World of Warships: Not impressed by the Admiral Hipper or the new Zone mode

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I guess I should have added I’m not impressed by the BBs in my game either.

Don’t get me wrong, the Admiral Hipper isn’t a bad ship, it’s simply not anything special. If I wanted to fleet escort I would do a better job in a New Orleans thanks to the great AA and armor, and if I wanted to kill stuff I’d do a better job in a Mogami. I keep waiting for that strong German ship to arrive, but it never seems to happen. Same thing with the Zone mode, it’s a great idea, but the actual realization is an awful mess that’s eerily similar to the old standard battles, with the same amount of draws as well.

Looking at my Hipper stats it seems like I’m averaging about 61k damage on it, which sounds about right. That’s far less than my Mogami, yet not high enough above my New Orleans to justify all the sacrifices the ship has to make.

As usual you can skip to:

20:08 for Modules
20:58 for Consumables
21:42 for Upgrades
24:04 for Captain Perks

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