World of Warships – Operation Takao

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I discuss the NA and EU getting access to the ARP Takao, the for each region could not be more different. EU have to fight and win tier 9 and 10 battles while NA needs to succeed at +. Why Wargaming decided to make EU work so hard is beyond me, but I try to inform those before taking the plunge. Hope you enjoy the game in the background and have a wonderful day!

Japanese Cruiser Atago Replay


  1. And then there’s people like me on the EU server that don’t have a tier 9
    or 10. I only have 2 premium ships (Atago and Tirptiz), 2 tier 7’s, and the
    rest tier 6’s.

  2. Europe always gets the shaft when it comes to WG games.
    But hey, it’s only about 75 matches if you are running with a decent

  3. WoWs SEA be like ……

  4. I was about to grind through the IJN cruiser line, but now I have the Myoko
    via ARP and now this. Just can’t wait for the “ARP ZAO.”

  5. ARP Haguro being my only above T6 ship so far (i’m not even at the König in
    the German BB line, which is pathetic in itself), I did the maths
    yesterday. I need 3.6k base xp each day for 30 days to get Takao. That
    would be around 20 to 30 Co-op matches, since I don’t want to fuck up my
    W/R rating (currently at 52%, 18 victories up on my defeats).

    So yeah, lots of grinding to do

  6. If it takes you 200 games to win 50 at tier IX or X, I don’t want you in a

  7. Wargaming EU is totally fucked up! And so is the WoW’s EU Community :(

  8. Emphasis on ‘research’…

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. wtf is this. thats bullshit t9-10? that’s stupit

  10. EU office is based in Paris, which tells you all you need to know. And if
    you criticise them on Facebook, they ban you. They are a bit of a joke
    really. Its quite rare to see any ARP ships in game really.

  11. I only have 1 T9 ship, namely the Baltimore. Which I do not play very
    often, because the level of bullshit in game economics (even with Premium
    account) skyrockets at T9 vs T8.. So – most probably I will not be able to
    get my hands on the Takao.

  12. On EU there are “compensations”, in the form of 8 other quite easy missions
    that give you access to all Arpeggio ships (Kongo and Myoko variants, all
    with 6 points captains), plus another one that gives you 100 Equal Speed
    Charlie London flags and a 6 point US captain. Also I believe that 50 tier
    9-10 victories over 2 months are not so hard to achieve, for an average
    player like me it will require about 100 games and as by not using premium
    consumables all the time you can save up a lot of credits.

  13. I have tier 9 researched, but no credits to buy or run it…

  14. As an EU player, thank you for talking about this. I wonder if any other
    content creators will have the balls to do the same. Because this is not
    just about the Takao. WG EU has been pulling shit like this at every

  15. You ask why it’s tier 9+ mission?
    Obvious answer. I’ve played WOT and WOWS a lot. Close to 40k games combined
    both titles. Let me guess. FREE EXP for doubloons to tier 9? Dolla bills

  16. Can the Pensacola mount hydra and radar together?

  17. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    What would you recommend as a 4 point skill for Dunkerque?

  18. we at Asian server already got this mission a month ago :)

  19. I don’t get is not hard at all to win some games in T10.. Just play
    T10 and you will get there.

  20. they said they’re bringing back all ARP ships in December

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