World Of Warships – Nostalgia’s Grind [Episode 4] Objective Mahan

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Hey! The fourth iteration our USN DDs serie is here! This time, a double feature with the tier 7 Mahan. Hope you enjoy!
Cheers, and for the constant support.


  1. At 16:00 – considering that the Omaha is made from Papier Maché and Citadel the Omaha on your team did well to survive 🙂

  2. Le_guépard_perdu

    Salut encore une super vidéo ^^ continue comme ça

  3. Double game, double the pleasure ! Awesome vid as usual, liked your stream too

  4. had some of my best games in this ship for me its a keeper CptPugwash_1 asia

  5. Awesome gameplay, much support mate always a pleasure watching your vids & learning more and more from you every time 🙂

  6. Love the constant videos, my favourite part of them are the introduction to each ship

  7. A full IFHE gun build on Mahan makes that thing literally Harugumo level for tier 7.

  8. Well well. I was kinda bored of wows.. But after this.. Time to get the whole US DD line. Thanks for a awesome video ??

  9. Again the best WoWs You Tuber. And even 2 battles. I remember when I grinded the US dds a few years ago

  10. The launcher from the other side often catches the enemy by surprise as most DDs at this tier have launcher for both sides.

  11. Terry Hollenbaugh

    That was a great charge down the middle Robin, They never knew you were there On the second game, Mathematical precision on figuring out your opponents
    plan and tearing them apart. ;-0

  12. could you do after this serie the USN BBS?

  13. Another great video Robin. Just love your job and the narration!!!

  14. Great vids Robin, as usual, great stuff. Spoiling us! Keep it up… Keep the camera rolling and the vids coming! 🙂

  15. LE TERRIBLE ça m’a surpris sur le coup x)

  16. Wow robin c’est vraiment agréable de voir tes video et surtout dans des bateaux que tu grinde et avec des capitaine de 7 points lol heureux que tu ne joue pas sur le serveur na

  17. I must say this series is oddly satisfying to watch, i’m really enjoying it. Keep it going 🙂

    Do you have other tech tree lines that you intend to go through?? as they would benefit from something as thorough as this.

    • The Sailing Robin

      I’m thinking about the next line I could review. I’m really enjoying destroyers, but I could try to review Soviet BBs when they come out…

  18. Noice! Great showcase of the mahan I’m looking forward to the Benson one! ??

  19. Good word about slow torpedos mate! They always think slow torps are bad they dont see the advantage of slow torps

  20. Rodolfo Sanchez Gonzales

    Well down mate.. Keep working that way.

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