World of Warships- One SIMPLE Trick To Make You A MUCH Better Battleship Captain

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Hello guys, today we have a replay from linuss in the Tier X French Battleship Bourgogne, where he shows us the lost, ancient art of ammo selection in Battleships, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Sucks how MM has set his team up for failure, he really pulled a miracle on that battle , but ultimately that battle was meant to be lost if hes only able to get 4 ships

  2. Thats a medal farm. Great plays.

  3. I bought Stalingrad as first steel, this one will definitely be the second one

    • Opposite for me, Just recently got the Stalingrad after having the Bourgogne.
      You won’t be dissapointed with the French BB, Always have a decent game in it even with it’s smaller BB guns.

  4. So, the trick is to be a top tier in a steel ship. Great tip!

  5. Nice game you featured there mb.
    Some additions though.. not a single class or ship sub division is being exactly mirrored besides the 5 main classes… and even those depend on the time spend on queing up before battle..
    So having hybrid cv or bb is a total shitshow in the current match maker, same as any hydro,radar or gimmick ships.
    Read up on you Wows 101 please 😀 since you are not doing anybody any favors this way.
    Then knowing this mixup with kearsarge’s, people divisioning up in them and then combining this fact with the new hybrid US CV/BB comming up, will make the game and matchmaking even more volatile in the future. WG continues to improve the fun and engaging experience that is Wows for the player base lol.
    Not even talking about perma spotting and the difference and lack of consistency between all hybrid cv bb and cruisers already in game to make how they work in game more obvious to people.. Just remember, if you hate being dumped on bij subs, cv’s or the “new WG party trick class of the month” hybrid US bb/cv just don’t pay WG for their gimmicks to support them, it’s a free to play game after all.

  6. I wish I could have games like this

  7. mfw I already switch ammo types based off the enemy positioning but I still suck lol

  8. Question does anyone convert their ships xp and does it have any affect on the ships performance? I just play to escape reality but lately it has been getting me more stressed to the point I been playing more coop and not even worrying about missions in fact I’ve purchased the 360 premium days because I’m done purchasing premium ships unless I’m using coal .any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  9. I’m guessing that MM can’t tell that Kearsarge and Kearsarge B are the same ship so it doesn’t know that it put both on the other team.

  10. One SIMPLE Trick To Make You A MUCH Better Battleship Captain ? Actually defend your DD’s and Cruisers instead of hiding in the back of the map !!!!!! You can literally tell if you’re gonna win or lose in the first 20 seconds of the game by how many BB’s aren’t moving…

  11. I like your comments, but in my short experience, it seems strange to call that well-balanced mach since he barely had 1 million potential damage. I have more games with tier8 in tier 10 battles with my potential damage, which is usually close to 2 million. I conclude from this that he didn’t get enough attention from the enemy like his teammates up until the end when there wasn’t much enemy left. Second, he predominantly engaged 1 to 1 fighting, which maybe is his doing, like good positioning etc. but again, in my experience, it is more like luck of team play rather good positioning.

  12. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    one simple trick to make you a better BB captain : get Bourgogne.

  13. that was intense towards the end. amazing job by Linuss

  14. I have finally gotten to the point where I am surviving longer on Random. Mostly I have toned down the aggression and doing better target selection taking advantage of anyone who gives me a broadside. It will be awhile before I get a steel ship, this looks like the one to get. I still don’t understand why people insist on sitting as far back as possible in the open water only to get murdered by those who use a island to shield themselves.

    • I’ve been playing DD less aggressive… Doing more spotting and area defense by sending torps to keep ships from advancing. I get done flack from others for not capping immediately but I’m not dying as fast or often being more valuable to the team in the long term. Sadly some don’t see this as they’re stuck in the “DDs must cap immediately” mind set.

  15. Amazing game!

  16. when it comes to MM its rather simple…….. cuz MM first fills up one team, the one on the left for example and then fills up the second team, the one on the right, therefore NO equal distribution on ship types

  17. Or two clan divs on one side, None on the other.
    Getting sick of this rigged matchmaking BS, Feels like some games are predetermined who wins.
    I always check every stat after game especially when it’s a wipe, And sure enough one side will have 65% win rate players and the other 45% or under.

  18. Yeah, Norton was obnoxiously naggy and intrusive. And not even that good of an AV for it.
    Use Revo Uninstaller if you want to ensure thorough removal of it.

  19. How about a rare MM that gives a team 2 kearsarges, a carrier and then on top of that two tone(s), I came across one a few days ago, absolute hell to see a bunch of torpedo planes converge on me with the kearsarge aircraft right after

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