World of Warships – USS Ohio World Damage Record

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The clickbait is real with this one! But when you’ve got numbers as impressive as this it’s okay to brag a little.

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  1. Dave has indeed upgraded, he’s now even at Tier X!

  2. that could have been a game of throws too. you get points for each buff you capture. a small thing in the grand scheme but adds up in several ways.

  3. It’s made even more impressive when you realize that the enemy team didn’t have any healing buffs for 3/4 of the game. Granted they had 1 stack of the increased HP buff, but still.

  4. You get points for picking up buffs, Jingles, reds only had two. Greens had 11 by the end, and that was their advantage as well.

  5. you get points for picking up the bonuses, that’s why they had so many more points even though they were behind on ships

  6. Jingles’ ability to stick to a topic is only rivaled by Dave’s ability to focus on a target

  7. the thing is Jingles the enemy team didnt have any heal buff until one ship was left, makes this even more impressive

  8. Nothing better than a finishing shot on a Brest.

  9. At 8:07 not sure if that was a replay bug or not but surprised Jingles didn’t mention the Schliefen somehow managed to citadel Veryhonobrah through the rear turrets side plate. which it really shouldn’t be capable of.

    • I noticed that too, but considering it did do the damage I don’t think it was a bug. Maybe the shell bounced off something and buried itself in the citadel, or maybe its just poor game design. Who knows lol

    • hey i know i didnt show it in the screenshot, but that was actually plunging fire from the monty. The cit happend at the point of the explosion, which is actually a stray shell from the monty salvo. Also the damage number is 13.5k , not the 12k ish of the schliefen, plus the enemy team didnt have any shell alpha buffs, so had to be the monty.

    • @Ted Banham I’ve seen HE citadels on a G . Kurfurst in this game, so anything can happen.
      From the angle of the Monty’s shells even if it was plunging fire the only hit was on the aft starboard deck close to the X turret, the footage shows the shell scrape the turret side. the shell would have to have done a nearly 90 degree turn inside the ship for the explosion to burst out from the port side amidships.

    • That was the biggest bullshit citadel i ve ever seen in a replay. And i watch them since 2015.

  10. Jingles: “Stop dying yourselves. Kill the enemy ships. I know I said we need more kills, but I meant enemy ships.”
    Honarbrah’s team: “Dear lord, that what we needed to do !”

  11. I NEVER miss the finishing shot on the Brest… sometimes I also hit that Chinese Destroyer too… the Chin

  12. Imagine if he ran all the super EX/ Credit boosts

  13. … and in Arms Race … nope in Random , that is just one of modes … it shows that Jingles dont play game anymore , or very little in operations , because his knowlage decrese with every new update .

  14. That was the kind of battle, that everyone only dreams of. A target rich enviornment comprised of mostly broadside. What is not to love.

    As to your question why Dave’s team was ahead on point, at round about the half way mark, while being behind on ships: Every time your team picks up a buff, you gain 20 points, while the enemy loses 20 in turn. And since Dave’s team had practically all buffs against the enemies 2 buffs, one can easiely understand why he was ahead.

  15. @OElitecorp He prefaces it with “I don’t know if it still does, but…”.

  16. Thanks Mr jingles for sharing my replay. Was actually my first ever game in the Ohio, (i dont have the georgia), ontop of finishing my french bb regrind that night, which is why my aim was so poop.

  17. The enemy team lagged badly in captured bonuses for pretty much the entire battle. Seems to me they were emphasizing kills over boosts, and that may have contributed to their failure to capitalize on their ship advantage in the end. ='[.]’=

  18. I think Dave owes part of his success to his teammates who died getting all those buffs for the team.

  19. If you go for heaviest potential damage in one salvo, the Colombo with its 16 x 381mm guns is at Rank 1. If you go for the shell weight of one salvo, the Satsumas 8 x 510mm guns win.

  20. He said “used to”

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