World of Warships – Of Secondary Importance

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In which something happens to Jdawgmasta that I’ve never seen before in literally thousands of matches either watched or played. And a whole bunch of things that you see every single time, too, because some shit never changes.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It’s surprising you haven’t called him Dave…

  2. Ooooh that´s hot! (The best i´ve seen is 4 close quarters in a Bismark with them getting a Kraken)

  3. About the Friedrich der Große, apparently there is a resource in the game called ‘Free xp’, which can be used to skip ships you don’t want to grind through

    • I’ve ground the Iowa, Friedrich and the Izumo (ok 14 battles was enough of that crap) only to have them buffed AFTERWARDS !!!! Thanks WGing

    • I liked the FDG. At least, I liked it way more than the Izumo, but by the end of the grind I started liking the Izumo too. Maybe I’m a masochist, I don’t know.

    • I did 20 battles with the Izumo before Is said, “screw it” and Free XP’d the Yamato. Now I’m grinding with the Missouri to get the creds to buy the Yamato ;-). Spent my credits to buy the Edinburgh & Monarch while they were on sale over Christmas.

    • I absolutely loved mine, I dont see why anyone has issues

    • +Ryan Ledfors and then they say: “FDG will be buffed!” and you think: ok probably the accuracy will be a bit better now or the ship gets better bow armor. NOPE “reduced the reload time by 3 seconds” oh thanks, now it’s so much more competitive.!!! (sarcasm applied)

  4. I am a simple man. I see a secondary speced Kurfurst, I watch it

    • Any German BB with secondary build is great, but GK really is a sight to behold when stars align. 😀

    • +Chris what about secondary specced Massachusetts?

    • +SmashStomp Inc a assachusetts is just a Bismarks american cousin 😀

    • Without any protection

    • +SmashStomp Inc :: Massachusetts, are ok in firepower, but they lack the Iron Armor, i know cuz i have the Black Massachusetts B and only reason i grab it cuz the price was right, and i am a beginner, and the grind is long too long to get i good decent ship…So dont let them seasoned vets get you down, when they say ” basic wallet warrior”…if you have the money enjoy ur play….cuz none got there tier 9’s and 10’s in a couple months.

  5. I prefer this much more interesting game than flambass replays. We can watch flambass on his channel let’s see something different here.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +boreas real I feel like you’re a hardcore fan that can’t keep his dick in his pants… Having the same content on multiple channels AND rewatching it on multiple platforms isn’t what the rest of us are here for. I would much rather have a wider variety of videos from different sources rather than what I’ve already mentioned. Peace my brotha

    • Yep, that was freaking awesome!

    • +thepavl No one is forcing you to sit through a video you have already watched. It’s YOUR fault if you get bored watching a video more than once. I’ve saw the video when flambass first uploaded. I chose to watch it again with commentary from Jingles when flambass sent it to him. Choices. Love em or Hate em. I choose to Love em.

    • drock 12 yeah and I didn’t watch the flambass video my man. You can watch it 28 times and like it, good for you!!!

    • +Just a random Horse. Naww you think you represent the majority when you really don’t. Flambass is just a really good player that pulls of the most stupid shit. Unlike you, he ain’t actually toxic….

  6. Ahem: Actually Jingles, the Izumo burns just as much as it used to. It doesn’t MELT under HE spam, due to the increase in deck armor… Jingles? Jingles?! Please, no, I’m so sorry, I take it back, please, not the fa-

  7. I love my Großer Kurfürst, especially when Wargaming give me a mission to get 500 secondary hits and I think to myself two battles max 🙂

    • That’s what you get when you bolt two cruisers to the sides of your battleship. ???

    • +1stPCFerret I needed three battles :Ü First 359 hits, next 140……….so I got mad, fired up some Eurobeats and got a 467 secondary hits game to get that last fuckin one…enemy team had 5 destroyers and 4 cruisers each, they all wandered too close to my ship so my gunners had a field day.

      However I mostly finish people off with my main guns (as is quite normal) and only ever managed 2 kills with secondaries in a single game tops.

  8. If this was Flambass’s video – he would have called it ———- ‘Guns & Potatoes’

  9. I swear it, when you said you did not see someone get a Kraken that way, I immediately thoght hes gonna get the kills with the secondaries only

  10. *muffled angry tears of unicums who run survivability build*

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      IFHE Kurfürst gives the secondaries enough HE penetration to deal direct damage to battleships and cruisers.
      But as you said, one sacrifices a lot of points. And for sure this build is NOT for clan battles.

