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World Of Warships – NEW SERIES – THEM ALL! ⚓

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  1. the reason why the zone is big is to make the cap easier, however, the cap
    is automatically stopped and reduced if one ship is in the cap even if it’s
    a 23hp wikes

  2. Diego Vinicio Majia Quesada

    +PhlyDaily : Hell yeah! I was missing your videos about Word of Warships!
    Submarines!!! Oh yes, they will… I would like to use the Sentoku Type:

  3. Phly, you need to watch the video on the world of warship’s channel that
    tells you how the new game mode works

  4. phly, you should save your repair until you have 2 or more fires, its a
    waste to use it on 1 fire unless you’re in anything but a BB

  5. Please take out the Me-262 jet figther next time you do RB in War Thunder
    next time phly!

  6. Wouter Drupsteen (Revulon)

    So what happens when in the middle of this series they add German DD’s? Or
    Russian Cruisers? Wouldn’t that throw the schedule in dissaray? Would
    starting with a tier III and finishing that line not make more sense? Just
    a piece of mind :)

  7. that convoy gamemode idea would be great to play

  8. cant wait til you take out the Kolberg. That ship is so much fun.
    bambambambambambambambam turn bambambambambambambam turn some more
    bambambambambam Other players: WTF DUDE HAX HOW R U TURNING AND FIRING AND

  9. Panzer VI Tiger I H


  10. Phly you dont have to play all of the soviet destroyers. They all have
    same(at least the low tier ones) gameplay.

  11. subs wont be coming.

  12. Mrorome Trololololo

    But why would anyone want submarines in WOWs? They are slow [the fastest
    submerged submarine is slower than the slowest ship in the game…], they
    are not fun to play, as nobody can retaliate until they sail right above
    you and drop the bombs, and they are impossible to ballance… Do we really
    need another class of ships that can deal indirect damage while being
    completely invounerable to any attacks like carriers?

  13. Ap for BB’s is so broken atm 🙁 gl phly

  14. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Phly, are you going to play Steel Ocean? Its gonna have submarines :D

  15. No submarines please. They could do another submarine only game, but too
    many things into the mix I would say.Convoy game is a good idea.

  16. Can’t wait for you to play the Derzki and the Izyaslav.
    Shotgun ALL the battleships! :D

  17. Bring on the St Louis….kin xcellent 12 guns!!!!!!

  18. Yes ! I like this new game

  19. Gonna be a great series phly!

    Good idea!

  20. Do you still plan on playing zombies

  21. Awesome fn INTRO!!

  22. Nagato class please

  23. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    I think this will be a great series for people who want to know how to play
    a certain ship that is not that popular on youtube. Hopefully it sticks :)

  24. “you know what, im gonna turn right and go in hard, and brawl”

    *turns left*

  25. the kawachi is literally the worst ship in the game, the st. louis makes a
    better battleship than that garbage.

  26. 0.5.1 AP bug is official, FYI guys
    Current damage model is broken on many battleships, which also impact HE
    damage. Don’t expect usual results !

  27. Yeah the secondary batteries are operated by storm troopers

  28. You do a great job man. Keep it up, love the w.o.w.and all your work
    ,heroes and generals is great with you ,baron and slick. may e yall could
    get royal and vuxxy in on one . but if not that’s cool to .

  29. They will add submarines and they will be horribly broken to one extreme or
    the other: They will be Silent Hunters that dominate the maps because no
    one can hit them or they will nerf them so bad that they become the first
    targets destroyed every battle.
    I mean the problem I have with subs is they are a completely alien
    playstyle to what World of Warships goes for. Typical submarine play would
    be all about stealth and hit-and-run techniques, which does not really lend
    itself well to a PvP game. I mean my worst fear is they will put Subs in
    the game, but not let them dive…or only let them dive as an ability with
    a cooldown (similar to like a smokescreen for a destroyer) and this will
    just turn them into slightly harder to kill destroyers, but still basically
    the same as a destroyer.

  30. Phly is a moron. He fires HE at a BATTLESHIP just hoping to start a fire
    which the BB will just immediately put out. And then he complains about how
    the other BB “hits him so hard.” Yeah, because he’s firing AP like you
    should be!

  31. fly play some fallout 4, you in fallout 4 would make me laugh all day

  32. can’t wait for st Louis!!!!

  33. I would love something like that DDs and light Crusiers protecting a couple
    ai ships vs German CLs and BBs

  34. Well its good at making waves, when the shells all hit the water around the

  35. The Chieftain literally said that there will never be any subs in the game
    ever, that they tried but there was no way that they could implement it

  36. Love the vids. Your vids convinced me to start playing.

  37. I hate the dispersion on these guns, Its awful

  38. I’m honestly getting sick of the submarine shit Phly…

  39. Patch notes fly……….. At 10:20ish, you mention something about king of
    the hill mode, that is exactly what your playing. No reset for shell hits,
    it’s park your asses in the circle and brawl.

