World of Warships – Naval Fortress: Vladivostok

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In this episode Naval Fortresses, we look at the Vladivostok Fortress, which protected the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean!

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  1. wheres your socks kiddo?

  2. Can normal people come to this ?

  3. Otro poquito de historia que aprendo. La cantidad de fortalezas que se han
    perdido por el abandono posterior a la guerra, una pena la verdad. Almenos
    esta está salvada en parte, aunque algo lejos para contemplarla. Gracias
    por el video.

  4. Very cool

    Emanon2 NA


  5. “The enemy thought that they were at a disadvantage and would not dare to
    attack it.”

    Because the USSR didn’t declare war on the only enemy that could attack
    that position until three weeks before the WWII’s end.

  6. “This curious device called a net.”

    Is a net.

  7. know where I want to go if the world goes to shit

  8. Next, you need to make naval fortress about isosaari, Finland.

  9. will we have a new game siege mod?

  10. Enjoyable but it would have been better without all the jingoistic

    Yes, WG, you’re a Russian company. Do you REALLY need to make it seem like
    everything Russian is the best in the world?

    It wasn’t.

  11. Well, we all know how the russian-japanese war ended. Despite the greatest
    naval fortress of Vladivostok. :D

  12. Just wondering where do they store vodka?

  13. How do I buy this? Is it in the premium shop?

  14. Maybe a little late to have a summer job in November kid.

  15. LoL just infiltrate it.
    it’s hard to keep a wide area safe

  16. These last words are quite right.

  17. Documentary 101. Walk into frame, say a lot of things, immediately walk out
    of frame like you have something else to do.

  18. You should add Sea Forts to WoWS. You have lots of guns and armor but you
    can’t move. Sounds pretty good to me.

  19. This was great. Anyone that wears a uniform and defends their nation with
    honor is a hero.

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