World of Warships – New SPESHUL tactic?

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This was not planned or intended but the way it happened and went down is truly speshul.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The duck sized horses question is a reference to the tv series archer

  2. I don’t know getting swooped by a horse size duck sounds kinda terrifying to me. 800kg of angry duck!

  3. What the Mino legendary module should be!

  4. lmao awesome video, I’m from Perth, Western Australia 😀

  5. The Yellow Pages A to K

    Loved the replay. I play my Perth the same way on the Asian server. ???

  6. When are we getting more content of that fun and engaging ship game you played earlier? That balanced game without CV’s, where you can play battle royale with warships? I think it was called “Refight: the last warship”?

  7. I got Perth from a supercontainer a couple weeks ago, so lucky me lol.

  8. Always fight the large one and not the small ones, you can out maneuver the large one but can be swarmed by the smaller ones

  9. This is the perfect video for April Fool’s Day.

  10. this travelling trio is funnier than triple belfast!

  11. To get around the question at the start, always answer 1 horse sized duck. The square cube law states that the size increase would cause an exponential increase in mass, meaning the ducks tiny legs couldn’t support its body mass and it would crumble instantly. Easiest win

  12. andreas pedersen

    revised version of the “doom turtle”? 😉
    If i was one of the BBs With spotterplane i would’ve aimed in front of the smokeas it was moving and might have got a citadel or 3 :p

  13. at 6:08 i wouldn`t consider that speed “running”.
    I think a phrase like “steadily creeping towards” would describe the situation more appropreatley

  14. a horse size duck will end you fast, Duck size horses will kick your knees in all day long.

  15. I skipped ahead through the game startup and started the video just as he said, “I would be a lot more afraid of a horse than of a duck…” Ok, definitely going to have to watch this video from the beginning.

  16. Apparently Flambass doesn’t have nasty ass Canadian Geese where he’s from. MFers are vicious!

  17. Why the Perth? Because the Haida needed a sister ship that could be equally toxic. Lol. Try three Haidas next please.

  18. Don’t underestimate the ducks. They have the potential to be evil little smegs :p

  19. #lol
    But you know what would be awesome?
    Multi-perspective, edited Clan Battle video.
    I know it is a lot of effort and what with you moving appartments and having all that ISP trouble, but just saying.

  20. We actually use this tactic in one of my clans, tripe hugh he with smoke mod and smokescreen expert. Our clan moto is “keep it simple, stupid” so its suits us and is surprisingly effective

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