World of Warships – Pimp My Ride

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Q. How do you pimp out the already terrifying USS Des Moines?
A. Give it another three guns with a burst fire mechanic and call it the USS Annapolis.

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  1. Always happy for a jingles video on the way to work

  2. If you have an airship escort vid, it Could be: Blimp my Ride.

  3. Annapolis – it occurs to me that if a piece of artillery was firing as fast as the guns on this ship, they would quickly overheat and melt. Maybe it’s the engineer in me.

  4. @superchickenlips1

    Fun fact: Annapolis is T11 supership with 203mm guns. The Exeter is a premium T5 British cruiser and it has 203mm guns. The Genova is also a T5 cruiser, although Italian and also has 203mm guns, but it was a Twitch prime reward IIRC. 203mm guns at T5 is pretty wild.

  5. The sub made it very clear where he was when he took the buff, just South of the cap circle btw. Pretty sure the Somers saw that and sent torps down that way even before he was spotted. Good game that was.

  6. Jingles “the enemy sub hasnt been detected for a while”
    *Enemy team caps its 3rd health buff*
    Jingles “that sub could be anywhere”

    What is it you like to say about people that cant read a mini map? Lol

    • @gmaacentralfounder

      “…and this is really kind of weird, cause he hasn’t actually been spotted(…), and some of that incoming fire was remAAAArkably accurate”
      Annapolis spotted exiting smoke 20 sec earlier, mowing at a crawl speed.

  7. “We gonna need to see salvo firing to know the reload time”

    *Meanwhile, you can see the exact reload time down in the utilities bar

    Never change, old man 😂

  8. A10 Warthog smiles in satisfaction… 🤣

  9. theres something so exhilarating about seeing him just projectile vomiting missiles haha thanks for the upload jingles! its always a pleasure

  10. Ah yes, the good old 3-kill-kraken. When you do so much damage, that jingles decides that you just deserve this award 😛

    • He might have meant the divisional one? I forgot the name but they got it for the 7 divisional kills & the icon looks similar-ish?

    • To be fair, I didn’t look at it too close myself and thought it was the Kraken award, but it being the division 7 kill award makes sense

    • @serbreadboard8578

      ​@VaynomTyrendian yes, Jingles mistook Coordinated Attack (the division 7 kill kraken) for the Kraken

  11. @liberalsockpuppet4772

    Any ship with the “F”unny button is fun to watch in action.

  12. Well played by their division!

  13. Epic troll from Jingles there at the end

  14. Thanks Jingles for featuring my replay!

  15. Jingles is just as accurate as the game he covers. Slightly more.

  16. @DestinyShallPrevail

    I stopped watching Jingles for quite some time. Glad to see he’s still making the amazing content I’ve been watching since I was 10.

  17. I think that destroyer player that nearly got wrecked by the burst fire mode puckered up more at the wall of high explosive shells coming at him lol

  18. Very enjoyable replay.

  19. @kylesprengeler5965

    the concentrate fire voice @ 14:19 was awesome!

  20. Enemy team might’ve won if the sub didn’t panic-dive and waited a bit longer. Also, because picking up buffs provide a small amount of points, the enemy team just needed one more to win when the scores were tied, so if the Iwami headed towards those buffs, it might’ve been a different story.

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