World of Warships: Pommern 1v3

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I go up against 2 Pommerns and a Chung Mu! Pommern is the new tier 9 German battleship.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Pommern on the map Mountain Range.


  1. EPIC gamer moments

  2. WarshipFeverBrawlingMan01

    So Aerroon should I either get the Pommern, or Gunter Lutein’s for my Coal, cause I want both, and I also only have at least 100k coal, and i can substitute for 8k steel what do I do?

    and 1 more thing, how do I get the Iron Cross camo?

  3. Those secondaries are dope, especially when Luetjens kicks in

  4. Which goes to show that it’s almost ALWAYS a bad idea to chase a ship across the map. The kite always win in dpm.

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      The best use of German secondary BBs is to get into close range trouble only to turn back and flee again. The superior gun angles further emphasize this.
      It kinda feels humorously indecisive. Just make sure you have a good spot to turn around relatively safely.

  5. Odin at T8: 9 12″ guns and 52k HP. Pommern one tier higher: 12 15″ guns and 82k HP. Seems reasonable.

  6. does anyone look at the dispersion and wonder if the gun barrels are made out of jelly

  7. Man fdg is really tanky when it isn’t on fire

  8. Good luck finding another brawl moment in T9 again..

  9. Looking at the Pommern I do believe the Odin could use some love…. the Odin is greath if she kites the enemy…. but so are most ships…

  10. felipe antonio pino huerta

    Without ideas Wargaming…

  11. Steven Wiederholt

    “How Did He Manage That!’

  12. Good stream tonight, thanks Aerroon.

  13. oh hello are u the guy from Tsun ?

    we met in cbs yesterday and had a funny convo about Tsunderes
    im from Gurka

    also i forgot to say it GG

  14. “How do we come up with a new premium battleship?”
    “Easy, just drop a barrel from each turret, and add 2 inches to the gun caliber. New ship, same hull.”

    “Crap, they’re getting onto us, after the Georgia, Ohio, Thunderer, and Shikishima, what do we do now?”

    ….”Add a barrel, drop 2 inches?”
    “Brilliant. They’ll never realize it.”

  15. Honestly, those 3 guys were just stupid.

  16. Would you recommend buying Pommern for people, wo already have Alaska, *(therefore* not buying Georgia)?

    • Why would you not buy Georgia if you had Alaska? Those two ships play very differently. Georgia is another secondary ship and a really fast one. I would still recommend Georgia over the Pommern.

  17. Nice vid as always, and well played. BUT you should stick to cruiser Trento (as stated in your previous vid) -> with that ship you have easily got a double … no, wait … a triple Kraken!

  18. The national colors on the bow in this camo makes her look like a US Coast Guard ship.

  19. “HoW iS hE aLmOsT dEaD” well he had two bb’s and a dd shooting him.

  20. Resume: “Die Pommern ist echt gut gegen die Pommern.” 🙂

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