World of Warships – What is happening? What is this game?

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SO…I have a premium tier 8 BB Lenin to show you I thought I’d be showing you this match because of him. BUT…turns out by the end of this match I had no idea what’s going on anymore so here…take a look for yourself.
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. Love the teammate in chat who was so excited to play with his hero Flamu.

  2. Somebody didn’t notice that their team (green) Midway was AFK throughout the game? Or most of the game…LOL

  3. i like the shima at the beginning give you smokescreen but u allready turned away 🙂

  4. The most realistic map LOL

    • Acktchually… No, really, open ocean with waves like on a small lake is not too realistic. Imagine aiming on a waves 5-10m tall though.
      Damn, those battles would have to last at least an hour, as hiting anything would be a lottery.

    • +BluesyBor Then making the ocean have no waves is essentially a time compression mechanic, same as the unrealistic gun accuracy in the game.

    • +crucisnh same as unrealistic gun range, which would need maps more than 10 times larger if kept realistic. 😉

    • Dominic Robertson

      +BluesyBor I remember reading that even the secondary guns of the Mogami class cruisers had a maximum firing range of nearly 15km

    • +Dominic Robertson that’s about true. In case of Mogami the secondary 127mm guns range was reduced 3 times, while main battery range was about halved in the game.

  5. VIII Lenin? I thought he was called VI Lenin, but I guess russians know best

    Okay, I’ll see myself out

  6. AFK CV and then AFK enemy Donskoi. And at the end another AFK enemy Gearing.

  7. Great play and tones of luck. Fantastic!
    Just imagine the rage of enemy shima who tried to carry his team with afk gearing, two useless minos and donskoy falling asleep at the wheel.

  8. People complain about the game not being realistic enough and then they get the Ocean map and complain even more. That poor Donskoi, stranded without an island in sight lol.

  9. That Minotaur eating a cita because you shot at the mogami LUL

  10. ur drill is NOTHING against my neighbour “fixing” his Harley in his garden next to me…

  11. Missed you game casting yesterday. Prefer you and izolate.

  12. 12:47 notice how the shima rescues the cv

  13. all but about 5 people in that game were either afk or retarded.

  14. tier x mm in the cleveland on ocean.. i wish there was a carrier…

  15. Dude take a break from WOWS, your sounding more and more pissed off with it lately.

    • Flambass has just moved ( as of when this was released ), so yes the break is real as his internet is MIA . .

  16. You guys had an afk CV, so I think the DM going afk is kinda fair

  17. So sad that your CV was afk the whole match would be way easier

  18. Proof that shima div can carry a game with some help

  19. I think that the enemy CV player screwed up by not finishing off the AFK CV on Flambass’ team. Yes, it was AFK, but it was also a bunch of victory points worth taking.

  20. Christos Karsanidis

    people don’t like this award winnuing map design and the double-trouble award winning MM? Weird, surreal and unreal…

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