World Of Warships – Pocket BATTLESHIP – AKA The Mikasa BRAWLER

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World Of Warships gameplay featuring The Japanese battleship Mikasa, the hero vessel of the Battle of Tsushima, is steaming into the Premium shop. She is one of the first battleships available at Tier II, which makes her an ideal training platform for your Japanese battleship commanders. Her key advantages are relatively powerful Main Battery HE shells, respectable secondary armaments, thick armour, high accuracy and favorable matchmaking. Together with the esteemed Mikasa you are also getting a port slot, so you can anchor the ship straight away without having to spend extra Doubloons. The combination of Damage Control Party II and Repair Party II consumables will also up your chances at making it back to port in one piece, which is nice.

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  1. +JafuetTheSame true

  2. +Jetlake They already have 12-13 million USD out of the 20-30 million USD

  3. +Jetlake They are quickly getting money to pay the funds of the repairs and
    moving. So it’s a 70% chance the ole’ NC will make it.

  4. We want ze Bismarck put it in game and dont only test it!!!

  5. +Tom Yorke yyeeeaaahhhh

  6. +Titouan Lannuzel Maybe you could fucking specify that then.
    And it’s still not a horror chinese cartoon

  7. Titouan “LeFlemard” Lannuzel

    +Lucas Lucas In Japan, Horror simply need blood and monsters to bve horror
    (except psychological horror which is different). Also I was only talking
    about the action scene annimation….

  8. +Titouan Lannuzel horror? lol
    also, its animation is extremely lazy

  9. +Titouan Lannuzel cept skins arent as intagrated as warthunder

  10. Titouan “LeFlemard” Lannuzel

    +Mirza Ajanovic From my knowledge of warthunder, modders likes to skin
    their planes and tanks with pics of anime girls (a bit likes waifu body
    pillow). I suppose he means Mikasa from Attack of Titans (a horror anime
    critically acclaimed for it’s animation), and that wargaming players likes
    custom anime skins too :p

  11. Titouan “LeFlemard” Lannuzel

    +Braindead I saw the original video made by the creator…. It’s pretty
    hard to find it in my history tho but I still can try to scavenge it if you

  12. +Carlos Escudero The song is the Instrumental Core remix of Time by Hans
    Zimmer. Not sure who made the visuals though

  13. war gaming gaijied

  14. +DoddyIshamel But if I remember correctly, this ship fought at Tshushima,
    which was 10 years before WWI, making it even older than other ships that
    have that standing. I am not saying that you are wrong, I just know for a
    fact that this ship is much older than WWI built in the 1890s.

  15. +smarman fox You know most of the ships in ww2 were in ww1 originally right?

  16. +Fritz Der Deutsche ah gotcha

  17. Fritz Der Deutsche

    I think it’s just the games poor optimization

  18. +Ethan Whiteford You’re an idiot. If you’re so sure, please, by all means
    provide some sources for this “quote.”

    The US/UK/French media referred to the Deutschland class as ‘pocket BBs’
    for propaganda reasons.

  19. +DoddyIshamel She’s a pre-dreadnought battleship, not a pocket battleship.

  20. +Ethan Whiteford
    Only in your mind.

  21. +Ethan Whiteford He didn’t

  22. Then complain to Hitler why he called them pocket battleships.

  23. +Nuk Nukster
    Torpedo spamming with a Battleship. The only one in WoW

  24. +Paul Robertson …if you can call 6 11″ guns “BB firepower” – because it’s
    more than a little lacking by WW2 comparison. They were, as Nathan Peterson
    said, CA’s with larger (but smaller number of) guns.

  25. +DoddyIshamel due the mikasa are big for it pre-dreadnought battleship time

  26. +DoddyIshamel Mate, Mikasa is a pre-dreadnought battleship, she’s from the
    previous era of battleships, she can’t be a pocket battleship.

  27. Ok but the ship is still shit for a premium japanese warship bring on the
    royal and german navy

  28. +Paul Robertson the KMS Graf Spee wasn’t the lead of the class, the KMS
    Deutschland(renamed Lutzow) was, and the other ship was called KMS Admiral
    Scheer. Phly called it “pocket” for its small size compared to other BBs,
    plus Pocket Battleships are what the media called the Deutschland class
    HEAVY cruiser.

  29. +Paulx589 Hans Zimmer – Time, Instrumental Core remix

  30. Hans Zimmer – Time

  31. +tamenga88 This is a very ancient battleship, built in 1890, and fought the
    Russians in 1905 at Tshushima. That battle was the first to actually used
    radio as an actual critical role during naval combat, so I wouldn’t expect
    much! Haha

  32. +tamenga88 more or less

  33. +TMK Gaming It’s a extremely generic anime with the same story as every
    other anime.

  34. I think it’s a epic anime and it was me hooked. It’s basically the only
    anime I watch bc most are horrible. But it’s just my opinion just like
    yours is your opinion

  35. +Lucas Lucas That reply was priceless and I couldn’t agree more Imao

  36. +TMK Gaming No, that’s a shit anime.

  37. +Jim Newbery They did that for the future if they want to make an 2nd IJN
    cruiser line with the normal Takao in it.
    Also the Atago is a sister ship of the Takao.

  38. +Steven Cross Yeah, compared to their successors Pre-Dreadnoughts all
    looked kind of compact and stocky, most with two Turrets (one forward and
    one aft) and a shitload of secondary batteries in between.

  39. +Steven Cross She probably will, but when we have no idea.

  40. +Maree Printemps we know if she’ll be out in the US?

  41. +Steven Cross She’s available, but for EU only though.

  42. +alteragnostik eu only i think

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