World of Warships – Naval Academy: Team Battles

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Call on your friends, assemble your team and get ready to rock team battles for bragging rights. This episode of Naval Academy shows you how.

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  1. most of the teams are bot teams .
    so if you play merc you end up a bot team
    the full teams make bot teams to kill over and over lol

  2. Inconspicuous Quasar

    I like how you can have multiple teams for different purposes

  3. therandomnessisreal

    intense intro

  4. Team BATTLE, about BATTLE of more BATTLE with still BATTLE and a good amont
    of BATTLE… damn his voice can be annoying sometimes …
    a “BATTLE” counter, anyone ?

  5. Soooo MUCH gooooooold.

  6. Team Battles are a complete waste of time.

  7. now custom battles

  8. I’m just not interested in team battles.

  9. Make WoWS To Device That’s A Really Challenging

  10. Musketeer32Gaming

    What tiers is this available to?

  11. XD im lv11

  12. aha i didn’t speak english normaly.

  13. Russian cruiser …

  14. 2nd???

  15. 1st

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