  40. I just realized I’ve been playing this game on EU servers vs NA… Derp
    mode was fully engaged lol

  41. phly you should use a different class of ship from each tier. I’d love to
    see that. if you do that it’d be a lot different than Baron’s tank series.

  42. What happened to Boats and Beers? What is there not enough ships in the
    game, for all the decent to epic beers out there.

  43. They will add submarines, either if it’s because it’s to compete with war
    thunder ships, or they found out that submarine crews require oxygen and
    will be able to balance it.. Either or

  44. i love your opener for wow so sexy phlydaily

  45. that south carolina at the end hit you for 1337 damage, so leet

  46. Welcome to the world of low tier battles…almost everyship….accuracy is
    out the window for you guns…

  47. skip the south carolina it’s SHIT as for the st. louis it’s a BEAST

  48. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    Phly I just have a general opinion about your multiple series. You seem to
    start a few and not even put in more than 2 or 4 episodes. I feel like you
    should stick with 5 series and get videos out for them until you feel like
    you can add another one.

  49. Great idea for a series! Hope it sticks

  50. 15:15 Phly CONFIRMED DOESN’T VAPE!!

  51. tht will be OPPPP

  52. Fernando G. Ramirez.

    I feel pretty enthusiastic with this series, I hope they work out. You’re a
    great youtuber Steve you keep your fans entertained with your job and

  53. soooooo basically i have to wait a few months before these vids are
    actually entertaining (high tier)

  54. Luv your vids Phly!!!!!! and try!playing two ships a vid

  55. Cmon please make a boat walkthrough series on a new account!?

  56. Just like drunk history – we need drunk roommates “making up games from
    games”. Bring Baron – leave Bee; he can be the DD – he sounds like he’s 15
    years old….

  57. Phly, they are not gonna add Subs, it would be way to game breaking, and
    the WOW team is actually semi-competent compared to the WOT team, so we
    wont be seeing something as stupid as GATO class submarine chilling at 90
    meters (300 feet, think a football field) underwater capping objectives and
    torpedoing targets with impunity. Yes you could have sonar like the
    crusiers have but that’s ONE class of ship that can deal with them, and it
    will just make for boring gameplay as once one sub kills the other the only
    way to kill them is by randomly dropping depth charges, there is just no
    way to practically balance it

  58. Captions thinks Kawachi is ecology, and Tenryu is ten days.

  59. Convoy mode sounds awesome.

  60. If world of warships puts subs into the game then warthunder has to put

  61. Phly hello, I love your channel, seriously, keep it up, but I wonder, what
    is your computer?

  62. does a german U-boat count as a submarine and if so will there be different
    versions of it?

  63. Great job phly!

  64. Syrup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Things are getting serious, he used an anchor emoji in the title ツ

  65. I just mad it

  66. Great idea!! I hope that the series takes off and continues

  67. i love your intro

  68. Leif if you cri evrytiem on the intro?

  69. Phly, as always a great vid. You are the reason why I play WoW and why I
    started again with WT. Just a suggestion: maybe try two ships a video. As
    you said: you’re not good with series… you’ll finish this one christmas
    2016 🙂 be good. by:deanhansen

  70. Speaking of convoys, there is a tier 5 TANKER in the game files, called
    Cimarron. Possible convoy mode spoiler?

    As for submarines, that is a big fat NO. I play a lot of Silent Hunter 3. A
    Type IX U-Boat goes at 19 knots on the surface, but only 7 knots
    underwater. They are REALLY damn slow. Subs in WoWS would be OVERPOWERED as
    the only thing that could detect them are destroyers… and not all dd’s
    are equipped with Sonar.
    If they do surface, they’re screwed. Up to two deck guns, of maximum 5.5
    inch calibre, and pitiful AA armament… just no.

    WG have stated time and again, there will NEVER be submarines in this game.

  71. Great series idea, skipping T1 and 2 makes sense we blast through those in
    an hour or two. GL trying to get cits on cruisers with BBs man .. 0.5.3..
    r.i.p. BB fun

  72. Good job Phly(:

  73. Brian Bui (CSX8900)


  74. Hey Phly, for Veterans Day, why not spice Wednesday up with a ‘Murica
    stream where we have famous US tanks and Aircraft in War Thunder. It would
    be cool and you dont have to listen but just an idea. Great video and have
    a great night, thanks.

  75. Under 100 views HYPE


  77. Is it just me but it seems like ap rounds have been nerfed or at least

  78. ur hot af phly

  79. Love this idea phly! Are you gonna do the US Destroyers, cuz u didn’t
    mention it during the intro.

  80. beautiful work phly

  81. Lol first

  82. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING


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