World Of Warships – Stream Highlights [Episode 8] – Skirmisher Henri

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Stream highlights are back!


  1. Hi robin

  2. Benson vid coming?

  3. Truly gleaming game! Even better 2nd time round!

  4. are you part of WG staff? I’m looking at your tag WG-EU hence the question. for example Crysantos is sr mgr community and he is also WG-EU. Unless CC can also be part of WG-EU clan. good to see you back.

  5. it was super enjoyable to watch a match of WoWS that was calm, collected, and effective at high tiers. was that audio in the background in-game music? kept me focused like a true combat situation

  6. Clean win and great vid!

  7. putain nice aim!

  8. How to make this game look easy… GG

  9. Can u give help me out a little? Whats a Good captain buil for DES moines?
    How to effectivly take down a Henry IV?
    Thx everyone who is helping me out, it really makes me believe in the Wows community again.

    • You can find his DM builds in previous videos. I don’t think he has changed anything fundamental.

    • The Sailing Robin

      On a pure 1v1 brawl Des Moines is most likely to win due to it’s extreme advantage in DPM, and better concealment.
      There is no “perfect” DM captain but the ship works well with different setups. Play around with skills and find the one who suits you best is the better approach.

    • dm should win under 10 km because henri is good at kiting while dm is pretty good cqc against other cruisers, use ap and citadel the shit out of it, if henri is over 14 km just seize firing and try to get closer in concealment

    • +Sarp Kaplan Ok, thx m8.

    • +The Sailing Robin Do you think radio location is good to a DM or Vigilance or Demo. thx

  10. My favourite wows player with my favourite soundtrack. really calm to watch and great game, Robin!

  11. I would love to see more DD play in this new Toxic CV horseshit game world we have going now. Not seeing any CC’s playing DDs or putting up DD video’s. I realize DD play is shite now but some of us DD mains are really trying to figure out how to play vs Rocket planes that don’t miss and 6 of 6 bomb hits exploit being used by UK CVs.

  12. Russian Bias always protect.

    I really can disable messages from annoying tw@t? Thnaks Robin! 😀

  13. PizzaBiereGaming

    A shining example of the rpf skill on a cruiser

  14. Nice work mate!

  15. “That’s my life with the kills…” In light of a recent discussion we had regarding those, I find this phrase extremely funny. 😀

  16. So make a meme video about Henri IV?

  17. I learned a lot by watching this! I love your videos i hope i don’t miss your next stream!

  18. Uhm, what music is that? Sounds good but I can’t recall ever hearing that in my game!

  19. 14:34 – “We’re getting no luck with the fires.. :(”
    14:39 – *Set on Fire x2*
    Did you activate your trapcard? 😛

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