    • What Britt machine says is true… IFHE is kinda optional… German Guns firing HE get caliber/4 for pen, not the caliber/6 of other nations

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      +Dark Howling
      On the OPPOSITE
      IFHE is essential.
      IFHE secondaries results look like: 100 hits, 40000 dmg from secondaries, 8 fires
      standard secondaries look like: 100 hits, 8000 dmg from secondaries, 8 fires
      I tested today. Don’t ask me why with IFHE you get on average as many fires as without IFHE. I cannot explain

    • Achim Hanischdörfer Because it only removes 1% firechance on guns which already have halfway decent firechance?

    • +Achim Hanischdörfer But that depends on what you target your secondaries at. I find them most beneficial against DD’s and also use them against cruisers, which don’t require IFHE to deal damage. I try to keep the main battery towards the big ones.

      Whether you have IFHE or not should affect how you play. I’ve tried with and without, and it’s a tough call. Fire Prevention is massively useful in a secondary build.

  11. That North Carolina was NUDE!

  12. 13:00
    So long and thanks for all the fish.
    So sad that it should come to this.
    We tried to warn you all but, oh dear!

    You may not share our intellect.
    Which might explain your disrespect.
    For all the broadside that you chose to sho-ow!

    So long, so long – and thanks,
    for all the damage!

  13. The Kurfürst is the second most played BB of them all on EU right after the Yamato. It even beats the Montana by Battles played, even though the Montana was in the game long before the Kurfürst.

  14. Oh, it’s just a German Battleship. Its main guns can’t hit me! I can show as much broadside as I want!

    Wait… where’d my healthbar go?

    • Sounds like the full-health yammy that got to like 8km of my kurrywurst, showed me broadside, and had his guns pointing the other way.

      You ALWAYS respect a Kurfurst.

      I mean, thanks for the 72k damage with one salvo (I wasn’t alone and my division mate in HIS yammy got a piece too), but seriously?

      Or the Montana who showed broadside at 19k…and lost 34k hp for it.

      I should mention I hybrid build my kraut bbs. Only a 10.2 km secondary range, but I throw aiming systems on.

      And oh, does it catch people unawares!

    • I think Deadpool just grabbed the health bar and beat him over the head with it

    • Kinda like the Bismarck that I caught looking the other way 8km away from my Arizona a few weeks ago. He went down after 7 citadel hits from full health. Full broadside of 12 14in guns into him. Ever seen a guy go postal in chat I did that day. No longer have the replay. Computer smoked the hard drive.

    • +harold Benton You got citadel hits on a Biz that close? I’m legit shocked

  15. I love the German BB… See why.. I do…
    The Germans BB are NOT for the Campers..

    • +Lusty Argonian Maid

      Strange, i never see that, and i have played 11K games.
      In my games they are and stay on the spawn line sniping like clowns.
      I would count ur blessings and answer their request to cover them,
      since u claim they always die i can deduct u don`t help them.

    • This is why I have the Konig Albert, the Prinz Eitel, the Scharnhorst, the Tirpitz and also (unfortunately) the Fat Freddy… However soon it will get better and grow up to be this baby. 18 point captain slowly getting there to a full 19 pointer. Once complete with all that Elite XP the world shall be mine! Mwah-hah-hah!

    • +Andreas Müller Yeah Im gonna free xp her next as I do like the GK I have used her a bit in the public test

    • +Anderson Lima Zerloti ::: year i never sniped in a Tirpitz, mainly gone head-on, it has enough Armor and firepower, “IF” you wheeled it right

    • +Quo Niam ::: i hear ya, little do they know a little teamwork goes a long way, but, they like hiding behind n
      mountain throwing stones soa speak

  16. I open YouTube and I see the beautiful Kurfürst in the thumbnail and I see that jingles made the video. I don’t hesitate.

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Yes….this pleases me

  18. If he survived to finish off that Minotaur I think I would’ve ruined my pants

  19. Not even a week into 2019 and I have been given two hilarious WoWs videos already. Had to wipe the coffee off the screen twice, laughed my ass off twice. And again, I don’t play WoT nor WoWs (the latter at least sometimes), but this is why i subbed Jingles. To me, there is nothing more entertaining on TV nor on youtube. The selection of gameplays combined with the hilarious commentary makes this all worth while.

  20. Also noticed the Daring being a darling and putting down smoke for him. What the hell is that about, someone being unselfish in a whoregaming product?

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