World of Warships: Not impressed by the Admiral Hipper or the new Zone mode

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I guess I should have added I’m not impressed by the BBs in my game either.

Don’t get me wrong, the Admiral Hipper isn’t a bad ship, it’s simply not anything special. If I wanted to fleet escort I would do a better job in a New Orleans thanks to the great AA and armor, and if I wanted to kill stuff I’d do a better job in a Mogami. I keep waiting for that strong German ship to arrive, but it never seems to happen. Same thing with the Zone mode, it’s a great idea, but the actual realization is an awful mess that’s eerily similar to the old standard battles, with the same amount of draws as well.

Looking at my Hipper stats it seems like I’m averaging about 61k damage on it, which sounds about right. That’s far less than my Mogami, yet not high enough above my New Orleans to justify all the sacrifices the ship has to make.

As usual you can skip to:

20:08 for Modules
20:58 for Consumables
21:42 for Upgrades
24:04 for Captain Perks


  1. Good overview on Hipper. I like and kept my Königsberg. Recently purchased
    Nürnberg, but I get killed too easily (cits in in this one. Last
    game 1 minute in, not even in range of anything to fire, I get insta-killed
    by a Fuso from quite a distance. All Cits and go from full HP to 0 in one
    volley . I expected it to be an improved Königsberg, but have not had a
    decent battle in it yet.

    Nice to see what’s ahead in the tree.

    As per the Tirpitz: I have a Tirpitz and use it as a brawler like I do my
    NY and my NMex. Sadly, many people bought into T-VIII with Tirpitz without
    a clue, and are afraid or don’t know how to use it. You noticed in your
    video, that after one Tirpitz finally got the message to get into the zone,
    the other one never did. Hard to win with bad players in the team.

  2. I hate this game mode.. I lost a game today cause me and another dd were
    the only ones to enter the circle…When we died the other team won
    instantly…Really pissed off to lose and the team only had 2 ships dead.

  3. It’s peculiar you compare this ship to a tier 9 that suffers from the same
    problems without torps at its tier. And while 500 less ap damage sounds
    like a significant amount it really isn’t when you are landing more of
    them. The baltimore with the accuracy mod gets 149m dispersion at tier 9
    when the hipper gets 144m dispersion baseline with the same Rof and 1.9 km
    greater firing range; not to mention the Hipper gets more health and 6km
    torpedoes at a tier lower.
    The Same applies to the New Orleans which gets 1k less ap damage at lower
    range and lower Rof. Not to mention the new Orleans gets 5k less health.
    I don’t see what ur getting at: underwhelming. The admiral hipper got
    everything going for it. It has the most health ap damage and RoF for a
    cruiser of its tier. It’s only downside is its armor and AA. Perhaps this
    wonder ship your looking for is the Deuchland class cruisers that war
    gaming forgot about and should bee in the game because they weren’t paper

  4. One more thing I seem to be taking ages to get captain skills, am i doing
    something wrong or is there a way of increasing the rate of xp for the

  5. Another class review bud and very informative, Do you think that Wg will
    take action to improve the german cruiser line or totally ignore the large
    amount of criticism coming from the player base as usual.

  6. Well NC does have 300mm of amor :p thats more than amagi and just slightly
    worse than iowa

  7. I see Aslain’s Mod Pack no longer has the training room for Any
    ideas? Did they ban it?

  8. thx a lot for another excellent video! :)

  9. Totally nailed how I feel about the North Carolina. I love brawling ships
    like the NM and Col – when I got the NC, I had the hardest time with it.
    Getting the hang of it now though… sort of.

  10. Nice review Flamu 🙂 what mods are you using? Any chance you could throw
    together a modpack?

  11. Can u maybe do a kuma or furutaka gameplay and some hints and tips?

    Cool and helpfull vids, keep it up :)

  12. did you just said pepsicola?

  13. up until now the german cruisers get good the Roon is ok-ish
    the Hindenburg is absolute Monster you can get 8.8 sec reload out of it and
    pump 10k salvos into Yamatos

  14. Did you record this video after they fixed the AP Citadel hit bugs?
    WG only a few days (as in 1-2) fixed that shells travelling through water
    could for some reason not citadel an enemy, something that seems to be of
    significance for all the German ships with their high AP focus.

  15. Zone is the worst game mode now. DD camp the zone cruisers sail around and
    BB snipe. havent won or lost a game yet on this gamemode. my ideas to
    change this mode removing it or making cap zone smaller so when 2 DD are in
    cap the can see eachother. So u first have to kill a bunch of ships before
    u can cap. Put the zone between the 2 bigger islands and teams start behind

  16. What do you think would be a good way of preventing ties in the Zone mode?
    Personally I think a constantly shrinking circle could be fun, with whoever
    has more ships in the circle by the end of the game getting the win.

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