ever land on a ship in Montana and it went for
    friendly. Derp that.

  20. 0/10 no Torpedobeat

  21. Gareth Fairclough

    @10:18 Ship torps have a minimum arm range? Wtf? I’ve been killed by torps
    fired from basically touching distance, as I was literally a split second
    away from ramming them! Indeed, the torps actually spawned inside my ship…
    Man 🙁

  22. Des Moines OP! Said no one ever, until now. P.S. What do you use to pray to
    the RNG if your not in a U.S.S.R. ship?

  23. that unexpected team kill was so hilarious?

  24. That Bug Where Every Time You Fire In A Replay There’s That Ringing
    Sound… That’s IChase’s Leet Aimbot Version Combat Dolphins.

  25. what kind of flag do you have that triangle one

  26. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    I’m still looking for revenge for when you sank me twice

  27. the RNG in this game boggles the mind

  28. And that is why Team Damage has to be removed from Random Battles

  29. Little question, what is the minimal arming distance for torpe?

  30. I derped on the torp part. Guess being alone deep in enemy territory had
    unnerved me. Good thing Lo Yang aka Benson hull C is small and turns
    amazing well.
    I was thinking whether would the replay with Taiho ramming a DD or this
    would make it in the video, since both are pretty amazing.

  31. Ha I remember ofi123 you featured him in his CV being team killed by a
    ‘SPECIAL’ izumo who had been killed by an enemy CV in a different game, got
    to feel bad ofi123 he clearly doesn’t have the best of luck some days

  32. Tip for the Tashkent. First rule of martial arts: never expect your punch
    taking out the enemy. Always assume he needs more….

  33. You could have turned on your AA at some point in that mess.

  34. Fun Video for Tuesday morning. thkx

    Looks like being a celebrity has it’s price. It’s really too bad. Guy’s
    like you and Jingles should not be focused on like that.

    A few weeks ago I was playing in my Dresden and this Russian T2 destroyer
    shows up on our team list. Within a minute he torpedoes and TK’s me just
    like the POS who torpedoed you. He showed up again in the next game and
    from the team chat you could see that the jerk had been doing the same crap
    all evening long. How long can folks do this before the account becomes
    banned? Mind you judging from the name on the account, “cu..licker” it was
    obviously set up for the purpose of being a TK. Is there anyway WG can do
    something about this. After so many TK’s the account should have been
    locked. And yes I did report him both games.

  35. how stupid simple random really is!
    every single asshole sails sideways on to provide stupid simples citadell
    after citadell after citadell after citadell after the next stupid
    No chance for such “fun” in coop,kids.

  36. You know you’re bad when you can’t even teamkill without failing

  37. tk’er was great,lol

  38. CHASE! you should put some eurobeat in that lo yang replay

  39. Multiple ships firing, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. I’ve sailed DDs
    plenty of times, but I’ve never seen a DD more screwed than you were at
    that precise moment.

    …although as someone who prefers BBs, I rather wish I did see it more
    often. I’ve been surrounded by cruisers in my Colorado and still gotten
    nailed by a spotted Ognevoi in open water. -_-

  40. “Right now, Captain Tupolev is removing the safety features on all his
    weapons. He won’t make the same mistake twice.”

  41. The Nick Holland

    TKers grind my gears :/

  42. ahahahahahahahahaha 7:25

  43. Lol and you said you like the new slower sinking animation

  44. You getting focused by all of those people on the enemy team in that Fubuki
    game makes me sad for you haha. I wouldn’t be able to put up with that shit

  45. *Torpedo beat intensifies*

  46. repeat tks, should be banned permanently


  48. Eating Flashbang

    1:24 Showing broadside just because you have a Yamato is a bad idea…I
    have no idea why people always show their broadside! It is always a stupid

  49. Themanwhosmiled


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